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Four Level 4 Micro Cut Paper Shredders You Have To See

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

If your office or business is in need of a paper shredder that produces double the shredding security of most traditional Level 3 cross cut shredders, you may want to consider using one of these affordable Level 4 micro cut shredders (found here). These four new paper shredders are made by New United and not only feature excellent security, but also have a great design that looks modern and classy. Here are a few reasons why these shredders are for you.

All paper shredders are rated by a security level. This level is used to determine the level of security that they offer. Security levels range from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest level of security offered (high security). Level 3 is typically called cross cut and Level 4 (while a type of cross cut) is often called a micro cut paper shredder. Consider this, a Level 3 paper shredder has a 3.9 mm x 30-50mm cutting pattern and a Level 4 produces a 2mm x 15mm cutting pattern. Because there is more surface area to cut, Level 4 shredders typically won’t cut as many sheets at a time as their Level 3 cousins.

New United paper shredders are known for their exceptional quality and stylish good looks. These shredders are affordable, have a great cutting capacity and even feature a blue light that lights up the shred bin while paper is being shredded. I have used several of these shredders myself and I am impressed with how much better they are than your typical department store shredder.

We currently offer four Level 4 micro cut paper shredders from New United. These include the ST-6M, the ST-8M, the ET-12M and the ET-15M. These shredders come in traditional shredder designs and more modern side bid designs. Here are a few things you should know about each one.

Level 4 Micro Cut Paper Shredders from New United

  • New United ST-6M Micro Cut ShredderNew United ST-6M (found here) – This shredder is black and features a tower design with rounded corners. It can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at a time, which is great for a Level 4 shredder. This shredder features a slide-out side bin with a window that is extremely easy to empty. The window glows blue while shredding, making it easy to see how full the bin is. These shredder is perfect for use next to a desk.
  • New United ST-8M Micro Cut ShredderNew United ST-8M (found here) – This shredder features a traditional design with a modern twist. It combines a gray and black color scheme that looks great. The 5-gallon shred bin is easy to pull out and empty. It can shred up to 8 sheets of paper at a time and also features a blue LED light that shows through the bin’s window while shredding.
  • New United ET-12M Micro Cut ShredderNew United ET-12M (found here) – This is one of the most affordable micro cut paper shredders with a 12 sheet shredding capacity. This shredder has a tower design and is perfect for use in an office environment. It includes a separate slot for shredding CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and credit cards. It sits on casters, is easy to use, includes safety features, is energy efficient and has a slot in the shred bin that glows blue while shredding. This shredder is a great option for any business.
  • New United ET-15M Micro Cut ShredderNew United ET-15M (found here) – If you need Level 4 micro cut security, but also require a decent shredding capacity, you are going to love the New United ET-15M. This shredder has a 15 sheet shredding capacity and cuts paper into tiny 2mm x 8mm particles. This is perfect for shredding medical records, patient data, customer information and more.

I have used these shredders and am happy to say that they are all solid machines. Consider New United when shopping around for paper shredders. They also offer a great selection of Level 3 cross cut shredders (found here). Please call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

What is a Miro Cut Paper Shredder?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Micro Cut Paper ShreddersIf you are looking for a cross cut paper shredder, you may have come across the term micro cut shredder. So exactly what is a micro cut paper shredder? Based on the name, you would assume it was a paper shredder that cuts paper into tiny particles, but isn’t that what a cross cut paper shredder already does? I will explain the subtle differences.

To begin with, a cross cut paper shredder is a shredder that cuts paper in multiple directions, creating tiny particles of paper. Cross cut paper shredders are often called particle cut shredders, diamond cut shredders and confetti cut shredders. These terms all mean the same thing.

A micro cut shredder is a type of cross cut shredder, but not all cross cut shredders are micro cut shredders. I hope that isn’t too confusing. What it all boils down to is the term micro cut shredder is synonymous with the term high security shredder. While the term high security shredder is probably the more common term used, many manufacturers (such as MBM Destroyit) like to use the term micro cut.

Let me break this down even further. A micro cut paper shredder (high security shredder) is any shredder that falls within security level 5 or security level 6 specifications. On paper, this is what it means:

Micro Cut Paper ShreddersSecurity Level 5 – Anything that falls within 0.78mm x 11mm. Security level 5 used to be the highest security level available up until a few years ago. It was used for all government “high security” shredding.

Security Level 6
– Anything that falls within 1mm x 4-5mm. A few years ago the NSA established the security level 6 standard for the most top-secret documents. Few shredders are available in a security level 5 as almost all high security micro cut shredders are now level 6.

Do you need a micro cut paper shredder? I would say most people do not require a micro cut, unless you are government or a business that is worried about professional-level espionage. Most individuals and businesses will receive more than enough security from a level 3 cross cut pattern, which measures in at 3.9mm x 30-50mm.

You can find our entire selection of micro cut paper shredders here. Remember, micro cut and high security shredders are the same.

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