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All About CD, DVD and Blu-ray Shredders

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

CD, DVD and Blu-ray ShreddersOptical media discs are used to store and hold volumes of data. This data, as is the case with printed material, is susceptible to identity theft. For this reason, it is recommended to properly destroy optical media rather than throw it away in the garbage. CDs where the first widely used optical discs to store data. Later can DVDs and now Blu-ray discs are commonly used for data storage.

There are a lot of optical discs in use today in businesses around the world. Common formats include:

  • CD (CD-R, CD-RW)
  • Blu-ray (BD-R, BD-RE)

To put into perspective just how much data can be stored on these media discs, take this into consideration. A megabyte of data storage can hold a book of approximately 500 pages with 2,000 characters on a page. This means:

  • A standard CD (CD-R) can hold about 350,000 pages of data.
  • A standard DVD (DVD-R) can hold about 2,350,000 pages of data.
  • A standard Blu-ray (BD-R) can hold about 12,500,000 pages of data.

Blu-ray Disc ShreddersThis immense storage capability is why many sensitive documents and data are stored on optical discs. Imagine trying to store millions of pages of data physically in a room when you can put that all on a disc that is about 4.75″ (120mm) in diameter. While convenient, this also means data breaches of optical discs can be far more catastrophic than the loss of physical paper documents. For this reason, optical disc shredders are critical.

While many shredders are capable of shredding optical discs, not all can do this. Be sure to check and see if the shredder is rated for shredding discs or you may end up with a jammed shredder.

While many CD and DVD shredders cut discs into little strips, or crimp them using a waffle pattern, a cross cut pattern is going to be the most secure destruction method. Some devices are used to literally grind the data off of CDs into powder.

A question I frequently get is can a CD or DVD shredder be used to shred Blu-ray discs? While the material that makes up a Blu-ray is a little stronger than your typical CD or DVD, I have found that most CD and DVD shredders can easily handle Blu-ray discs.

Hopefully this information has been useful. You can find our entire selection of optical disc, CD, DVD and Blu-ray shredders here. If you have a question about shredding optical discs, or simply need a few questions answered about a specific machine, please feel free to contact one of our experts at 1-800-658-8788.

Best Ways To Shred or Destroy CDs, DVDs and Optical Media

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

By now most of us know how important it is to shred paper documents when they’re not longer needed, but what about optical media, such as CDs and DVDs? These disks can contain far more sensitive information than a stack of paper. A disk tossed in the garbage can easily be taken out by just about anyone. This article will cover a few different ways you can get rid of old disks.

Breaking the Disk Apart: Disks can be broken apart manually, but you risk possible injury from sharp shards of plastic, not to mention it is very tedious. Also be aware that broken pieces of CDs and DVDs can still be read with the right equipment. This method is not recommended for high security disk destruction.

Optical Disk Shredders: Many shredders are now capable of shredding CDs and DVDs. Simply drop the disk into the shredder and let the machine do the rest. This method of disk destruction is convenient and fast. Be aware, however, that there are varying degrees of security between shredders. Some shredders will only cut the disks into strips, which is less secure. Other high-end shredders will turn the disks into tiny sand-like particles. You can find our CD and DVD shredders here.

Optical Media Grinders: These machines will grind and sand off the surface of a disk. It only takes a few seconds and literally grinds off the data. This technology is portable and fast, but it only works with CDs. Optical media grinders can be used for high-security data destruction. The Infostroyer 101 is an example of an optical media grinder. You can find it here.

Destroying optical media is an important part of any business’s operations. These machines can also be used by hospitals (HIPAA Compliancy), government and the military. Feel free to comment on this post if you have questions about machines used to destroy this information.

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