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Number-Rite W100-3 Electric Sequential Numbering Machine Review

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Lassco-Wizer Number-Rite W100-3 Electronic Sequential Numbering MachineAre you in need of a quick, effective and easy way to stamp numbers on carbonless, delicate and standard paper? One machine you may want to consider using is the Lassco-Wizer Number-Rite W100-3 electronic sequential numbering machine (found here). This is my review.

Numbering machines are extremely useful when it comes to document management and tracking. Speed can be a huge factor when it comes to stamping a lot of documents on a daily basis. This is where electronic numbering machines come in handy.

The Number-Rite W100-3 from Lassco-Wizer is considered my many to be one of the most reliable and effective electric sequential numbering machines around. This is due in part to the build quality, but also has to do with the versatility. This numbering machine can just about do it all.

To begin with, the W100-3 Number Rite has the ability to have the stamping head oriented in just about any direction. This is important when it comes to number placement on paper. The stamping head can even be fine tuned and tilted for optimal impressions.

The stamping head is powerful enough to stamp thru up to 8-part carbonless paper, but is sensitive enough to stamp delicate paper. This is all thanks to an adjustable hit crash number.

Lassco-Wizer Number-Rite W100-3 Sequential Numbering Machine HeadThe numbers themselves can be adjusted to stamp in consecutive, duplicate, triplicate, 4 times, 6 times, 12 times or repeat action. How many numbering machines can do that?

The Number-Rite W100-3 includes paper guides for repetitive number stamping and proper registration. Once set, just place your paper on the work area, press the foot pedal and start stamping. It’s that easy. The stamping head comes in a Gothic font, but a Roman type font is also available.

Overall I really like the Number-Rite W100-3. It is one of the most versatile numbering machines I have seen and the quality is top notch. Weighing in at 13 pounds, this little machine can be used on most desks and tables.

You can find the Lassco-Wizer Number-Rite W100-3 electronic sequential numbering machine here. You can find our entire selection of numbering machines here.

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