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Is your piso mojado? New wet floor signs!

Monday, November 7th, 2005

Wet Floor Sign - Piso MojadoYou’ve probably seen the signs in your local grocery store. They are usually bi-lingual and say something as
simple as “Caution Wet Floor” and in Spanish “Cuidado Piso Mojado.” The bright orange, green or yellow catches the eye and immediately draws attention. Once seen, people begin to tiptoe and take caution. The end result is fewer accidents and a drop in lawsuits.

It can’t be prevented, and happens sometimes on a weekly basis. A jar of food breaks, an entryway is wet
from rain or the custodian has recently mopped the floor. That three year old may not be as potty trained as his mother may have thought. A combination of a slippery substance with smooth floor, cement or tile could spell danger. Thanks to the law of gravity, what goes up must come down. A slippery floor often means
people may come down. The end result is often not pretty.

ABC Office is proud to announce their new collection of wet floor signs. Unlike traditional cones, the new wet floor tent cone saves a lot of space and makes for a better sign. It is taller, brighter and has more visible surface area. The sign is spring-loaded and fits nicely in a cylindrical container that can be stored in a closet or hung on a wall.

When an accident happens, the container can be used to eject the cone with the flick of a wrist. It weighs very little, but is very stable. Thanks to a tripod design, the sign will not easily fall over. It utilizes the amazing design and capabilities of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and takes advantage of the very gravity that can cause injuries.

Wet floors are difficult to see, especially indoors. Water in low-lit areas of stores and businesses can be almost invisible. When the sign is used, people will usually be careful to steer themselves around the dangerous area. When the slippery floor is brought to the attention of customers and employees, people are usually able to properly prepare themselves for the slippery conditions. Prevention will eliminate costly injuries and liability issues. You can see one of these tent-style wet floor signs by going here.

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