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Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster Review

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Duplo V-417 Cut Sheet Burster & DetacherDo you need to burst apart and detach invoices, checks and other documents but can’t find the right machine to handle the paper you are using? It is possible what you may need is a cut sheet burster. One model you may want to look at is the Duplo V-417 cut sheet burster (found here). This is my review.

The most common bursters still available today are known as continuous form bursters and are designed to burst apart continuous form paper. This is the type of paper that has the perforated side margins with tiny holes. This paper was commonly used in the 80s for use in dot matrix printers. This paper is still commonly used by the government.

Many businesses, however, have no need for as continuous form burster as they typically use a laser printer that prints on one sheet at a time (cut sheet). Cut sheet paper is typically 8 ½ x 11-inches in size and includes a few perforations horizontally located on the paper. This is commonly used for printing checks, invoices and other material.

The Duplo V-417 is a cut sheet burster. This means you can take a stack of paper that has come off a laser printer, insert it into the document feeder after which the Duplo V-415 will take each sheet and burst (tear) it apart along the perforation. This saves hours of time versus manually tearing apart the paper.

The document feeder on the V-415 can hold up to 400 sheets of standard paper at a time using a top feeding system. It can handle paper ranging in thickness from 13 lb. bond up to 110 lb. index.

The V-415 can burst paper apart at a speed of up to 140 sheets per minute and keep the documents in sequential order. The variable speed motor lets you run the V-415 at 42, 64,
89, 114 or 140 sheets per minute.

The Duplo V-415 is extremely easy to set up. It has an easy-to-use control interface that allows the operator to adjust the distance between bursts, the speed of the burster and much more.

Duplo is known for making high-quality paper handling machines. As far as cut sheet bursting is concerned, you aren’t going to find many machines that compare to the Duplo V-415. The build quality is excellent and it is designed to continuously run every day without any maintenance issues.

You can find the Duplo V-417 cut sheet burster here. You can find our entire selection of bursters here. Do you still have questions about the Duplo V-417 or about bursting paper? Contact one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788.

Martin Yale 970A Tabletop Forms Burster Review

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Martin Yale 970A Tabletop Continuous Form BursterTearing apart and bursting paper into separate sheets is an important part of many businesses operations. If you are in the market for a forms burster or detacher, you should seriously consider using the Martin Yale 970A tabletop continuous form burster (found here). I have had a chance to use this machine and this is my review.

Bursters are available in two formats. One type is a continuous forms burster and the other is a cut sheet burster. The Martin Yale 970A is an electric-powered continuous forms burster. This means it is designed to be used with continuous carbonless, carbon interleaved and computer form paper.

Continuous form paper is paper that has the perforated side margins, tine holes along the side with sheets attached in an accordion-like fashion. This paper is commonly used for printing bank statements, checks and invoices and is commonly found in government offices, military offices and banks.

The Martin Yale 970A takes this paper, tears it apart into individual sheets and cuts off the side margins (1/2″ to 3/4″ wide) using high-carbon steel blades. The entire process is done very quickly. A stack of continuous form paper can be fed into the 970A and be completely bursted apart in just a few minutes thanks to a tough motor. The entire process is very interesting to watch.

The 970A is one of the most affordable continuous form bursters in its class and is currently the most affordable bursting machine we offer. It can be used with paper 5.5 to 17-inches wide and 3 to12-inches long. Not only will it burst apart individual sheets of paper, but can also burst up to 5-part carbonless and 3-part carbon interleaved documents.

The setup process is really easy and once set doesn’t require any special babysitting. The registry stays dead on. The motor runs at a speed of 6,000 8 ½ x 11 forms per hour or 15,000 3 ½ inch long checks per hour. This is very fast for a machine at this price level.

We actually have one of these bursters on our showroom floor right now. You’re more than welcome to send in samples to have them tested on the 970A and we can even set up a live video demonstration of this machine over the Internet. Just call us at 1-800-658-8788 to set up an appointment.

Overall I really like the Martin Yale 970A tabletop form burster. If you have to burst apart continuous form paper, you should really consider using it. The build quality is great and I’m not aware of any quality issues. This burster has been around for well over 10+ years.

You can find the Martin Yale 970A tabletop continuous form burster here. You can find our entire selection of automatic bursters and detachers here.

Duplo V-350 Forms Burster Review

Friday, March 10th, 2006

Duplo V-350 BursterA few days ago I set up the Duplo V-350 in our show room to shoot an online video demo. I have used the Martin Yale 970A burster (found here) in the past. I used this to help gauge the performance of the V-350. I was surprised how easy it was to set up the V-350 for operation. Setting up the machine required a few simple adjustments. Once the adjustments were made, I fed the paper through the machine. This was easy to do thanks to a jog button.

After feeding paper through the machine I was able to see the paper being burst apart. Using the jog button I was able to run the machine with the protective cover open as I made sure things were operating properly. Once I let up on the jog button, the machine ceased to operate. Pressing the button forward allowed the machine to operate in continuously without having to keep the jog button pressed in. The machine cannot operate continuous mode unless the protective cover is down. This helps prevent personal injury.

I ended up running three different sizes of paper through the machine. The first stack I ran through the machine didn’t have tractor feed on the sides. The paper was perforated every four inches. I set the machine up for four-inch burst intervals. The V-350 ran flawlessly. The second stack of paper had tractor feed on the sides that was slit off using the V-350’s side slitters. It was burst every 11-inches along the perforations. The last stack of paper I ran through the machine was some billing forms that a customer had sent in for testing. The billing forms were burst every four-inches and had the side tractor feed slit off.

The machine created little mess and the papers came out the other side of the machine in order and organized, thanks to a conveyor-style exit tray. This was especially nice in comparison to bursters that throw bursted paper into a catch bin, leaving the paper unorganized.

To sum things up, I would rate the V-350 a solid five out of five stars. The components that are used to make the machine are high quality and the rubber rollers used to pull paper through the machine are very solid and should last a long time. You can find the Duplo V-350 here. The demo we shot should be available in a couple of weeks.

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