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Top 10 Best Guillotine Paper Cutters

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Best Guillotine Paper CuttersGuillotine paper cutters (found here) have come a long way over the years. These cutters used to be known as sharp blades attached to wood bases and were known for their keen ability to cut you. These same cutters, while you can still purchase the old school models, are now refined pieces of metal engineering with several integrated safety features.

Guillotine cutters are probably some of the most well rounded paper cutters available and can be used for cutting paper, photos, laminated material and more. So which models are considered the “best?” Having a decade of experience with these cutters under my belt, I would like to share with you some models that I like and have a great track record with our customers.

One thing I have found that over the years is that German is closely associated with quality in the paper cutting industry. German engineered and German built paper cutters are amazing. Another high-end feature to look for is Solingen. Solingen steel, again from Germany, is some of the strongest steel available and holds its edge remarkably well for cutting purposes. As a result, I have found Kutrimmer (by Ideal) and Dahle to be two very reputable manufacturers.

Here are what I consider to be the top 10 best guillotine paper cutters available (sorted lowest to highest price):

  1. MBM Kutrimmer 1134 (found here) – This is a 13 ¾” paper cutter that is perfect for trimming letter-size paper. It includes all the necessary safety guards and features a razor-sharp Solingen steel blade.
  2. MBM Kutrimmer 1135 (found here) – This cutter is similar to the 1134, but includes an automatic clamp with an Easy Lift release lever.
  3. Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine (found here) – This quality cutter comes from Dahle and is 14 ½” long. Unlike the Kutrimmer cutters that use a Lexan safety guard, this cutter has a corkscrew plastic guard that projects the blade during the cutting process.
  4. MBM Kutrimmer 1046 (found here) – This cutter features a nice 18″ cutting length. It includes an adjustable back gauge and a cutting line indicator. This is a nice cutter for trimming a wide range of paper sizes.
  5. MBM Kutrimmer 1035 (found here) – If you need to cut up to 50 sheets of standard paper at a time in a single pass, this 14 ¾” guillotine cutter is a great option. It features a very sturdy paper clamp to help keep those 50 sheets in place during the cutting process.
  6. Dahle 565 Premium Guillotine (found here) – The Dahle 565 premium guillotine has a 15 ½” cutting length and a 35 sheet trimming capacity. It includes a scale bar, an adjustable backstop and all the bells and whistles you would expect in a premium cutter.
  7. MBM Kutrimmer 1058 (found here) – This guillotine trimmer has a long 23″ cutting length while still being able to cut up to 40 sheets of paper at a time. As with all Kutrimmer paper cutters, this one includes a nice Solingen steel blade.
  8. MBM Kutrimmer 1071 (found here) – The 1071 ups the ante with a nice 28 ½” cutting length. It includes a nice paper clamp, an adjustable back stop and is still capable of cutting up to 40 sheets at this nice length. This is excellent for trimming a wide range of material.
  9. Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine (found here) – The Dahle 567 features a 21 ½” cutting length and a 30 sheet cutting capacity as well as a limited lifetime warranty. It ships equipped with a hand clamp, a lockable blade and an adjustable back stop.
  10. Dahle 569 Premium Guillotine (found here) – This is the largest premium guillotine Dahle offers, with a 27 ½” cutting length and a 30 sheet cutting capacity. As with the 567, this cutter includes a limited lifetime warranty.

There are some larger Kutrimmer trimmers available that would probably make this list other than the fact that they are extremely big and typically only used by print shops and businesses that deal with larger paper. You can find those larger cutters and our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters here.

If you have questions about any of the above-mentioned models, please feel free to give us at call at 1-800-658-8788. We have a lot of experience with these cutters and would love to help you out. We are also able to help with replacement blades and parts for all Kutrimmer and Dahle cutters.

Seven Features to Look for in a Guillotine / Tabletop Paper Trimmer

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Tabletop Paper TrimmersIf you are shopping around for a tabletop paper trimmer, sometimes referred to as a guillotine paper cutter, you may be in need of a little guidance. There are several manufacturers out there and many different models. Having used many of these trimmers myself (found here), I have come up with seven features that you need to have if you are going to purchase a good paper trimmer.

I have compiled this list of features into seven must-have features and three optional features. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Seven Features To Look For in a Guillotine / Tabletop Paper Trimmer

  1. Solingen Steel Blade – German Solingen steel is considered to be some of the most resilient and durable steel on the planet. That is why it is so popular with kitchen knives. Paper cutters that use Solingen steel typically stay sharp for longer and get the job done faster.
  2. German Engineering – Paper cutters are made all over the world, but those made in Germany have the best reputation. Whether it is the precision engineering or the high quality manufacturing process, German tabletop and guillotine paper cutters & trimmers are known for holding up through some of the toughest jobs. They also have a reputation of lasting for years.
  3. Safety Guard – When cutting paper, you want to make sure your fingers are out of the way of the cutting blade. Most reputable and modern tabletop cutter manufactures have plastic shields installed that prevent you from chopping off a limb. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be careful, but cutters with safety shields are far safer to use than the old wood base trimmers.
  4. Metal Base – A durable metal base helps add to the overall stability of the cutter and the overall lifespan of the cutter. I personally recommend metal base guillotine trimmers over wood base trimmers.
  5. Back Gauge – An adjustable back gauge makes it easy to make repetitive cuts. Simply slide the back gauge to the necessary position, lock it down and your ready to go. A back gauge also helps ensure a straighter cut and is excellent for trimming down photos, paper, card stock, laminated material and more.
  6. Cutting Guides – Cutting guides are diagrams printed on the base of the cutter. These guides typically show common cutting patterns and make it easy to quickly set up a cutter for common cuts. Some paper cutter manufacturers even include a grid for additional alignment support.
  7. Clamping Mechanism – A clamping mechanism may be one of the most important features you’ll want in a tabletop paper trimmer. This helps keep the paper in place during the cutting process and eliminates annoying crooked cuts that are found in older wood base cutters that don’t have a clamp. Some cutters feature basic clamps that activate as the cutting arm is brought down. Other cutters have independent heavier-duty clamps that require one hand to keep in place while the other hand cuts the paper. Never get a tabletop cutter without a clamp!

These are features that are optional, but nice to have:

  1. Line guide – Many modern cutters now include an optical cutting guide or line guide. This is usually a red light or laser that shines on the paper, letting the operator know exactly where the paper will be cut.
  2. Front Gauge – Some tabletop trimmers feature a front gage to help assist in paper alignment, which is usually adjustable via a knob on the front of the trimmer.
  3. Fold Away Paper Support – Some tabletop cutters feature paper supports that are designed to help keep lighter weight and thin paper from flopping over the edge of the cutter. This helps ensure paper lays flat against the cutter’s base and ensures more accurate cuts. This isn’t as big a deal with photos, card stock and other thick material.

Hopefully these tips help you find a solid tabletop paper trimmer. I have used dozens of tabletop cutters over the years and have to say that I personally recommend all of MBM’s Kutrimmer line of tabletop trimmers and most of Dahle’s lineup of guillotines. You can find our entire selection of paper cutters here. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with your questions.

Free Shipping on MBM Machines (Destroyit, Kutrimmer, Triumph and More!)

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

MBM Office Machines & EquipmentSome of our most popular office equipment is made by MBM. This includes Destroyit paper shredders, Kutrimmer paper trimmers, Triumph paper cutters and much more. In an effort to save you money, we are offering free shipping on over half the MBM products we offer. We are excited to offer this great deal to you, our valued customer.

What you will need to do is look for our free shipping logo, which looks like this:

Free Shipping Logo

Our MBM office machines are broken up into the following categories:

These machines are solid, reliable and have a great track record with our customers. I have personally used MBM machine in each of the above listed categories and I have always had a pleasant experience.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions related to our MBM free shipping promotion.

MBM 18″ Kutrimmer 1046 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Monday, April 4th, 2011

MBM 18" Kutrimmer 1046 Guillotine Paper CutterDo you need a good multi-purpose paper cutter that is well built and offers professional precision? Are you cutting photographs, chipboard, paper and cardstock? If so, you may need a solid paper cutter like the MBM Kutrimmer 1046 guillotine paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

Guillotine paper cutters, in my opinion, are some of the most versatile cutters available. This is because they can be used to cut photos, card stock, chipboards, signs, banners and much more. You may have to adjust the amount or thickness you are cutting, but Guillotine cutters can almost always get the job done.

The MBM Kutrimmer 1046 is a very versatile cutter. It utilizes one of the highest-quality blades you can use in a cutter, a blade made from German Solingen steel. Solingen steel is considered by most to be some of the most durable steel available. Not only does the Kutrimmer 1046 use Solingen steel, but the blade is also razor sharp. This allows the Model 1046 to cut with extreme precision.

A nice blade is obviously critical when it comes to precision cutting. While this is important, the Kutrimmer 1046 also integrates other features that help assist the blade. One such feature is the integrated cutting line indicator. This line indicator is essentially a line that is shown on the object you are cutting, letting you know exactly where the blade will cut the paper. This helps you set up the cut prior to pulling the blade.

The second feature the Kutrimmer 1046 uses to help assist with professional cutting is the “Easy Lift” clamp. This clamp helps keep paper locked in place to prevent movement, which is one of the biggest culprits in crooked cuts.

Setting up the Kutrimmer 1046 is easy. The metal base on this cutter has a diagram of common prints screen printed on the surface. An adjustable back gauge makes this cutter easy to adjust for cutting just about anything, as long as it fits within the 18″ cutting length.

The build quality on the Kutrimmer 1046 can’t be beat. There are hardly any plastic components, with the majority of this cutter being made from metal. This cutter is both German engineered and German built.

Not only is the build quality on the 1046 great, but it is also very safe to use. Unlike many older Gullotine cutters and trimmers, the Kutrimmer 1046 utilizes a transparent Lexan safety guard that keeps the blade inaccessible during the cutting process.

Overall I have to say that this is a great little cutter. For an 18″ cutter, few other models even compare. I highly recommend this cutter for multi-purpose use.

You can find the MBM Kutrimmer 1046 guillotine paper cutter here and our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions. Have a great day!

MBM Kutrimmer 0135 Rotary Paper Cutter (53″) Review

Friday, April 1st, 2011

MBM Kutrimmer 0135 Rotary Paper CutterRotary paper cutters are some of the best tools for precision cutting. Larger commercial-style rotary cutters can be used to cut down blueprints, signs, banners, posters and much more. If you are in the market for a professional and precise cutter, consider looking at the 53″ MBM Kutrimmer 0135 rotary paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

MBM makes some of the finest paper cutters available for businesses today. This includes the Triumph stack cutter line and the Kutrimmer guillotine cutter line. The Kutrimmer line, known best for its guillotine trimmers, is now available in several rotary paper cutter designs as well.

Rotary paper cutters are very unique. They use a rolling blade, usually fixed in some sort of housing, to cut paper. This housing slides along a rail and the rolling blade quickly cuts through material. Because the blade and housing are fixed, there is very little movement, which is why rotary cutters are considered to be THE most precise style of cutter available.

The MBM Kutrimmer 0135 rotary cutter can be categorized as a commercial cutter, in line with higher-end cutters like the Rotatrim Technical and Neolt paper cutters. The 0135 is designed from the ground up to be easy, functional and extremely durable.

You will notice from the photo that just about everything on the Kutrimmer 0135 is made from metal. This includes the included stand, base and rail. It is designed for heavy use, and the 53″ cutting length can handle a lot of large material. Another feature you will want to take note of is the ergonomic handle on the blade housing. This makes the cutting head very easy to move along the rail.

One thing people don’t realize about rotary cutters is that not only is the blade important, but the metal strip (counter blade) that the rotary blade slides against on the base of the cutter is equally important. The Kutrimmer 0135 uses a hardened steel rotary blade and a stainless knife steel counter blade strip. Together, cutting and precision meets a new level of professionalism. This combination also enables the 0135 blade to self sharpen.

Have you ever used a rotary paper cutter where the cutting head just didn’t seem to want to move? This is often a result of the clamping mechanism. The Kutrimmer 0135 uses a plastic clamp that not only holds paper and material in place while cutting, but also allow the cutting head to effortlessly slide along the cutting rail.

Unlike many high-end rotary paper cutters, the Model 0135 has a paper catch tray. This tray catches all the excess cut chaff, fine paper strips and other material that would otherwise clutter up the floor and make a huge mess. An optional paper roll holder is also available for this cutter upon request.

Overall the MBM Kutrimmer 0135 hits the mark on almost all levels. It is perfect for use in print shops, architectural firms, copy centers and many other businesses. MBM simply makes some of the best office equipment available today.

You can find the 53″ MBM Kutrimmer 0135 rotary paper cutter here and our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

MBM Kutrimmer 1071 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

MBM Kutrimmer 1071 Guillotine Paper Cutters

Guillotine paper cutters are handy trimmers to have on hand for a wide variety of photography and paper cutting projects. Using the right paper cutter can mean the difference between complete frustration and absolute excitement. So which cutter should you use? One cutter I have had the chance to use on several occasions is the MBM Kutrimmer 1071 guillotine paper cutter. This is my review.

The MBM Kutrimmer line of guillotine paper cutters is by far one of the most reputable around. There are over 8 different makes and models of Kutrimmer paper cutters available, with the biggest difference between models being the cutting length. These cutters are tough.

The Kutrimmer 1071 is an all-metal cutter, from the base to the handle. It has a cutting length of 28 ½”. For most people cutting photographs and letter-size paper / card stock, this length is more than enough. It has a 40 sheet cutting capacity. I have seen this cutter used to cut paper, photographs, card stock and laminated documents. There are few things this cutter can’t slice through.

The base of the cutter features a screen-printed guide of common cutting sizes. This makes it easy to line up photographs and other material for common cutting patterns.

The arm on this cutter is leveraged in such a way that cutting through 40 sheets of paper is really easy to do. It also helps that the blade is made from high quality metal and is razor sharp. Unlike many cutters out there, when the blade becomes dull it can be re-sharpened.

Unlike guillotine cutters of 10+ years ago, cuts on the 1071 are accurate and precise. This is due in part to the blade and in large part to the solid hand clamp. Are you cutting thin lightweight paper? No worries. The 1071 includes fold-away paper supports that keep delicate paper supported during the cutting process.

The Kutrimmer 1071 is also very safe to use. While the blade is extremely sharp, it is protected during the entire cutting process by a transparent Lexan safety guard.

This trimmer also features an adjustable back gauge, side guides (in inches & metric), a front gauge (rotary knob adjusted) and much more.

Simply put, the Kutrimmer 1071 is one of the best 28″ cutters on the market. It is solid, doesn’t move while cutting and creates straight cuts every time. I would personally recommend this cutter to family and friends.

You can find the Kutrimmer 1071 guillotine paper cutter here and our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters & trimmers here.

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions about guillotine paper cutters.

MBM Kutrimmer 1043 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

MBM Kutrimmer 1043 Guillotine Paper CutterDo you need a high-efficiency guillotine paper cutter that is in a 17″ length? If so, one model you should look at is the MBM Kutrimmer 1043 guillotine paper cutter (found here). I have had hands-on experience using this cutter and this is my review.

Kutrimmer (by IDEAL) can safely be called the kings of guillotine paper cutters. Along with Dahle, Kutrimmer makes some of the most reputable and well-known metal guillotine cutters around. These German engineered and German built guillotines come in a variety of sizes.

The Kutrimmer 1043 stack cutter is a 17″ long cutter.  That means it can handle and cut most photographs, letter-size paper, card stock and other documents. The 17″ length is ideal for multi-purpose cutting.

The build and construction of the 1043 is impressive. Not only is it all metal, it is made from heavy gauge metal. There is no cheap sheet metal in the 1043. It weighs in at 26 pounds shipped, which gives you an idea on the tough build. It can be set on just about any desk. I have personally picked it up and moved it around. I feel that most people should be fine moving it on their own.

The blade is made from Solingen steel. That means that it is designed to hold its sharp edge for longer. Even better, the blade is designed to be re-sharpened. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Kutrimmer 1043 has a 30 sheet cutting capacity. This capacity is based on standard copy paper. For a guillotine, 30 sheets is pretty impressive. It should be able to handle most cutting jobs out there.

Cuts on the 1043 are straight and true every time. While the quality blade has a lot to do with this, the clamp really helps out. While the blade is cutting the paper, the clamp keeps the paper from moving around. This eliminates annoying crooked cuts and keeps things squared up.

Setting up the Kutrimmer 1043 is very easy. A side guide slides back and forth and can be tightened down easily once you have determined where the cut needs to be. The base of the cutter is printed with common cutting sizes, making common cuts easy and simple.

A transparent Lexan safety guard keeps fingers out of the way during cutting. This is a huge improvement over the older traditional wood base guillotines.

Overall I highly recommend the Kutrimmer 1043 and give it a solid 4 out of 4 stars. I really like Kutrimmer and they have hit the mark with the 1043.

You can find the MBM Kutrimmer 1043 guillotine paper cutter and our entire selection of MBM Kutrimmer guillotine trimmers here.

MBM Kutrimmer 1134 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

MBM Kutrimmer 1134 Guillotine Paper Cutter by IDEALThe Kutrimmer 1134 guillotine paper cutter (found here) is the least expensive and most entry-level cutter MBM offers. So should this scare you away from getting one? Definitely not. This great little cutter has many benefits and is still a great cutter to have in a school or office. This is my review.

To begin with, the Kutrimmer 1134 features solid metal construction. The base is metal and the cutting arm is metal. The German engineering and build really shines through. It weighs in at 11 pounds, so it is hefty enough to last, but light enough to move around. If you remember the old 1035, the 1134 is the replacement.

Kutrimmer 1134 Guillotine Trimmer Features

The 1134 is designed to cut material up to 13 ¾” long. This means the Kutrimmer 1134 is great for cutting standard letter-size 8 ½” x 11″ paper. It can easily handle standard paper, laminated paper, card stock and other material. It can even be used to cut down photographs.

The cutting capacity is 25 sheets of standard copy paper. Simply adjust the side guide, insert the paper and pull down the arm. The process is very easy, and since the cutting arm is designed to provide maximum leverage, it requires very little effort to use.

The cuts are straight and very accurate. You’ll notices that the handle is ergonomically designed for comfort. One of my favorite features of the 1134, versus the old 1035, is the integrated cutting line indicator. This line lets you know exactly where the blade is going to cut the paper.

The blade on the 1134 is made out of Solingen steel. Solingen steel isn’t just known for being extra strong, but it can also be re-sharpened. Unlike many comparable cutters, that require dull blades to be replaced, the blade on the 1134 can be re-sharpened. This saves you money.

Unlike the guillotine paper cutters of 10+ years ago, the 1134 includes designs and Lexan safety guards to prevent bodily injury. While I still wouldn’t let a child use this cutter on there own, the safety features are excellent.

Overall I consider the Kutrimmer 1134 (by IDEAL) to be a great cutter. It isn’t going to be ideal for the high-volume jobs, but it will easily handle light to medium-volume use.

You can find the Kutrimmer 1134 guillotine paper cutter here. You can find our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters here.

German Paper Cutters – Why Are They So Good?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

German Paper CuttersWhen it comes to paper cutters, there is one common factor among the top brands. They are almost all German engineered or German made. German paper cutters are considered to be some of the best built and the longest-lasting lines around.

Owning several German cars (VWs), I have a certain appreciation for German engineering. While perhaps not the most popular line of cars here in the U.S., German engines are often considered so tough they can take a bullet and keep running. The same is the case with German paper cutters. They are tough.

The most popular German paper cutting brands I can think of are Dahle paper cutters (guillotines & stack cutters) and MBMs line of Triumph and Kutrimmer paper cutters (by IDEAL). These paper cutters are asked for by name and have gained an impressive reputation in the paper cutting industry and among our customers.

The only cutter I can think of that even compares to the German paper cutters is the British-made Rotatrim. As far as I know, the Rotatrims don’t leak any oil (sorry, a little car humor). Rotatrim is an excellent brand of paper cutter.

If you are looking for German-made paper cutters, these are the brands you’ll want to check out:

Dahle Paper CuttersDahle – Dahle makes a wide variety of guillotine cutters, rotary paper cutters and stack paper cutters. These paper cutters are typically the most affordable of the German-engineered paper cutters. You can find our Dahle paper cutters here.

Kutrimmer Paper Cutters and TrimmersKutrimmer – Kutrimmer (by IDEAL) is a line of guillotine paper cutters distributed by MBM. These guillotine cutters are very popular with our customers and use an arm-activated blade to cut paper, card stock, pictures and more. You can find our Kutrimmer paper cutters here.

Triumph Paper CuttersTriumph – Triumph (by IDEAL) is considered to be one of the heaviest-duty and best lines of stack paper cutters. These cutters come in manual, semi-auto and fully automatic designs. Triumph stack cutters are designed for high-volume paper cutting. You can find our entire selection of Triumph paper cutters here.

So there you have it. The kings of the German paper cutting industry. You can find our entire selection of paper cutters here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

MBM Kutrimmer 1080 Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

MBM Kutrimmer 1080 Guillotine Paper Trimmer by IDEALWhether you work in a print shop, a copy center or have a business that cuts pictures, card stock and other paper, you will probably benefit from using a guillotine paper cutter. One model you may want to consider is the MBM Kutrimmer 1080 guillotine paper cutter (found here) by IDEAL. This is my review.

The Kutrimmer model of guillotine paper trimmers is one of the most popular lines used by people today. Build quality is one of the reasons. These German-made, German-engineered cutters are made from metal, feature Solingen steel blades and would probably survive a nuclear blast. They are known for lasting for years.

The Kutrimmer 1080 is MBMs least-expensive floor model guillotine paper cutter. It includes the stand, which is pretty nice. The height of this cutter is ideal for most people and it is laid out in a way that just about everything on it is easily accessible. The exact dimensions are 42″ x 27 1/2″ x 48″.  It weighs in at 158 pounds shipped.

The long 31 ¼” cutting blade can cut most sizes of paper, card stock and photos. It can even cut most banners and signs. It can also be used to cut matteboard, plastic and metal foil. With a cutting capacity 20 sheets of standard copy paper, you should be able to easily handle most jobs.

The Kutrimmer 1080 isn’t just known for its durability, but also for its precision. The Solingen steel blade easily cuts paper. Thanks to a built-in clamping mechanism, cuts are straight and dead on every time. The foot-pedal is foot pedal activated for easy hands-free use.

Setting up the 1080 is pretty easy as well. Measurements and a grid of common-sized cuts makes lining things up easy. It also includes an adjustable guide and an adjustable back gauge. The back gauge makes cutting larger paper easy. No more needing to worry about paper flopping around while being cut.

I know I am probably sounding a little one-sided in this review, but it really is that good. If this paper cutter fits the specifications you need, it is a great investment and a great cutter to have on hand. If this cutter is larger and more than you need, Kutrimmer does make a wide variety of smaller desktop guillotine paper trimmers.

You can find the MBM Kutrimmer 1080 guillotine paper cutter here. You can find our entire selection of guillotine paper trimmers and cutters here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions. Have a great day!

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