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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Affordable Stack Paper Cutter Alternatives

Friday, April 20th, 2012

If you print, manufacture or handle hundreds to thousands of sheets of paper per day, chances are you’re going to need a pretty nice paper cutter. There are several highly reputable manufacturers out there that make some top-notch cutters. Brands include MBM Triumph by Ideal, Dahle and many others. One you may not be aware of, or perhaps may have considered, is Intelli-Cut (found here).

Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters are designed for cutting hundreds of sheets of paper in a single pass. They use a specially designed handle, tough gears and a razor-sharp guillotine-like blade to slice through paper. Many of these cutters are even capable of cutting an entire ream of paper. Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters range from manually operated to electric powered designs. We have had customers use these cutters to cut chipboard, card stock, standard paper and much more.

While there are currently about 16 different Intelli-Cut cutters out there, I would like to highlight two of our customer favorites.

Intelli-Cut 530D Stack Paper CutterIntelli-Cut 530D (found here) – This paper cutter is extremely popular because of its price and capabilities. Using this cutter is fairly easy. First off you need to adjust the backstop, which is manually adjusted. This is done by turning the hand crank located on the front of the machine. Clockwise brings the backstop closer and counterclockwise takes it back. You can tell where the backstop is located thanks to a digital display located on the front of the machine. If you need your paper to be 5″ long, set the backstop to 5″. It’s that easy.

Once you have made your adjustments, you can place your paper inside the cutter. Bring down the clear Plexiglas safety cover, pull the chrome-plated clamp lever down, flip the cutting safety lever and bring down the cutting arm. While this may seem like a lot of steps, the process is remarkably easy to do and will probably only take you a few minutes. This cutter has a 17″ wide cutting width and can cut up to 1 ½” of paper at a time. It also features an optical cutting line that makes it easy to determine exactly where the blade will make its cut. This cutter is very similar in operation to the Tamerica GuilloMax Plus and the MBM Triumph 4305.

Intelli-Cut 550MS Electric Stack Paper CutterIntelli-Cut 550MS (found here)– This stack cutter is a semi-automatic machine. While the clamping mechanism and the clamp are electric powered, the backstop is still manually adjusted. Simply adjust the backstop to where you want the cut to occur and insert your paper. Once the paper is in place, press a button to bring down the clamp and blade. In just seconds you will cut through 1 ½” of paper. This cutter features durable metal construction, an optical cutting line and a safety blade change tool. This cutter is perfect for print shops, copy centers and other businesses that need to cut paper.

One thing all of our Intelli-Cut paper cutters have in common is safety. These cutters feature clear plastic guards that protect you from harm. Electric cutters feature safety keys and buttons while manual cutters require a safety switch be flipped before the blade can be brought down. Stands are available for each of these cutters and are an optional accessory.

As mentioned earlier, we offer about 16 different Intelli-Cut models (found here). Please stop by and check them out. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call one of our Paper Cutter Specialists at 1-800-658-8788.

Affordable Alternatives to the MBM Triumph 4305

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper CutterThe MBM Triumph line of stack paper cutters are immensely popular for many reasons. They are German made, which typically means precision, and they typically hold up for years without issue. One of the most popular Triumph stack cutters is the Triumph 4305 (found here). This manually operated stack cutter is affordable and ideal for low to medium volume stack cutting. What can you do if the budget doesn’t allow for one? Are there any good alternatives?

The Model 4305 is a 100% manual stack cutter. That means that the clamping mechanism, the backstop and the cutting blade are all either adjusted or powered by manual effort. While manual may sound exhausting, this cutter requires very little strength or physical power to operate. This is all due in part to the mechanics and design. The long angled blade handle is leveraged in such a way, combined with gears, that cutting an inch of paper can be done using a single finger.

Triumph is by far one of my favorite lines of stack cutters. If the funds permit, definitely go with a Triumph. If the funds don’t permit, however, it is nice to know that there are some great alternatives out there. I am speaking of Intelli-Cut.

Intelli-Cut paper cutters, made by Intelli-Zone, are designed for precision cutting as well, but at a much lower price. Intelli-Cut paper cutters are often 25-30% less than their Triumph counterparts. Does this mean the Intelli-Cut cutters are just as good as Triumph? Having used both, I can say that I think they both have a good build quality and are both solid. I still have to give the edge to Triumph (barely), but I think you will probably be equally as happy with the Intelli-Cut.

Which Intelli-Cut stack cutters are the equivalent to the Triumph 4305? Here are two cutters that fit the bill:Intelli-Cut 530M Stack Paper Cutter

  • Intelli-Cut 530M Stack Cutter (found here) – This stack cutter mechanically and physically almost identical to the Triumph. It has a mechanical clamping mechanism, a manually adjusted backstop and a manual cutting arm. The safety features are even almost identical. You still have to have the covers in place, and lift on a safety lever, prior to making a cut. Unlike the Triumph 4305, the 530M includes a handy optical cutting line that lets you know exactly where the blade will make its cut.
  • Intelli-Cut 530D Stack Cutter (found here) – This stack cutter is identical to the 530M except for one detail. The 530D has a digital measurement display, located on the top front of the machine, that lets you know in centimeters or inches where the back stop is located. This is nice for making measurements and adjustments.

Regardless of whether you ultimately go with a Triumph or an Intelli-Cut paper cutter, I’m certain you will be satisfied with the end results. You can find our entire selection of Triumph stack paper cutters here and our Intelli-Cut paper cutters here.

Feel free to post a comment, or call us at 1-800-658-8788, with any questions.

Intelli-Cut 530D Digital Stack Paper Cutter Review

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Intelli-Cut 503D Stack Paper CutterStack paper cutters slice through and cut hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. Some are even capable of cutting up to 3″ of paper in a single pass! While not everyone can afford a fully automatic stack cutter, one great alternative is a manual stack cutter like the Intelli-Cut 530D (found here). I recently had a chance to play around with this cutter and this is my review.

To begin with, the Intelli-Cut is a fully manual stack paper cutter. Don’t let that scare you off. While operation is manual, it is extremely easy to use and takes just seconds to operate. In fact, I am able to cut through 100+ sheets of paper simply by using a couple of fingers. I’m pretty sure even a child could operate this thing (although I wouldn’t recommend it).

So what is manual on this machine? To begin with, the clamping mechanism is activated by pulling on one handle where the cutting is done by pulling another handle. The clamp doesn’t require much force and from what I’ve seen it seems to do a great job of keeping paper in place. The blade, as I mentioned earlier, sliced through the paper like butter.

The backstop on the Intelli-Cut 530D is manual, but has some digital assistance. While you do have to turn a hand crank to move the backstop forward and backward, a digital display on the front left of the machine lets you know exactly where the backstop is located. This makes adjustments extremely easy, not to mention extremely accurate.

The cutting blade on the 530D is made from hardened steel and seems to hold up well with repeated use. As the blade cuts through the paper, it ultimately ends up in a cutting stick, which allows you to cut everything right down to the last sheet of paper. The cutting stick is easy to access and simply pulls out of the side of the machine when it needs to be rotated or replaced.

This is a video demo of the Intelli-Cut 530D in use:

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Safety was definitely in great consideration when this machine was built. Much like Dahle and Triumph stack cutters, the 530D has a clear safety guard that has to be pulled into place before cutting can begin. This helps keep appendages, such as your fingers, safe from harm.

I have used the 530D to cut standard paper, card stock and laminated material. It seemed to handle all extremely well. The build quality is excellent. Just about everything I touched, prodded and tested seemed to be made out of metal. It seems to hold up well right with the great German stack cutters that I have previously used.

I personally used the 530D with the optional stand (which I love), however, you can use this cutter on a table or desk. Just be aware that it does weigh 115 pounds shipped.

Overall I highly recommend this cutter. If the digital display isn’t exactly a necessity for you, you can order this cutter as the Intelli-Cut 530M without the digital display (found here). This machine is perfect for small print shops, copy centers and others that need to quickly cut down up to 1.5″ of paper at a time.

You can find the Intelli-Cut 530D stack paper cutter here and our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

Top 10 Best Manual Stack Paper Cutters

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Manual Stack Paper CuttersStack paper cutters offer a great blend of affordability and high-capacity paper cutting. There are a lot of stack paper cutters out there. Having used stack paper cutters for over a decade, I am in a position to provide you with some good shopping advice. I will provide you with some great brand suggestions and will recommend some reliable stack cutter models that you will be happy with.

In case you’re not familiar with manual stack paper cutters, they are special cutters designed to cut hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. They typically have some sort of clamping mechanism that keeps paper in place and usually have a long cutting handle (about 2-3 feet long) that you pull down to cut stacks of paper.

Now that we understand what a stack paper cutter is, let’s start off with some recommended brands. Who do I consider to be best when it comes to manual stack paper cutter manufacturing?  I have to say hands down that Triumph is THE best brand of stack paper cutters. While there are many clones, and other cheap “budget” models out there, nothing comes close to the accuracy and machine finesse.

I would have to say that Intelli-Cut (by Intelli-Zone) and Dahle come in a very close second. Both of these brands offer several manual stack cutter models that are easy to use, are extremely affordable and are very accurate.

These are the stack paper cutters that I consider to be the best in the industry:

Top 10 Best Manual Stack Paper Cutters

  1. MBM Triumph 4305 16 7/8″ Manual Stack Paper Cutter
  2. MBM Triumph 4705 18 ¾” Manual Stack Paper Cutter
  3. Intelli-Cut 530D 17″ Stack Paper Cutter w/ Digital Display
  4. Tamerica GuilloMax Plus 18″ Manual Stack Cutter
  5. Intelli-Cut 580M 18 7/8″ Manual Stack Cutter
  6. Dahle 846 & 848 Stack Paper Cutters
  7. Dahle 842 17″ Manually Operated Stack Cutter
  8. Intelli-Cut 530M Manual 18 7/8″ Stack Cutter
  9. Intelli-Cut 580D 18 7/8″ Stack Cutter w/ Digital Display
  10. Dahle 852 17″ Premium Stack Cutter

These 10 paper cutters all have a great track record with our customers, feature high-quality components and should save you time by quickly and accurately cutting hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

New Intelli-Cut Stack Paper Cutters From Intelli-Zone Now Online

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Intelli-Cut Stack Paper Cutters from Intelli-ZoneAs part of our continued efforts to add quality products to our site, we are proud to announce the addition of 16 new Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters to our site from Intelli-Zone. These new stack paper cutters are feature rich and we expect them to be a huge hit with our customers.

These new Intelli-Cut paper cutters include manual, semi-electric and fully electric designs. Many of our new stack paper cutters are capable of cutting up to 3″ of paper at a time and can be used to cut down card stock, booklets, coated material and much more.

These new cutters feature a modern European design and are made from all metal construction. The manual Intelli-Cut cutters are extremely easy to operate and feature a convenient handle that is leveraged in such a way that cuts are quick and effortless.

Our new electric cutters come in a variety of designs. Some feature fully electric clamps, backstops and cutting blades, where others feature manual backstops & clamps with electric cutting knives.

All our new Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters are safe to use, extremely precise and feature many tools not found in comparable designs.

Our entire selection of Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters feature optical cutting lines, and most include a digital display that lets the operator know exactly where the backstop is located in millimeters or inches.

These new cutters have an excellent price to value ratio and are built to last for years.  You can find our entire selection of new Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters here.

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