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Do You Need a Stand with Your Stack Paper Cutter?

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Paper Cutter StandsWhen shopping around for a stack paper cutter (found here), you may have noticed that many of the machines out there have the option of a stand. Some cutters even include one. Many customers ask me if a stand is truly necessary. There are certainly a few things to take into consideration before making the decision to purchase a stand. I would like to cover a few of those points.

Stack paper cutters are used to cut and trim large volumes of paper at a time. While these cutters are sometimes used in the office, they are often used on printing floors, warehouses and more. These cutters are the workhorses of the cutting industry and are the cutters used to cut larger stock down to smaller for retail sale and for trimming prints down to specification. Stack cutters range in size and complexity, depending on what is being cut, the types of cuts required and how often the cutter will be used.

These cutters range in weight. On the light end, these cutters are 75 to 100 pounds. In the medium spectrum they can be 200 to 500 pounds. On the heavy end, many of these cutters weight in excess of 1,000 pounds. The lighter cutters are usually manually operating, medium weight cutters are electrically powered and heavy cutters are hydraulic. Most heavy high-end cutters include a stand. The decision on purchasing a stand is usually a factor with manual stack cutters and many electric.

Now that you have a better idea of the weight, you can better understand where a stand may come into play. Some people like to use their stack cutters on a table, workbench or counter. The thing you need to consider is if the table or surface you are using can support the weight of the cutter. On the lighter end, many can. If your table can’t support the weight, a cutting stand is probably going to be a must-have accessory.

Cutting stands are designed specifically for the cutter they are supposed to be used with and thus are designed to provide more than adequate support. They are engineered to also look great and compliment the cutter they are used with. Setting up these stands is usually very easy and they typically ship in a flat box. I have set up these stands in less than 30 minutes.

While weight is certainly a factor to be considered when purchasing a stand, let’s not forget about convenience. A stand takes up the same footprint as the cutter. This means you can easily walk around the cutter and handle it from most angles. A counter or desk can often produce obstacles that make paper cutting more difficult.

Once the stand is set up, you will need to lift and place the cutter on the stand. I recommend this be done by about five people (one on each corner). You can get away with less if it a lighter cutter. Just make sure the paper cutter is properly supported and that someone is able to look from below to see if the points are lining up before the cutter is properly fixed to the base. I don’t recommend the “spotter” be directly under the cutter as this could potentially be dangerous if the cutter is dropped.

If you are dealing with a heavier cutter, and are a little concerned about setting up the stand, please be aware that we have Service Technicians around the country that can help you set up and install your cutter for you. If you are interested in having the cutter set up, please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788.

If for any reason you don’t see a stand for your cutter, chances are that we can still get one for you. If you have questions about cutter stands, paper cutters or finding the right accessory, give us a call. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

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