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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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The Gloves Are Off – Intimus Vs. Destroyit Paper Shredders

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Destroyit Paper ShreddersIf you are a business, government agency or military organization and are looking for the best paper shredder around, you have probably run across the names Intimus and Destroyit (found here). Both brands of paper shredders have been around for decades. So when the dust clears, which of these two models should you ultimately consider using? Having used dozens of models from both manufacturers, I have my favorite and I’d like to explain why.

Before I explain my personal preference, I’d like to say that both Intimus and Destroyit make good shredders. Years ago Intimus was run by a German company called Schleicher. Back then Intimus was easily one of my favorite paper shredder brands. Several years ago they were bought out by Martin Yale. While Intimus is still a great brand, they have changed a little from what they once were.

Destroyit paper shredders are made by Ideal Krug & Priester and have been made in Germany since 1951. They are distributed in the USA by MBM Corporation. The continuity in German manufacturing and quality engineering has resulted in Destroyit being one of the most preferred names in the paper shredding industry.

So if I were lined up in front of an equally capable Intimus and Destroyit shredder, which one would I choose? Based on customer satisfaction and personal experience, I would have to pick Destroyit hands down. Over the years, Destroyit has simply developed into one of the most solid paper shredder brands around.

Here are a few reasons why I would consider Destroyit over Intimus:

  • Quality – Destroyit shredders continue to be made using the same high-quality standards that have been used for decades. The cutting shafts are made entirely of hardened steel and feature a lifetime warranty. Quality management by Destroyit is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Do I consider Destroyit shredders to be of better quality than Intimus? Yes, I do.
  • Simplicity – Have you ever used a paper shredder that had buttons and lights all over it that looked as if it was from a sci-fi movie? That can be very frustrating. Destroyit shredders, on the other hand, are EXTREMELY easy to use. The controls on their office are all contained in a simple rocker button. That button lets you turn on the shredder and put it in reverse. That same button also includes warning and indicator lights.
  • Safety – Destroyit paper shredders are by far some of the safest available. I especially like the transparent safety shield that they include in the feed opening. While I still recommend using common sense while operating a shredder, I don’t feel unsafe at all while operating a Destroyit shredder.

Here are some Destroyit paper shredders that I personally recommend:

  • Destroyit 2360 (found here) – This is one of the most affordable Destroyit paper shredders that features the new rocker button design that I absolutely love.
  • Destroyit 2604 (found here) – This is a great all-around office paper shredder. It is available in a strip or cross cut version and includes an automatic oiler.
  • Destroyit 2604 SMC (found here) – This is an excellent Level 6 high security paper shredder. It is a solid machine and includes an automatic oiler.
  • Destroyit 3105 (found here) – If you need a great departmental paper shredder that can be used by multiple people in the office throughout the day, this is the shredder for you.
  • Destroyit 4005 SMC (found here) – This is a great high-end high security Level 6 paper shredder. If you don’t want to fork out a lot of money for the Intimus 0077SL, this is a great alternative.

Hopefully this has helped you determine the right shredder for your office. You can find our entire selection of Destroyit paper shredders here and Intimus paper shredders here. If you still have questions about Intimus or Destroyit paper shredders, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788.

Intimus 005S Optical Media CD, DVD & Blu-ray Data Grinder Review

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Intimus 005S Optical Media Data GrinderMost businesses have accepted and understand the importance of using a paper shredder. These valuable devices can be used to quickly cut documents down into tiny particles, rendering them useless. While this is great, many businesses either don’t realize or forget that their optical media, such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, can hold volumes more data than any stack of paper. These discs should never be tossed in the garbage. When no longer needed, they should be destroyed. One effective way of doing this is by using the Intimus 005S data grinder (found here).

The Intimus 005S is called a data grinder because it literally grinds the data layer off of a disc. As the data is grinded down (up to 250 microns deep), the data layer it is literally turned into dust. This completely renders the discs useless. The Intimus 005S is one of the few data grinders that can be used with CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. The Intimus 005S is more effective and faster than many disc shredders and it is perfect for high-security applications.

This is a video demo of the Intimus 005S Data Grinder in action:

Before I go into exactly how to use the Intimus 005S, I would like to explain the differences between optical discs and optical media. CDs and Blu-rays have data written close to the surface of the disc. DVDs have data written in the middle layer of the disc. For this reason, CDs and Blu-ray discs can be destroyed in a single pass. DVD discs must be split in half (using an included disc splitter). The split DVD disc can then be properly destroyed.

Using this machine is easy. Simply place your disc in the tray and hit the start button. The disc will then be pulled into the machine where the data will be grinded down and stripped from the surface (Using DatagrindTM Technology). The entire process takes about 20-30 seconds. If you are destroying a DVD, split the disc and insert the shiny data half into the grinder. Once the process is completed, flip the disc over and grind down the other side. The built in dust collection system quickly removes dust, keeping the work area clean.

The Intimus 005S is an absolute necessity for any business that stores sensitive information on optical media discs. This may include client records, patient information, social security numbers, birth dates and much more. Simply grind off the data and discard the remaining plastic coaster.

The Intimus 005S only weighs 7 pounds shipped and it is extremely easy to pick up and move from one desk to another. Simply set it It uses a standard 110-120 volt power outlet. Please feel free to call one of our Data Destruction Experts at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.  You can find our entire selection of optical media shredders here.

New Intimus Pro Series Paper Shredders Now Available

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Intimus Pro 60CC3 Cross Cut Paper ShredderIf you are familiar with paper shredders, you have probably heard of Intimus. These German-made paper shredders not only have a great reputation, but are also known as being some of the quietest paper shredders on the market. We have added a total of 14 new Intimus paper shredders to our site. These shredders are best used in offices and departments, however, some smaller models may also be used for home use.

I have personally used Intimus paper shredders for the past 10 years. They are great machines. When I first started using Intimus paper shredders, they were owned and managed by Shleicher. Martin Yale, who has been manufacturing office equipment for decades, now owns the Intimus line.

Over the past year, Intimus has discontinued many of their older models and have replaced them with the 14 new machines we just added to our site. I mentioned earlier that Intimus shredders are known for being very quiet. I would say about 90% of the new shredders we just added use Silentec technology. This essentially consists of special spring shock absorbers that the shredder motor sits on. These springs absorb vibrations and sound, keeping the shredder to a dull hum.

These are the 14 new shredders we added. The CC3 line offers a security level 3 and the CC4 line offer a security level 4.

  1. Intimus Pro 20CC3 Cross Cut Shredder (8 Sheet Capacity)
  2. Intimus Pro 26CC3 Cross Cut Shredder (8 Sheet Capacity)
  3. Intimus Pro 32CC3 Cross Cut Shredder (12 Sheet Capacity)
  4. Intimus Pro 45CC3 Level 3 Paper Shredder (18 Sheet Capacity)
  5. Intimus Pro 45CC4 Level 4 Paper Shredder (8 Sheet Capacity)
  6. Intimus Pro 60CC3 Office Paper Shredder (18 Sheet Capacity)
  7. Intimus Pro 60CC4 Level 4 Office Shredder (9 Sheet Capacity)
  8. Intimus Pro 90CC3 Departmental Shredder (18 Sheet Capacity)
  9. Intimus Pro 90CC4 Level 4 Office Shredder (9 Sheet Capacity)
  10. Intimus Pro 120CC3 Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder (23 Sheet Capacity)
  11. Intimus Pro 120CC4 Level 4 Cross Cut Shredder (15 Sheet Capacity)
  12. Intimus 315 Cross Cut Shredder (25 Sheet Capacity)
  13. Intimus Pro 175CC3 Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder (50 Sheet Capacity)
  14. Intimus Pro 175CC4 Departmental Level 4 Shredder (25 Sheet Capacity)

I am confident, as long as you select the appropriate security level and sheet capacity, that you will enjoy these shredders. The cutting cylinders are made from hardened steel and most feature a lifetime warranty. Most of these shredders can also handle shredding CDs, DVDs, credit cards and some can even handle floppy disks.

You can find our entire selection of Intimus paper shredders here and our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Do you have questions about Intimus paper shredders? Call one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788. They are more than happy to help answer your questions.

Intimus Pro 175CC3 Cross Cut Shredder Review

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Intimus Pro 175CC3 Cross Cut Paper ShredderWhen businesses ask me which shredder security level they should go with, I usually recommend a security level 3. The level 3 particle size offers a nice blend of security and capacity. If you’re a business and are looking for a level 3 shredder that can be used by 6-8 people throughout the day, you may want to consider the Intimus Pro 175CC3 cross cut shredder (found here). This is my review.

The Intimus brand has been around for some time. Several years ago the line was run and managed by Schleicher, but is now run by Martin Yale. Intimus shredders are considered to be some of the best shredders around. They first gained worldwide recognition in the 1970s, due in part to Oliver North using an Intimus 007-S to shred sensitive information during the Iran-Contra scandal.

Intimus shredders are known today as being easy-to-use, reliable and extremely durable. Most Intimus shredders are still made in Germany, designed using precision engineering and made from high-quality materials.

The Intimus Pro 175CC3 carries on the Intimus name and reputation. This departmental shredder offers an excellent blend of security and capacity. This shredder cuts paper down into 5/32″ x 1 13/16″ particles, which qualifies as a level 3 shredder according to DIN 32757 standards. It also offers an excellent capacity, capable of shredding up to 50 sheets of 20lb paper at a time. This is enough speed and security to keep up with most business operations.

Not only does the Intimus Pro 175CC3 shred paper, but it can also handle CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and plastic cards. A wide 16″ cutting width handles most sizes of paper. This includes envelopes, receipts, letter size paper, legal size paper and even larger computer forms paper.  The hardened steel cutting shafts can also handle staples and paper clips without suffering nicks and damage. The cutting shafts are also covered by a lifetime warranty.

While the specifications on this shredder are impressive, it’s the “Extra” features that really sell this shredder. Let me go over a few of the most impressive features.

i-Control – The i-Control management system is very robust. It informs and notifies the operator regarding the shredder’s status. This includes a child safety lockout, an oil indicator, a paper jam notification, bin full status and a bin open alert.

– Being green not only makes sense for the planet, but also for energy savings. The 175CC3 uses an EcoLogic system that puts the shredder into sleep mode when it has been sitting idle. While in seep mode, this shredder uses zero power.

– A special sensor, built into the shredder head, can sense the amount of paper being run through. This data is then converted into changing colors via a light strip (like traffic lights) that show up in the shredder’s feed area. This lets the operator know whether the shredder is being overburdened or not. This really helps the operator gauge how much paper is being fed without having to manually count the sheets prior to shredding.

The Intimus 175CC3 also includes several features that are now the “norm” with shredders. This includes an auto on/off and reverse switch. It also includes a light that notifies you when the shredder needs to be oiled, which is a hug plus for shredder longevity. Casters make this shredder extremely easy to move around the office.

This is a very robust shredder, weighing in at 198 pounds, and should easily be able to keep up with most business shredding needs. This shredder definitely makes an impression on me and I believe you will appreciate it too.

You can find the Intimus Pro 175CC3 cross cut shredder here, our entire line of Intimus shredders here and our broad selection of office paper shredders here.

What is a Hopper Fed Paper Shredder?

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Hopper Feed Paper ShreddersDo you use, own or want a paper shredder but don’t want to hassle with jogging paper together to try and fit it all through a tiny slot on the top of a shredder? If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you may need what’s known as a hopper fed  paper shredder. These shredders are versatile and often ideal for office environments.

Hopper fed paper shredders are commonly used for office and departmental use as they are designed to be used by multiple people throughout they day. These types of paper shredders essentially feature a top loading feed hopper that sits above the paper shredders blades. They are typically designed for high-volume / continuous use.

The top loading feed hopper allows you to empty jumbled, disorganized and crumpled paper into the shredder. Some of these shredders allow you to dump an entire stack of paper, while other feed hopper shredders have a separate slot for stacks of paper. The hopper is often assisted by paddles that help pull paper into the shredder blades.

Shredders with feed hoppers are typically ideal for high-volume paper shredding and are known for their convenience. Because the hopper can take crumpled and jumbled paper, there is no need to tray and straighten or align paper prior to being fed into the shredder.

At ABC Office we offer a few different hopper-style shredders. Here are the four most popular models we offer:

  1. HSM 412.2 Office Hopper Fed Shredder
  2. Destroyit 4605 High-Volume Top Loading Feed Hopper Shredder
  3. Dahle 20452 and 20453 Strip and Cross Cut Hopper Shredders
  4. Intimus 852CC Industrial Top Loading Hopper Style Paper Shredder

Hopper fed shredders often accept entire magazines, newspaper and other paper. Some, like the Intimus 852CC industrial shredder, have hoppers that can even accept CDs, DVDs, credit cards, 3.5″ disks, passports, ID cards, Microfiche, audio cassettes and more.

This is a demo of the Destroyit 4605 high-volume hopper fed shredder.

I hope this helps you understand exactly what a top loading hopper fed paper shredder is. These shredders are convenient, great for high-volume shredding and are typically extremely fast. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder Review

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper ShredderAre you looking for a solid and reliable high security paper shredder? One model, arguably considered to be one of the best around, is the Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the Intimus line of paper shredders has been around for decades. In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North used the Schleicher Intimus 007-S shredder to shred documents during the Iran-Contra scandal. Simply put, Intimus shredders are very popular with the government. The Intimus 0077SL carries on this tradition.

The Intimus 0077SL is frequently asked for by name. This is due in part to the reputable history Intimus has as a brand and because the 0077SL is one of the most secure paper shredders available. It is NSA / CSS approved for shredding and Destroyit top secret and highly sensitive documents.

Here are a few things you may be interested to know about the 0077SL. To begin with, it is rated as a security level 6 shredder. Level 6 is currently the highest security rating to be placed on a shredder. The particles that come out of the 0077SL are 0.64 mm x 2 mm in size (0.025″ x 0.0788″). Break out a ruler and measure that. That is extremely tiny and is impossible to reassemble.

Not only does the 0077SL shred paper into tiny particles, it can shred up to 14 sheets of standard copy paper at a time. For a level 6 shredder, 14 sheets is considered a lot of paper. High security shredders have tiny cutting blades that have to cut a lot of surface are at one time, decreasing the amount of sheets that can be shredded at a time.

A big benefit of the 0077SL is the shred bin. This shredder has a 45-gallon shred bin. That is a lot of paper, and considering how tiny the particles are, this shredder does not need to be emptied often.

The 16” wide opening on the 0077SL can handle most sheets of paper. This may range from an envelope up to a legal-size document. With a wide opening, there is less chance of a jam occurring.

The Intimus 0077SL is ideal for use in departments, offices and organizations that need high-security shredding capabilities throughout the day. There is no need to wait for the 0077SL to cool down. It can be used continuously without any issues.

I give the Intimus 0077SL high marks. Not only is it popular with our customers, it has proven itself over the years to be reliable.

You can find the Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder here. You can find our entire selection of high security paper shredders here. Still have questions? Call one of our paper shredding experts at 1-800-658-8788.

Intimus 502CD Credit Card, CD and Disk Shredder Review

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Intimus 502CD Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and Credit Card ShredderDo you need a specialized shredder that is designed to specifically shred compact discs (CDs), DVDs, floppy disks and credit cards? One model you may want to look at is the Intimus 502CD floppy disk, CD and credit card shredder (found here). This is my review.

There aren’t many specialized multimedia shredders out there. Many manufacturers try to combine multiple shredding options into one machine. Some manufacturers do it well, where others fail miserably.

Intimus, made by Martin Yale, decided to make a machine designed and built from the ground up to handle floppy disks and optical media. The Intimus 502CD is so specialized that it doesn’t shred paper. It has a 4 15/16″ opening for CDs and DVDs and a 3 3/4″ opening for floppy disks. It can also be used to shred video game discs (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo) and Blu-ray discs.

Because it is designed specifically to shred CDs, DVDs, credit card and floppy disks, it is fast. It operates at a speed of up to 800-1200 pieces per hour. This is far faster than what a multi-purpose shredder can do.

The shred particle size is 5/16″ x 13/16″ (7.9mm x 20.6mm). For optical media, this is small. As you might imagine, a floppy disk or CD that has been cut into tiny particles is pretty much impossible to read. The shred bin on the 502CD can hold up to one cubic feet of shredded material.

Who uses the Intimus 502CD? This machine is primarily used by government and military organizations, but is also used by businesses for mass data and software destruction. The shredder is compact enough that it can be used in most offices without being an obstacle.

We sell quite a few of the Intimus 502CD shredders and I can safety say that our customers are satisfied with the quality and the functionality. Intimus has developed a great reputation and the Intimus 502CD doesn’t let you down.

You can find the Intimus 502CD floppy disk, CD and credit card shredder here. You can find our entire selection of CD and DVD shredders here. You can find our entire selection of Intimus paper shredders here.

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