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Digitally Capture Signatures of Patients, Clients and Customers With a Digital Signature Capture Pad.

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Signature Capture PadsThe need for signature pads is growing. It is no longer a matter of saving paper and getting rid of clutter. Digital signature pads make signing documents easy by allowing patients, clients or customers to sign their signature electronically. The pad sends the signature to a computer in the form of an image.

Electronic signatures can be placed in Excel, Word and other documents. The signature pads can also be interfaced with other software programs. Pharmacies will often use the signature pads to get a signature from a customer who is getting a prescription. Signature pads are also used to get signatures for credit card transactions. A signature capture pad can be used in almost any location a signature is needed. Some signature tablets can even be used for note taking and filling forms. The notes and forms are electronically
captured and saved on a computer.

Hard-wired pen tablets are good for use in close proximity to a computer. One problem discovered is that signatures are not always gathered near a computer. Due to this inconvenience, wireless pen tablets have been growing in popularity. Many wireless pads have a working distance of 500 feet within line-of-site and 50 feet in non line-of-site locations.

Some of the more unique capture devices include the IDGem 4000 fingerprint sensor. This standalone fingerprint scanner uses a standard USB connection to provide you with valuable fingerprint data and help you secure your transactions.

ABC Office has continued increasing its inventory of signature pen tables due to the in increasing popularity.  ABC Office has dozens of different models of signature capture devices

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