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Max-Bantam Paper Counter Review

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Max-Bantam Paper Counter from U.S. Paper CountersDo you run a printing press or have the need to count thousands of sheets of paper every day? Do you need high-speed batch counting and tabbing capabilities? If these questions apply to you, you may need a paper counting machine. One of our most popular machines is the Max-Bantam paper counter (found here). We have one of these machines on our showroom floor and I have used it on several occasions. This is my review.

Quantity control and cost justification are huge concerns in the printing business. The ability to separate print jobs into individual stacks is also a huge issue in the printing business. You don’t want to end up printing too much or short changing someone.

The Max-Bantam paper counter, made by U.S. Paper Counters, is extremely easy to set up, is extremely accurate and gets the job done in seconds. This machine can do up to 2,000 counts per minute (CPM) on 25-250 gsm paper. The counting speed is adjustable. Not only is the Max-Bantam fast, it is also accurate.

Unlike many machines out there that count paper based on the weight, the Max-Bantam provides an exact number by literally counting each sheet. I have had customers ask if it is accurate every time. I have placed the same stack in this machine, counting it multiple times, and it always provides the exact same number of sheets. It is EXTREMELY accurate.

Why Use The Max-Bantam Paper Counter?

  1. Exact count deliveries
  2. Provide competitive quotes
  3. Eliminate re-runs & miscounts
  4. Improve quantity control
  5. Verify quantities of stock deliveries
  6. Improve customer satisfaction

The Max-Bantam is packed with features. Besides counting paper, it also has tab insertion and batch counting capabilities. You can tell the Max-Bantam to place a tab into every 5 to 999 sheets. The tab insertion depth can even be adjusted. The tabs are fed from a tab roll. An indicator light will let you know when the tab roll is running low.

Access to the machine is simple. There is a door in the back that allows easy access to the tape roll and mechanical components. The front of the machine also has an access panel, making maintenance on this machine a breeze. The front panel requires a key to access.

The counting surface on the front of the Max-Bantam is 15” x 18” in size. The Max-Bantam can handle sheet sizes as small as 2 1/4″ x 4″.

I do recommend using a paper jogger prior to counting the paper. This helps square up the edges and makes it easier for the Max-Bantam to count paper. You can find our paper joggers here.

The build quality on the Max-Bantam is top notch. I have opened up this machine and have used it and can tell you that it is solid. You can view my video demonstration of the Max-Bantam by going here.

I highly recommend the Max-Bantam paper counter. This particular model is a customer favorite. If you need even higher capacity and faster counting speeds, U.S. Paper Counters does make even larger and heavier-duty paper counters.

You can find the Max-Bantam paper counter here. You can find our entire selection of paper counting machines here. Feel free to speak with one of our specialists with your questions by calling 1-800-658-8788. Not only can they help answer your questions, they can even offer you an interactive live video demo over the Web.

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