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Banner American Model 1200 Foil Fuser (Color Foiler) Review

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Banner American Model 1200 Foil Fuser / Color Foiling MachineWhether you are working with wedding invitations, printing certificates or need a unique look on your business cards, you may be able to benefit from foil fusing technology. One model that has a great reputation and years of trouble-free use is the Banner American Model 1200 foil fuser. I have used this model for years and this is my review.

Many people confuse foil fusing with foil stamping. I can understand. The end results look very similar, but the process is completely different. Foil fusers (aka color foilers) take metallic foil, of multiple colors, and fuse it to toner. This is the same toner that is used in laser printers and toner-based copy machines.

This means you can print text, a logo or an intricate design and completely fuse it with foil. The end result is foil covered text, logo or design. The foil fuses in a professional way with nice clean edges.

I have personally used the Model 1200 foil fuser to fuse certificates, CD labels and business cards. The Model 1200 can use foil rolls up to11-inches wide, however, eight-inch rolls are more commonly used because they can cover most of an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.

Some people have asked me, “What if I don’t want the entire paper foil fused?” This isn’t a problem and there is an easy solution. What you need to do is print what you need foil fused, then fuse the paper and later run it through the printer or copy machine again to add the rest of the text.

The Model 1200 foil fuser can easily be used throughout the day without breaking down or suffering any damage. I have used the foil fuser for eight-hours straight, foil fusing CD labels, and didn’t have any problems.

There are two adjustments that are important for making sure the Model 1200 runs properly. These adjustments are the speed and the temperature, both of which are completely adjustable. If the foil doesn’t seem to be sticking properly, this may indicate the machine is either running too cool or too fast. After a few minor adjustments, the machine is up and ready to go.

The Model 1200 foil fuser is a must-have item if you run a copy shop, a print shop or operate a business making invitations, certificates or cards. I personally really like the machine and am confident that it will provide you with years of trouble-free use.

You can find the Banner American Model 1200 foil fuser here. You can find our entire selection of foil stamping and printing machines here.

What is a foil fuser and what does it do?

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Model 1200 Foil FuserWe get a lot of questions from customers curious about what a foil fuser is. It certainly has a catchy name. It may bring up images of a fancy weapon from a “B” sci-fi movie, or perhaps a time travel device found in an H.G. Wells novel. Although not quite as fancy as that, foil fusers are pretty fun to use and the end results look great!

Foil fusers, in a nutshell, make text and images look metallic and shiny. They help lay down a thin layer of colored foil onto documents, business cards, awards, certificates and more. This is all done with heat. The roll of foil used in a foil fuser is designed to bond with toner when heat is applied.

The special foil used in a foil fuser allows you to print an image or text on a toner-based printer for foil fusing. Once printed, the document is run through the machine where the foil is neatly applied to the toner. The end result looks great. Many of our customers like to use foil fusers for awards and certificates. They are also popular for use with business cards.

What if you don’t want the entire document foil fused? You have a couple of options. You can print and foil fuse everything you want foiled and then run the document through a printer a second time to print additional “non-foiled” text.

Another option is to print the document on a toner-based printer and then on an ink-based printer. When the document is run through the foil fuser, the toner will only stick to the toner. The ink-based print is left alone.

Many people ask what the difference is between a foil fuser and a foil stamper (aka hot stamper). A foil stamper does not use toner for foiling. With a foil stamper, the foil is applied directly to the object by use of aluminum letter dies that literally stamp the foil onto the surface. Foil stampers are more commonly used for applying text to photographs, leather, books, pencils, napkins and other “non-paper” objects.

You can see a detailed review and demonstration of the Model 1200 foil fuser by going here.

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