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Invoice Folding Machines (Business Automation Tips)

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Invoice Folding MachinesWe’re supposed to live in a paperless society now, right? With computers, laptops, iPads, Android devices and other useful tools to assist us, a lot of paper use is down. Many businesses, however, still deal with inbound and outbound mail on a regular basis. Much of this mail comes in the form of invoices. It should come as no surprise that folding and mailing invoices takes a lot of time. Luckily, there are several machines available designed to make folding and mailing invoices easier.

Most invoices are either folded and inserted into an envelope or the yare put into a package. The most common type of fold used for invoices is what’s known as a C-fold (aka Letter Fold). This type of fold involves 3 panels and 2 folds. The second most common type of fold for invoices is the accordion fold (aka Z Fold). Here is diagram showing both types of folds:

Letter / Accordion Paper Folds

Invoice Folding Options

There are four different tools you can use to fold invoices. The first is by hand, the seconds is by using a paper folding machine, the third is by using a folder inserter and the fourth is by using a pressure sealer. I will explain each of these methods in detail and will cover the pros and cons of both.

  1. Hand Folding Paper – If you’re a small business, and only mail out a few invoices a day, folding paper by hand may be an option. The only problem with this is that hand-folded paper looks hand folded. What I mean by that is the skew is often off, which means the folded paper looks misaligned and unprofessional. Don’t forget about those annoying paper cuts as well.
  2. Paper Folding Machines (found here)Paper Folding MachinePaper folding machines use a couple of folding plates and a series of rollers to fold paper. This is the most common method used for folding paper and is very popular for folding invoices. Simply set your fold, insert a stack of paper and let the machine do the res. The only downside to a traditional paper folding machine is that you still have to manually insert the folded invoice into an envelope. Paper folding machines are accurate and create very professional folds.
  3. Envelope Stuffing Machines (found here)Envelope Stuffing MachinesEnvelope stuffing machines, sometimes called folder inserters, automate the invoice folding process. Much like a stand-alone paper folding machine, envelope stuffing machines will fold the invoice, insert it into an envelope and seal the envelope shut for mailing. These machine, depending on the model, can be used to fold multi-page invoices in a single pass. While automated envelope stuffing machines are more money than a stand-alone folding machine, they make up for that cost in time saved.
  4. Pressure Sealers (found here) Pressure Sealer MachinePressure sealers are excellent machines to have for single-sheet invoice mailing. Pressure sealers use special pressure activated paper. This paper has tiny bubbles of pressure-activated glue around the edges of the paper. As this paper is run through the pressure sealer, the pockets burst open and seal the invoice shut. The invoice can later be opened by tearing off the perforated edges. The nice thing about pressure sealers is there is no envelope involved, yet the folded invoice can still be mailed. The special pressure-seal paper (found here) can be used in an inkjet or laser printer and then be fed into the pressure sealer. The results look great, are professional and are secure.

The invoice-folding machine you use will depend entirely on the size of your business, how many invoices you fold per day and what your budget allows. I recommend a standard folding machine for entry level to mid-level folding and an envelope stuffing machine or pressure sealing machine for medium to higher-volume invoice folding.

We have been selling invoice-folding machines for over 30 years now and are able to provide you with a lot of advice and expertise. Please feel free to contact one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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