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Types Of Forms Bursters / Detachers

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Forms Bursters / Forms DetachersForms bursters (found here) still play an important roll in tearing apart and detaching perforated paper. So which type of forms burster should you get? There are two primary types of bursters. These are cut sheet and continuous forms bursters. Here is a little more information about them.

Types of Forms Bursters:

Continuous Forms Bursters – Continuous forms paper is a type of paper that is continuously connected, much like the paper that was used in dot matrix printers. The paper is organized in an accordion-like pattern. This type of paper usually has ½-inch perforated side margins with tiny holes used to help run the paper through printers. Continuous forms bursters are designed to tear this paper apart.

Cut Sheet Bursters – Cut sheet bursters tear paper apart at the perforation, but the paper itself is not continually connected. It is typically separated into single 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets that are stacked on top of each other, much like standard copy paper. Cut sheet paper does not have perforated side margins.

Possible Forms Burster Options

Side Slitters – Continuous forms bursters often have side slitters designed to trim off the perforated side margins. This is usually available with continuous forms bursters by default.

Center Slitters – Some perforated paper has a perforation going down the middle, requiring a center slitter. Center slitters are not common, but they can usually be factory installed upon request.

Check Signers – Many bursters can be interfaced with check signers (found here). This allows the seamless operation of signing a check and having it bursted apart, all in one single pass.

Common manufacturers of bursters include Martin Yale, Duplo and Formax. You may find our entire selection of forms bursters here. Still have questions about bursters / detachers and how they work? Post your questions in our comment field. Have a great day!

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