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Introducing the InfoStroyer 301 NSA Disintegrator

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Destroying data and sensitive information has just become a lot easier. We have just added the InfoStroyer 301 disintegrator, made by Applied Magnetics, to our site. It is kind of a cross between a shredder and a disintegrator. It can be used to shred and destroy disks, punched key tape, credit cards, microfilm, id badges and much more.

One unique part of the InfoStroyer 301 is that it only has one moving part, which means there are fewer parts to break down and it never has to be oiled. This type of paper shredder exceeds Level 6 requirements for security and is popular with the federal government and military. The InfoStroyer 301 is NSA approved for the highest security shredding.

It uses a combination of filters and a vacuum to keep the working area clean. Tools are included with this disintegrator that make it easy to open up and service. Most servicing can be done by anyone. All parts, gears and components are made of metal.

We are excited to have the InfoStroyer 301 available on our site. Stop by our site and take a look at the InfoStroyer 301 Disintegrator here.

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