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Energy Efficient / Eco Friendly “Green” Paper Shredders

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Initmus EcoLogic Energy Efficient Paper ShredderWe are all much more energy conscious, whether it is for financial or environmental reasons. One of the best ways to cut down on energy costs is to use more efficient equipment. One item your office may not have thought about is energy efficient “green” paper shredders. We now offer several eco friendly paper shredders from some very reputable manufacturers.

While any paper shredder (short of a hand-crank shredder) uses electricity, many modern paper shredders have built-in features that are designed to save electricity. Here are a few of the technology systems used by modern paper shredder manufacturers.

Intimus EcoLogic – This system, designed by Intimus, uses up to 92% less power than your typical paper shredder. Part of what makes this system work so well is the time-responsive electronics. This puts the shredder to sleep after it becomes idle. While in sleep mode, power usage is dropped to zero. This is far superior to sleep modes on other machines as they still draw electricity. Simply touch the i-control to instantly restore the shredder to operational status. You can find our Intimus paper shredders here.

Kobra Energy Smart Green Paper ShreddersKobra ENERGY SMART Management System – This system, designed by Kobra (out of Italy), is found on most of Kobra’s shredders. These shredders use dedicated software to help manage energy consumption. A series of LEDs, versus incandescent bulbs, also help to cut down on energy consumption. These shredders go into zero-use mode when in standby mode, which uses no electricity. This system is designed to cut down on 65 kgs of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions per year. You can find our Kobra shredders here.

Dahle SmartPower Energy Management – Many Dahle paper shredders utlize CleanTEC. This SmartPower system helps to reduce power / energy consumption after just 10 minutes of sitting idle. After 20 minutes, these shredders have a 0% energy draw. These are some of the most energy efficient paper shredders on the market and are designed to cut down on electrical costs and conserve energy. You can find our Dahle paper shredders here.

MBM Destroyit ESM (Energey Saving Mode) system – Most Destroyit paper shredders (by MBM) utilize an ESM (Energey Saving Mode) energy management system. This system puts Destroyit paper shredders into ESM mode after 1 hour of inactivity. You can find our Destroyit paper shredders here.

These lines are currently the most energy efficient that we offer. We hope, and expect, other manufacturers to fall in line with energy saving, efficiency and eco-friendly paper shredders later down the road. Intimus, Dahle and Kobra have put the most effort into making their shredders more eco friendly and energy efficient.

You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here. Please feel free to call one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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