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ABC Office Adds New PaperFlow Magazine Racks

Friday, May 11th, 2012

PaperFlow Magzine RacksABC Office offers several hundred different literature displays, magazine racks and brochure holders. This week we added nine new magazine racks from PaperFlow. This is the first time PaperFlow magazine racks have been offered on the site. We expect to more than double this amount over the next few weeks.

These new racks are different from the Safco, Wooden Mallet, R WIREworks and Brochure Display racks currently offered. PaperFlow magazine racks have a more modern look and feel and are perfect for use in lobbies, waiting rooms, reception areas and other locations where customers, clients, students and patients will visit.

This is a list of the nine new racks currently offered:

  • PaperFlow 4064X4 Wall-Mounted Magazine RackPaperFlow 4064X4 Wall Mounted Magazine Rack (found here) – This new wall-mounted rack features four total pockets in a modern design. The front support of the pockets is made from clear plastic and the back is made from injected polystyrene. This rack is classy and looks great next to a door. The unique design makes literature easy to view and access.
  • PaperFlow 285 Curved Magazine RackPaperFlow Model 285 Floor Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a modern floor design with a curved tower. With eight different rows, this rack can used to hold a wide range of magazines and other literature. You will find it in office lobbies, doctor’s office waiting rooms and more. It puts literature at an easy-to-access height.  It comes in black and gray.
  • PaperFlow 259N S Magzine RackPaper Flow 259N S Freestanding Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a freestanding design on casters. This makes the 259N easy to move around while providing a unique five-pocket layout. The angle of the magazine shelves can be adjusted. This rack looks classy and is perfect for use in medical facilities, waiting rooms and more.
  • PaperFlow 253N Half-Sized Magzine RackPaperFlow 253N Freestanding Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This rack is shorter and more compact than most freestanding racks. It features three wide literature shelves that can be used to hold a variety of material. The angle of the shelf can be adjusted to meet your personal requirements. Casters make it mobile. This is perfect next to a wall or in a library setting.
  • PaperFlow 2860 Angled Modern Magazine RackPaperFlow Model 2860 Angled Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a gravity-defying angled design combined with 7 total shelves / pockets. This allows you to hold and display magazines, brochures and other literature. Dividers make it easy to separate the pockets. The modern design looks classy and professional in any office.
  • PaperFlow 278N EPI Tower-Style Magazine RackPaperFlow 278N EPI Tower Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a staggered 10-pocket design in a vertical tower layout. It is very unique in design and makes great use of often-limited floor space. Clear front panels make literature easy to view. This can be placed next to a wall, next to a door or even next to furniture. Choose from several different colors.
  • PaperFlow 276N EPI Dual-Sided Freestanding Magazine RackPaperFlow 276N EPI Tower Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This magazine rack features a vertical tower design with to eight pocket sides, equaling 16 total magazine pockets. This design is great for use out in the open and allows for access by multiple people at the same time. Casters make it easy to move around the floor.
  • PaperFlow 255N High-Capacity Literature RackPaperFlow 255N High Capacity Magazine Rack (found here) – If you need mobility and capacity in your magazine rack, you’re going to love this model. It features five adjustable shelves that can be used to hold magazines, brochures, booklets and more. It sits on casters, making it easy to move around a lobby or from one room to another. It is available in black, gray and silver.
  • PaperFlow 252N XL Zig-Zag Magazine RackPaperFlow 252N Zig-Zag Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This magazine rack is designed for high capacity, mobility and easy access. It features a zig-zag design with three rows on one side of the rack and three on the other. This rack looks great and has a one-of-a-kind design.

Having used, sold and added dozens upon dozens of racks over the years, I have to say that PaperFlow offers a very unique design that sets itself apart from the rest. If you need a magazine rack or literature holder for your business, school, library or church, definitely consider a PaperFlow. You can find our entire selection of magazine racks and literature holders here.

Top Five Best Magazine Racks for a Doctor’s Office

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Plastic Wall-Mounted Magazine RackMagazines are a great diversion for patients waiting to see the doctor. Magazines are often left on a table or desk, but they usually become cluttered and messy. A great way to offer your patients quality reading material is by using a magazine rack. Here are a few options you may want to consider.

To begin with, almost 90% of our customers who purchase magazine racks for a doctor’s office use wall-mounted magazine racks. This is because wall-mounted magazine racks are out of the way, take up little space and don’t get moved around or damaged. Wall mounted magazine racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are my top five best recommendations for a doctor’s office magazine rack:

  1. Plastic Wall Magazine Racks (found here) – Plastic wall magazine racks are especially popular with doctor’s offices because they are cheap, durable and make it easy for a patient to see the contents. They hold up well in lobbies and waiting rooms with a lot of children. These racks are also very easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Wooden Wall-Mounted Magazine RackWooden Wall Magazine Racks (found here) – Wooden magazine racks are very popular for use in lobbies and waiting rooms with existing wood furniture. Most wooden wall-mounted magazine racks are available in a variety of different wood stains. These racks often have a clear front, making it easy to see the contents.
  3. Corner Magazine Racks (found here) – These racks are ideal for use in lobbies where there is limited space. Most doctor’s office waiting rooms don’t make use of the corners, making corner magazine racks ideal.
  4. Tabletop Magazine Racks (found here) – These magazine racks sit on a table, counter, reception desk or other solid surface. They are convenient, easy to set up and can hold a wide variety of literature. Tabletop racks, however, usually don’t have the capacity of a wall-mounted rack.
  5. Free-Standing Magazine Racks (found here) – These racks are probably the least common racks found in a doctor’s office. They are often used to hold pamphlets and other medical literature and not for holding magazines (although magazine rack versions are available).

Make your doctor’s waiting room a pleasant place for your patients with one of our magazine racks. You can find our entire selection of magazine racks here.

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