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ID Badge Slot Punches – Simple, Easy-to-Use and Affordable

Monday, February 20th, 2012

ID Badge Slot PunchesSlot punches (found here) and id badges have a very close relationship to each other. If you have ever produced ID badges in-house, you are probably intimately familiar with both. Many people, especially those who have their ID badges outsourced, have no idea how easy it actually is to purchase your own badge strap clips or lanyards and slot punch your own ID badges. Here are a few recommendations on, slot punches, badge clips and lanyards.

To begin with, slot punches can be used to punch through both CR-80 30 mil ID badge cards and laminated ID badges. The size of the slot is almost always 1/8″ tall by ½” wide. The edges of the slot are almost always rounded, providing unrestricted movement to the ID badge lanyard or badge strap clip. Slot punches are also commonly used to punch holes in luggage tags for use with luggage straps.

Slot punches come in three varieties:

Model 3943-1010 Handheld Slot PunchHandheld Manual Slot Punches – Handheld manual slot punches work much like a stapler or a handheld hole punch, depending on the design. Ultimately the badge is placed in device and centered. The slot punch is then either squeezed (hole punch style) or pressed (stapler style). Some slot punches include side guides for centering.

There are three models of handheld slot punches I recommend using:

Lever Activated Heavy Duty Slot Punches – If you are punching a lot of CR-80 cards or other PVC plastic badges, a lever-style slot punch may be needed. These slot punches can handle the thin stuff, such as 10 mil or 30 mil cards, and can also be used to punch heavier cards up to 70 mils thick. A long leveraged handle makes the punching effortless, which makes them great for use throughout the day.

I recommend using the Model 1500 LA slot punch (found here) for heavy-duty slot punching.

Electric Heavy-Duty Slot PunchesElectric Slot Punches – If you are punching hundreds to thousands of ID badges or CR-80 cards, you may want to consider using an electric slot punch. These punches are typically metal in design, sit on a desktop or table and typically feature a foot pedal for hands free use. These machines help speed up the process.

I recommend using these two electric slot punches for high-volume ID badge production:

Badge Strap ClipsOnce you have the slots punched in your cards, you are going to need a badge strap clip. These clips, made from vinyl, Mylar or other plastics, slip through the punched slot and snap in place. They typically include a clip that can be attached to a lapel or a shirt. The style of badge strap clips (found here) you use will depend entirely on your personal preference.

Neck LanyardsA lot of people prefer using a neck lanyard (found here) over a badge strap clip. Lanyards fit around the neck, much like a necklace, and keep badges in view at all times. Lanyards make ID badges more difficult to loose and most people find them to be extremely convenient. Lanyards come in all shapes and sizes as well. I have found vinyl, nylon fabric and beaded neck chain lanyards to be most popular. Many lanyards are available in a variety of colors.

We have been selling slot punches, badge strap clips and lanyards at ABC office for over 30 years. We also carry a wide selection of other photo ID equipment and supplies (found here). Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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