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What is Foil Stamping?

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019
Foil Stamping Accessories & Supplies
Foil Stamping Accessories & Supplies
Foil Stamping Accessories & Supplies

Foil stamping is a popular method for printing foil text and logos onto a variety of materials. This foil is available in a variety of different colors and sizes. There are many different applications for the use of a foil stamping machine. Foil stamping machines are perfect for printing foil text or logos onto non-paper materials. Foil fusing machines may be a better solution for paper materials, like certificates or letters.

How it Works

A foil stamping machine uses heat and a metal die. This combined application allows the machine to firmly press the foil into the material you are stamping. Most foil stamping machines are manual, but there are options for automatic foil stamping machines that use air for operation.

Variety of Foil Stamping Applications

There are many applications for a foil stamping machine. They can be used to print a name on a book. They can also be used to print a photography company logo on a photograph or to print names on napkins for a wedding. Additionally, foil stamping machines can be used on materials like bibles, yearbooks, pencils, ribbons, and more.


Here at ABC Office, we offer a wide variety of foil stamping machines. We are pleased to begin offering AAMstamp foil stamping machines. AAMstamp machines are high-quality, top of the line machines that are certain to meet your expectations. No matter what your needs are, here at ABC Office, we have the appropriate foil stamping machine for you.

Foil stamping is a great way to make your material stand out. It provides a unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance. To learn more about the right foil stamping machine for you, contact our experts at ABC Office today!

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SPRITE Hand Operated Imprinting Foil Stamping - On Sale TODAY!


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Do All Hot Foil Stampers Work With Leather?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Kwikprint Hot Foil Stamping MachineI had a customer ask me today whether or not our foil stamping machines are able to stamp on leather. It told them that our Kwikprint and Howard foil stampers can be used to stamp on leather. There are just a few things you will need to know prior to stamping leather.

As far as machines are concerned, all hot foil stampers that I am aware of are capable of stamping on leather. Not all stamping foil is able to adhere to leather. Be sure the foil you are using is rated to work on leather. Most hot stamping foil, however, is rated to stamp on leather.

What types of leather do most people foil stamp? The most commonly stamped item is leather & hardbound bound books, such as a Bible. People like to add names to the cover of books, including logos. We have even had customers use foil stampers to stamp school years and names onto yearbooks.

I have had customers tell me that they foil stamp text, numbers and lettering on leather keychains, belts and wallets. I’m sure there is more that customers have stamped, but this is what comes to mind.

The best thing about foil stamping machines is that they can also be used to stamp photographs, card stock, napkins, pencils and more.

You can find our entire selection of foil stamping machines here. You can find our foil stamping ribbons and supplies here.

Foil Fusers vs. Foil Stampers – What’s The Difference?

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

What is the difference between a foil fuser and a foil stamper? They both create a foiled metallic logos or text. The end results look very similar. So it’s no surprise that many people get confused between the two. Be aware, however, that foil fusers and foil stampers are two very different machines. Be sure you get the right machine for the right job.

Foil fusers are designed almost exclusively to work with paper and cardstock alone. They cannot be used to put foiled lettering on photographs, pencils, matchbooks and other objects. Foil fusers use a special type of foil that literally fuses to toner. Toner is what copy machines and laser printers use. This means everywhere text or images are printed, the foil will stick. Foil fusers will not work with ink or ink jet printers.

Foil stampers, sometimes referred to as hot stamping machines, use a heated aluminum alloy die to stamp text and logos onto leather, cards, photographs, napkins and other solid objects. The foil stamper has a type holder that holds the lettering, the logo or both, after which the machine heats up. The heated lettering, along with pressure from the machine, transfers foil from a roll (usually attached to the machine) to the surface of a different object.

The end results of both foil fusers and foil stampers looks very similar. It is pretty safe to say that if you want foil on paper or card stock, to use a foil fuser. If you need foil on a book, napkin, photograph or other object, use a foil stamper. Be aware that the supplies for foil fusers and stampers are not interchangeable.

You can find our foil fusers and stampers by going here. Have more questions about foil stampers or fusers? Write a comment and I will post an answer.

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