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Martin Yale 1632 Electric Letter Opener Review

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Martin Yale Model 1632 Letter Opening MachineAre you tired of trying to pry open envelopes with a pen or cutting them open with a knife or scissors? Try increasing your envelope opening speed with an automatic letter opener. One affordable model you may want to consider using is the Martin Yale 1632 electric envelope opener. This is my review.

Martin Yale currently manufactures a wide range of office equipment and machines. This includes paper folding machines, paper cutters, envelope openers and much more. Martin Yale has been around for decades and is known for their affordable office products.

The Martin Yale 1632 is an electric envelope opener. That means rather than manually opening letters, an electric motor is used to pull in envelopes and open them. This description may seem a little simplistic, but it really is that easy. I will go into more detail on exactly how this happens.

The 1632 has a fed tray where you can place a 1 ¾” stack of envelopes. A rubber belt, driven by an electric motor, pulls in one letter at a time and slits them open. This is done without damaging the contents of the envelope. The opened envelope then comes out the other side into a catch tray. The entire process takes a split second.

While the motor on the Model 1632 operates at a speed of up to 7,000 envelopes per hour, I would not recommend using this machine continually to open that many envelopes. This is because the Model 1632 is designed for light to medium-volume letter opening and is ideal for small to mid-size businesses.

It only weighs in at 11 pounds, so it can easily be used on most desks and tables and can be used in most mailrooms. It is also light enough to move from one location to another. A built in catch tray folds into the machine for added portability.

Having handled this letter opener myself, I have to caution that it is not designed for high-volume use. Customers who buy this for low to medium-volume use are almost always happy with it and I can say over the years that it has a  great track record.

Overall the Model 1632 is a good little electric letter opener. It features the quality that Martin Yale is known for, and if properly cared for, should easily hold up for years.

You can find the Martin Yale 1632 electric envelope opener here and our entire selection of letter opening machines here.

Do Automatic Electric Letter Openers Damage Mail?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Automatic Electric Envelope and Letter OpenersI had a customer ask me recently if electric letter openers sometimes damage the mail they are opening. I can understand the concern. Anytime blades and knives are involved, you would think damage could potentially occur. So, can an automatic electric letter opener damage mail?

The answer to this is yes and no, depending on the letter-opening machine being used. There are two very distinct technologies used. Here is what you will find when looking for a letter opener.

Traditional Letter Opener – Traditional electric letter openers literally cut off the edge of an envelope. This is usually about a 1/8-inch strip. Cutting off this edge allows access to the contents inside. Because cutting is involved, if mail contents are too close to the edge, the potential does exist of the mail being cut as well. The chances of this happening are very slim.

Envelope Slitter / Opener – Envelope slitters use a slightly different approach to opening mail. They slit the outside of the envelope, near the edge, allowing access to the contents inside. The blade is designed to slit the envelope deep enough to open the envelope, but not so deep that it cuts the contents inside. This newer technology is safer for mail and creates very little mess.

The chances of mail being damaged by a letter opener are pretty slim. We have sold many of these machines over the years and I have yet to hear from a customer complaining about their mail being damaged.

We currently offer a great selection of high-speed automatic letter openers that utilize both technologies. The machine you use in your mailroom will depend entirely on how many pieces of mail and letters you will be opening per day.

You can find our entire selection of automatic electric letter openers here.

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