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Folding Card Stock with Scoring Wheels and Folding Bones

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Paper Scorers and Folding Card StockFolding card stock and thicker paper can be a tricky issue. While many paper folding machines are capable of handling cover stock, the results aren’t always what you expect. Have you ever noticed the spine of your folded paper cracking, or the fold is jagged or crooked? This is a result of incorrectly folding thick paper, which results in what many in the print industry refer to as a cracked spine.

A cracked spine or a bad fold on card stock looks like garbage. It isn’t professional and is barely usable. If your folding machine isn’t capable of properly folding card stock, or the paper you are using is simply too sensitive to be folded using a machine, you may have to use different tools. One of the most popular methods for folding card stock and finicky paper is by using paper scorer (found here). Other popular tools include folding bones (found here).

Here is an example of paper manual folded without using a scoring wheel or folding bone. Looks pretty bad, right?

Non Scored Paper

Folding Bone – A folding bone is a long and slender tool, usually made out of plastic or real bone, that is used to slide along the surface of paper to help fold it or crease it. This is a very affordable solution for folding card stock on a low volume level. This is popular with home scrapbookers and small businesses. Folding bones are used for creasing, scoring and folding paper. Here is an example of someone using a folding bone:

Using A Folding Bone
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People sometimes using scissors for the same purpose, however, scissors don’t slide along paper the same way a folding bone does. Scissors will often tear or damage the card stock. Because folding bones cost hardly anything, I highly recommend using a folding bone over scissors. You can find our folding bones here.

Scoring Wheel – Scoring wheels look a lot like pizza cutters. Scoring machines and paper scorers do a great job of creasing paper. Regardless of whether you are using an electric or manual machine, the results will look great. Essentially a metal grooved surface or wheel sits on the back of the paper and a scoring wheel rolls across the top of the paper (with pressure). This results in nice clean crease along the surface of paper. This can even be used for folding laminated paper. The score is clean and precise. Scoring machines are significantly faster than folding bones. Electric scoring machines can be use for mas production of greeting cards, literature and other folded card stock.

Here is an example of paper that has been properly scored:

Properly Scored Paper

At ABC Office we offer a great selection of paper scoring machines found here. We also offer a great selection of rotary paper cutters (found here), many of which are available with a scoring wheel option.

Regardless of the method you decide to use to fold your card stock and cover stock, be sure to use a folding bone or a scoring wheel for optimum results. Please feel free to contact one of our paper handling specialists at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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