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Overview of Carl Wall-Mounted & Portable Locking Key Cabinets

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Locking Key CabinetsIf you’re like me, without the proper organizational tools things can quickly end up in a mess. This is especially the case with keys. If I don’t have my keys on a key ring and literally in my pocket at all times, they seem to pick themselves up and walk off.  When handling dozens of keys, something designed with organization in mind should really be used. A #10 aluminum can or a desk drawer simply isn’t going to cut it. What you should be using is a locking key cabinet (found here).

There are several reasons why you may want a locking key cabinet. If you’re a car dealership, a janitorial company, a hotel lobby or any other business that handles and organizes keys on a regular basis, you probably don’t want to keep those keys out in the open. A freely accessible key can easily be stolen and can ultimately result in lost money, property, identification or worse. If you handle building keys, car keys, room keys or other large quantities of keys, you should be using a secure locking key cabinet.

At ABC Office we currently offer three different wall-mounted locking key cabinets made by Carl Manufacturing. These cabinets come in 32, 48 and 64 key configurations. These cabinets feature key hangers on the inside of the cabinet and on the inside of the cabinet door. The door closes on the cabinet, creating a compact and rather nice looking key cabinet. When the cabinet door is shut, it can be locked for added security. The smart key lock comes with 2 keys.

When closed and locked, these key cabinets look great. They can be mounted to the wall for added security, but don’t have to be. If you prefer to keep them in a drawer or in another cabinet, you can. It includes a handle for convenient off-site key organization like you might find on a construction site.

While these cabinets lock securely and prevent access to their key contents, they also make organization extremely easy. Unlike many comparable brands and models out there, our Carl line of key cabinets includes color key tags and color key hangers, making it easy to sort, organize and access the keys. This is a great system.

As mentioned earlier, we offer three different locking key cabinets. These are the CKB-32 (found here), CKB-48 (found here) and the CKB-64 (found here). While Carl is better known for their lineup of specialized office equipment, they have a great reputation for building great products. They also manufacture a great lineup of security boxes (found here).

As is the case with any of our products, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-658-8788. We love to answer questions and are more than happy to provide you with quotes and additional information.

Can’t Find the Keys? Use a Security Key Cabinet!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Security Key CabinetsKey organization isn’t one of those things many of us think about. We usually keep keys in a pocket, on a peg in the kitchen or sitting on a counter. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, construction equipment or even multiple rooms in a building, a security key cabinet can be a lifesaver. Carl, a leading manufacturer of office equipment, makes 3 different secure key cabinets.

Having worked as a custodian myself (keeper of the keys), I have used a key cabinet for key organization. The cabinet I used, however, was open-faced and had no front door. It was easy to reach in and grab a key. While this wasn’t as big a deal for me at the time, security is a growing concern. If keys aren’t meant to be used, they shouldn’t be easily accessed.

Carl has developed a unique key management system. Their line of secure key cabinets use a special color coordination system, combined with numbers. A color-coded tag is attached to each key, which coincides with a color coded hangers. Keys can easily be removed and added without much thought.

The best feature of the Carl secure key cabinets is that they can be locked. The cabinet can actually be closed and locked with one of 2 included keys. When locked, access to contained keys is near impossible. Once needed, an authorized person can open the cabinet and access keys. It’s that easy.

Carl currently offers 3 different models

  1. Carl CKB-32 Secure Key Cabinet (32 total keys)
  2. Carl CKB-48 Locking Key Cabinet (48 total keys)
  3. Carl CKB-64 Security Key Cabinet (64 total keys)

These cabinets can be easily mounted to a wall for stability and security. These cabinets are also portable, featuring an easy carrying handle. The build quality on these cabinets is excellent, designed to hold up for years. Not only are they functional and affordable, but they look also great.

Time permitting, stop by and check out our entire line of security key cabinets here.

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