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Intelli-Bind IC21E Electric Coil Binding Machine Review

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Intelli-Bind IC21E Electric Coil Binding Machine Most coil binding machines look the same. This isn’t a bad thing, although quality does vary from one model to another. What most people want in a coil binding machine is simplicity, durability and quality. You get all three of these features in the new Intelli-Bind IC21E electric coil binding machine (found here) from Intelli-Zone. This is my review.

Intelli-Bind is a well-known brand of book binding machines, comparable to Tamerica and Akiles in functionality and quality. They currently make coil, comb and wire binding machines. Intelli-Bind is most known for its value. You can get a lot of machine for very little money.

The Intelli-Bind IC21E is a very unique coil binding machine, much different in appearance and use than comparable machines. To begin with, it doesn’t look like a binding machine. Having used this machine myself, I have to say that it almost looks closer in appearance to a printer. Simply put, it blends in well with existing office equipment.

The IC21E is an extremely compact and unobtrusive machine. Most binding machines feature a horizontal punch accompanied by a handle. If equipped, disengageable dies are usually exposed and in the open. The IC21E has a paper punch that literally folds up when not in use. When folded up, the disengageable dies are also covered. When ready, the punch opening can be pulled down and binding can begin. Not only is this design sleek, it helps keep dust out of critical machine components.

This binding machine features an electric punch that can handle up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. Because it is electric, punching capacity doesn’t depend on the strength of the operator. Simply insert your paper and press the punch button. In a few seconds, the paper will be punched and you can move along to the next stack of paper.

The electric punch punches paper in a 4:1 pitch hole pattern. This hole pattern is the most common used today, with supplies readily available. This equals out to 4 holes per inch of paper. Each of the 46 punching pins can be individually disabled, allowing for precise and professional custom book sizes. This also helps cut down on half-punched holes.  The finished results look great.

The punch on the Intelli-Bind IC21E can be easily adjusted to accommodate various book thicknesses. This is due in large part to the adjustable margin depth. A dial, located on the right side of the machine, makes margin depth adjustments extremely easy. Directly below the margin depth dial is the waste paper tray.

Once paper has been punched, coils can quickly be inserted through the holes by means of a built-in electric coil inserter. Simply manually feed the coil through the first 3-4 holes and let the inserter do the rest. The inserter spins coils through the holes in just seconds. Once inserted, excess coil can quickly be cut and crimped.

From start to finish, books can be bound on the IC21E in just minutes. It can bind books ranging in thickness from about ¼” up to 1 ¼”. It is versatile, practical and bet of all it’s affordable. I highly recommend this machine for medium-volume coil binding operations.

You can find the Intelli-Bind IC21E electric coil binding machine here and our entire selection of coil binding machines here.

Introducing the Intelli-Fold DE-122AF and DE-172AF Paper Folding Machines

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Intelli-Fold DE-172AF Paper Folding MachineWe are proud to announce the addition of the Intelli-Fold DE-112AF and DE-172AF paper folding machines (from Intelli-Zone) to our site. Both of these machines are perfect for office use and are available to you at an extremely affordable price. Featuring durable metal construction, multiple fold types and easy-to-use controls, we expect these new machines to be a hit with our customers.

For years Intelli-Fold paper folding machines have been popular with our customers. Formerly known as Dynafold, the Intelli-Fold DE-102AF and DE-202AF have been extremely popular for their durability and accuracy. The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF and DE-172AF are slightly updated versions of the popular DE-102AF and DE-202AF.

The DE-112AF is the successor to the DE-102AF. They are both essentially the same machine except the DE-112AF has the addition of a powered output conveyor. The same goes for the DE-172AF (with conveyor) and DE-202AF (no conveyor). A powered conveyor allows both of these machines to fold paper, while keeping organized and in order. This is ideal for businesses that do a lot of mailing or need to keep documents in alphabetical or numerical order.

We are very excited about these two new machines. Both are made from solid metal construction and are designed from the ground up to be used continuously throughout the day. You can find both of these machines here:

These machines are in stock and ready to ship today. If you have any questions, or would like to see one demonstrated online via your Web browser, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

Intelli-Bind IM1000 Electric Binding Punch Video Demo

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Intelli-Bind IM1000 Electric Binding PunchWhile manually punching paper isn’t that bad, it can become tiresome when done on a large scale. If you are punching hundreds of sheets of paper per day, you may want to consider using a machine like the Intelli-Bind IM1000 electric binding punch. I recently had a chance to play around with this machine and shoot a video demo.

A question I often get is, “Why would I want a binding punch?” That’s a good question. The best answer I can provide is “volume.” Using an independent binding punch, along side an existing binding machine, can dramatically increase your punching capacity and output book binding volume.

The Intelli-Bind IM1000 is available upon purchase with your choice of punching die. This may be comb, wire, coil or coil in your choice of pitch. Other dies can be purchased. Because the dies are interchangeable, the Intelli-Bind IM1000 can easily be used along side just about any comb, wire or coil binding machine.

I was surprised how easy the IM1000 was to use. An included foot pedal makes hands free punching easy. If you don’t like using a foot pedal, you can also activate the electric punch by pushing a button found on the front of the machine.

The IM1000 is rated for punching up to 25 sheets of paper. I decided to put that to the test and it worked great. You can see a video demo of me using the Intelli-Bind IM1000 electric binding punch here.

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So there you have it! The Intelli-Bind IM1000. This binding machine is affordable, powerful and excellent to have on hand for high-volume binding projects. You can find the Intelli-Bind IM1000 here and our entire selection of binding punches here.

Intelli-Bind 910 Comb, Coil & Wire Binding Station Video Demo

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Intelli-Bind 910 Wire, Comb & Coil Binding StationThere are several tips and tricks out there for speeding up binding operations, but one tool that seems to speed up the process the most is using an independent binding station. These stations may be a comb opener, a wire closer, an electric coil inserter or a combination of all three. The Intelli-Bind 910 binding station, from Intelli-Zone, features all three.

I have personally used this machine and have to say that I’m impressed with just how easy it is to use. I especially like the fact that it can be used alongside a comb, wire or coil binding machine. The build quality is great!

The wire closer is located on the back of the machine, the comb opener is in the middle and the electric coil inserter is located on the front. Using this binding station, along side a binding machine, can easily double your binding output.

Here is a great video demonstration of the Intelli-Bin 910 binding station.

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Pretty slick….right? This triple format binding station costs less than most single-purpose binding stations. You can find the Intelli-Bind 910 binding station here and our entire selection of binding machines here.

Intelli-Bind I23W Electric Wire Binding Machine Review

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Intelli-Bind I23W Electric Wire Binding MachineDo you or your business wire bind dozens, perhaps even hundreds of books per day? If so, you probably require the use of a heavy-duty binding machine. If you need to upgrade, or are simply in the market for a new binding machine, you may want to consider the Intelli-Bind I23W electric wire binding machine (found here) from Intelli-Zone. This is my review.

Wire binding is available in several different hole patterns, each with their own unique look. The hole pattern you use will depend on how your machine is built. The two most common hole patterns are 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) and 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch).

The Intelli-Bind I23W has two different punching dies, allowing the operator to punch and bind in 2:1 or 3:1 wire. This is a huge benefit and is like having two machines in one. The format you use will depend on the look you prefer and the thickness of the book. A 2:1 pitch can bind a thicker book.

Each of these punching dies is electric, capable of punching up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. If you have ever manually punched paper for wire binding, over a dozen or more books a day, you can probably appreciate the convenience an electric punch provides. Simply place your paper in the machine and press the button located on the top of the machine. The I23W punches though paper without a problem.

The front of the I23W features a wire holder. This holder keeps a wire binding element in place while you add paper to it. Once all your paper is on the spine, it can be removed from the wire holder for placement in the wire closer.

Closing the wire is one of the most important parts of wire binding. If you don’t close the wire enough, pages will fall out. If you over-close the wire, pages won’t turn well and the book looks unprofessional.

The Intelli-Bind I23W has a special scale that makes wire closer adjustment easy. Simply locate the diameter of the wire you are using on the scale and adjust the dial accordingly. Once set, closing the wire is a piece of cake. While the wire closing is done manually, it literally takes seconds and requires very little manual effort.

Now let’s get to the build quality. Having handled this machine myself, I can vouch for the fact that it is made out of all-metal construction. It weighs in at 85 pounds shipped, so you may need up to 2 people to safely move it. While it is a heavy piece of machinery, most desks and tables will be able to support it.

For a heavy-duty wire binding machine, I have to say that the I23W is probably one of the most affordable machines out there. It is easy to use, extremely durable and should be able to easily keep up with your daily book binding needs.

You can find the Intelli-Bind I23W electric wire binding machine here and our entire selection of electric wire binding machines here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our book binding machine experts. Have a great day!

A Comb Binding Machine For $45? You Bet!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Intelli-Bind IB100 Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-ZoneIf you’re at home, a scrapbooker, a hobbyist or a small business, you may need an extremely affordable comb-binding machine. While there are some really nice machines out there, most cost several hundred dollars or more. If you’re daily binding volume is small, you should consider the Intelli-Bind IB100 comb binding machine from Intelli-Zone.

To begin with, the Intelli-Bind IB100 only costs $45. You’ll be hard pressed to find a high-quality comb-binding machine for that amount. Most sub $50 machines are garbage. The IB100, on the other hand, is a nicely built machine.

While the IB100 isn’t designed for hundreds of binding jobs a day, it is perfect for binding a few books a day. It has a 6-8 sheet punching capacity, depending on the paper thickness, and can bind a book up to 2” thick. This means you can easily bind a small cookbook or a larger photo album. The possibilities are pretty nice.

I have personally unboxed, assembled and used this comb binding machine. The quality is superb, especially for this price range. Unlike many other comb binding machines in this price range, the IB100 has a full-length lever for punching paper and opening combs. This makes comb binding much easier.

The IB100 is in stock and usually ships out the same day an order is placed. You can find the Intelli-Bind IB100 comb binding machine here and our entire selection of manual comb binding machines here. Enjoy!

Intelli-Bind IB850 Electric Comb Binding Machine Review

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Intelli-Bind IB850 Electric Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-ZoneDo you own a manual comb binding machine or are in the marketing for a new comb binding machine? Consider going electric! Electric comb binding machines can double or triple your book binding speed. One affordable option you should probably consider is the Intelli-Bind IB850 electric comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

The Intelli-Bind IB850 comb binding machine is made by Intelli-Zone. Intelli-Zone currently makes over a dozen different comb, wire and coil binding machines. The IB850 is one of two electric comb binding machines made by Intelli-Zone.

The IB850 is what’s categorized as an electric comb binding machine. It has a foot pedal that activates an electric motor that punches the paper. I personally like the foot pedal as it allows for hands-free operation. This means you can easily keep paper firmly in place during the entire punching process.

The motor is capable of punching up to 20 sheets of paper at a time, which is impressive. As with any binding machine, however, I still recommend scaling that back (perhaps by 5 sheets). I firmly believe that not maxing out the punching capacity on a binding machine will help significantly prolong the life of the machine.

While the Intelli-Bind IB850 is electric, it is still pretty compact. The machine weighs in at 38 pounds shipped. A lot of the weight is from the heavy-duty metal components used in construction. It is heavy enough that you don’t want to move it around every day, but it isn’t bad enough that it can’t be moved.

The IB850 is designed to punch and bind paper up to about a letter-size sheet of paper, although the maximum punching length is officially 11.7 inches. All of the punching dies can be disengaged, thanks to selectable punching dies. This is a huge advantage when it comes to binding custom-sized books and smaller sheets of paper.

The Intelli-Bind IB850 is capable of binding books up to 2″. The typical book, that is about ¼” thick, takes only a couple of minutes to bind on this machine. It can easily be used in schools, churches and most businesses.

The price to value ratio on the IB850 is amazing. As of writing this article, the IB850 costs just under $300, which is unprecedented for an electric punch comb binding machine.

If you need a machine for medium-volume book binding, I highly recommend the IB850. The warranty is great, manufacturer support is excellent and it is inexpensive and affordable.

You can find the Intelli-Bind IB850 electric comb binding machine here and our entire selection of Intelli-Bind book binding machines here. Our entire selection of binding machines can be found here.

Intelli-Lam IL200 Pouch Laminator Review

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Intelli-Lam IL200 Pouch Laminator from Intelli-ZoneLaminators are pretty nice machines to have on hand and can be used for a variety of projects. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to operate a copy center to own one. There are many laminators out there that are reasonably affordable for home use. One such laminator is the Intelli-Lam IL200 pouch laminator (found here). I have used this laminator on several occasions and this is my review.

Intelli-Lam laminators are made by Intelli-Zone, who also makes a wide variety of paper shredders, folding machines, cutters and other office products. Intelli-Zone office machines, including their laminators, feature a modern design and easy-to-use controls.

The IL200 is a small little laminator. It only weighs in at 6 pounds shipped. It has a mouth width of 9 inches. That means the IL200 can handle documents and material up to about letter-size paper. It can also be used to laminate smaller material such as business cards, photo ID cards, photos and other small documents.

Having handled this laminator myself, I have to say that the footprint and weight isn’t much more than a small radio. It is easy to pick up and move around and is small enough that you can put it in a drawer or cupboard for storage.

The design is impressive. It features a silver color and well-rounded edges. The control interface is pretty straightforward. Simply plug in the laminator, flip the switch on and you’re ready to go. A red light lets you know that the laminator is on and a green light will let you know when the laminator is fully warmed up. The laminator takes about 10-15 minutes to warm up.

The IL200 is an entry-level laminator that is designed for light use. That doesn’t mean it is a bad laminator by any means, but it is not a good option for continuous laminating throughout the day. It is best used for home to occasional small business laminating.

The Intelli-Lam IL200 can be used with laminating film up to 3 mils thick. This is a pretty common thickness for laminating photos, signs and protecting other documents.

Overall I really like the IL200. While it isn’t the toughest laminator out there, the price is excellent. Few laminators out there offer what the IL200 does for the same price.

You can find the Intelli-Lam IL200 pouch laminator here and our entire selection of pouch laminating machines here.

New Intelli-Cut Stack Paper Cutters From Intelli-Zone Now Online

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Intelli-Cut Stack Paper Cutters from Intelli-ZoneAs part of our continued efforts to add quality products to our site, we are proud to announce the addition of 16 new Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters to our site from Intelli-Zone. These new stack paper cutters are feature rich and we expect them to be a huge hit with our customers.

These new Intelli-Cut paper cutters include manual, semi-electric and fully electric designs. Many of our new stack paper cutters are capable of cutting up to 3″ of paper at a time and can be used to cut down card stock, booklets, coated material and much more.

These new cutters feature a modern European design and are made from all metal construction. The manual Intelli-Cut cutters are extremely easy to operate and feature a convenient handle that is leveraged in such a way that cuts are quick and effortless.

Our new electric cutters come in a variety of designs. Some feature fully electric clamps, backstops and cutting blades, where others feature manual backstops & clamps with electric cutting knives.

All our new Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters are safe to use, extremely precise and feature many tools not found in comparable designs.

Our entire selection of Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters feature optical cutting lines, and most include a digital display that lets the operator know exactly where the backstop is located in millimeters or inches.

These new cutters have an excellent price to value ratio and are built to last for years.  You can find our entire selection of new Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters here.

Need A Dynafold? Consider An Intelli-Fold.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Intelli-Fold Paper Folding MachinesAre you looking for a paper folding machine and have been considering a DE-102AF, a DE-202AF or a DE-322AF? Before you consider getting a Dynafold, I highly recommend you consider the Intelli-Fold line of folding machines from Intelli-Zone. There are several reasons for this.

To begin with, Dynafold paper folders have been around for some time and have established a great reputation. While currently available Dynafold paper folders have since moved manufacturing plants (perhaps in an effort to save on building costs), Intelli-Fold paper folders are still made in the original manufacturing plants using the same high-quality process.

If cost is an issue, you may want to consider the Intelli-Fold line. Intelli-Fold paper folders almost always cost less than Dynafold paper folding machines.

Dynafold and Intelli-Fold paper folders are so similar that parts can actually be swapped between models. Here is a quick guide to help you determine the Intelli-Fold equivalent of a Dynafold folding machine.

Dynafold to Intelli-Fold Guide

Dynafold DE-102AF –> Intelli-Fold DE-102AF
Dynafold DE-202AF –> Intelli-Fold DE-202AF
Dynafold DE-322AF –> Intelli-Fold DE-322AF
Dynafold DE-262AF –> Intelli-Fold DE-262AF
Dynafold DE-302AF –> Intelli-Fold DE-302AF
Dynafold DE-8 –> Intelli-Fold DE-8

Intelli-Fold paper folding machines are customer favorites and some of our best-selling paper folding machines. The build quality is excellent, they have a great track record and folds continue to be clean, crisp and extremely professional.

I personally recommend using Intelli-Fold for all your folding needs. They can be used to create letter folds, accordion folds, single folds and a wide variety of custom folds. These machines are easy to setup and should easily last you for years to come.

You can find our entire line of Intelli-Fold paper folding machines here.

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