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LWS-1 Roll Laminator Cart & Workstation Stand Review

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

LWS-1 Roll Laminator Cart & Workstation StandI normally only write reviews on machines, but I felt the LWS-1 laminator cart (found here) warranted a review. It has been around for decades and is currently one of the top choices schools, businesses, copy shops and other organizations use for holding their laminator. This warrants the question, “Is the LWS-1 something that I really need in my office?” I would like to answer that question and more in this article.

Roll laminators (found here) are heavy machines. Even the smaller 25” and 27” models still weigh a hefty amount. This creates a couple of problems. First off, a heavy laminator is hard to move around. If you’re in a classroom / school setting, and you need to shuffle and move equipment around on a regular basis, this poses a very big problem.

The second problem is that not all tables and desks are able to support a lot of weight, especially considering many of these laminators weigh in excess of 50 or more pounds. Desks and tables are also large, awkward and can be difficult to maneuver around. A cart makes a laminator easy to access from most angles.

This is where a laminator cart comes into play. The LWS-1 is a laminator cart designed to be used with 27” wide or smaller laminators. It is sometimes called the Tamerica LWS-1 or the HOP LWS-1.  It can support a roll laminator up to 110 pounds and it sits on four casters, making it possible to move a laminator around a room. This card isn’t flimsy like many carts out there. You don’t need to worry about the cart tipping over or causing safety problems like you find with many cheaper laminators.

I have used the LWS-1 laminator cart. We have used it to hold the Ledco Educator and the Easy Lam 27” laminator. In both of these situations, it supported and held the laminator without a problem. The legs that support the table on the LWS-1 is really tough made from a durable metal frame.

The table that sits on top of the frame is also extremely tough. The base of the frame features four plastic guard bumpers that prevent the card from running into and causing damage with walls and office furniture. The cart measures in at 42”L x 26”D x 29 ½”W.

A feature I especially like is the roll film holder and finished product holder. The film holder can be used to hold rolls of lamination film up to 27” wide, making it easy to change out film in a moments notice. A flat slanted basket on the other side of the laminator can be used to hold finished lamination projects or additional supplies.

Overall I would have to say that this cart is the best out there for a laminator up to 27” wide and under 110 pounds. It is mobile, easy to work around and is much nicer to use versus a table or desk. To this day we still use one of these carts out on our own showroom floor.

If you have any questions about this roll laminator cart, just give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. We are also able to provide you with roll lamination film (found here) and many other laminator cart and stands (found here). Do you have experience using the LWS-1? Post your experience in this article in the form of a comment. Thanks for reading!

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