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Is Your Paper Drill Burning Your Paper? Solutions Found Here!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Paper Drill MaintenanceIf you drill stacks of paper per day, you may have run into some rather hot issues. The problem many people find is that once they begin drilling paper, using a hollow spindle drill press, their paper drill (found here) may begin to start generating smoke or they may begin to smell burning wood. There is a reason for this and a rather simple solution. Here are a few tips that may help you out.

Paper drills use special drill bits for drilling through paper. These bits are hollow, allowing drilled particles of paper to travel up the shaft into a repository. These bits are made using special alloys that are designed to increase the sharpness and the longevity of a drill bit. One byproduct, however, of drilling paper over and over is heat. While the bits are designed to help channel heat, much like a heat sink, they will eventually succumb to friction.

What happens is as the bit spins through the paper, often at hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute, friction begins to generate heat. This heat can get hot enough to generate smoke and will sometimes even begin to scorch the paper. I have seen drills cause the holes to turn tan to even dark brown from scorching. Have you ever seen someone start a fire using a bow and stick? It is the same concept. So what can be done to decrease the heat?

Two things cause paper drill friction-based heat. Heat is generated on the sharp rim of the drill bit by friction generated by cylindrical walls of the bit. There are two things you can do that will almost always cut down on heat and return your drilling back to normal.

Eliminate Paper Drill Bit Heat:

Paper Drill Bit SharpenerStep 1 – The first thing I recommend doing is sharpening the drill bit. As the sharp rim of the bit dulls, it begins to generate a lot more heat. Luckily there are many drill bit sharpeners out there that will help you easily re-sharpen the bits without having to buy a new one. At ABC Office, we offer 5 different paper drill bit sharpeners found here.  The sharpener you use will depend on the style of drill bit you are using and how often you sharpen the drill. Some feature tabletop designs where others are simply held in your hand. Most paper drill bits can be re-sharpened over and over without needing to be replaced.

Drill Ease Wax Sticks for Paper DrillsStep 2 – The second thing I recommend is using drilling wax. This wax goes by the name Drill-Ease wax and it is extremely cheap. You can buy a Drill-Ease wax stick (made by American Grease Stick Co.) for just $3 at the time of this article. This wax is applied to the drill bit and quickly reduces heat by a huge factor. You can find our AGS W171 Drill-Ease wax lubricating sticks here.

Following these two steps will eliminate smoke and smell from your paper drilling operations. It will also help product clean and professional results every time. If you still have questions about paper drills, please contact one of our Paper Drill Specialists at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here and drill bits here.

How Does a Paper Drill Work?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Paper DrillsHave you ever-wondered how ruled paper is three-hole punched for use in a three-ring binder? Even if you’ve never put much thought into it, it is a very interesting process. While you may imagine people sitting in a factory with a paper punch, paper manufacturers actually use paper drills (found here) to put holes in paper. So how exactly does a paper drill work?

While paper punches are great for use in an office for occasional hole punching, they aren’t very fast and require a bit of effort to use. Punching through a one-inch stack of paper could potentially take several minutes. A paper drill can complete the same process, with clear results, in just second.

Paper drills are very similar in function and even a bit in appearance to a standard wood drill press. They share several basic components. Paper drills feature a spinning motor attached to a drill bit. The bit is then pressed, by manual, electric or hydraulic means, into the paper. The bit, once it has made its way through a piece of paper then rests on a wood block located on the opposite side.

There are some major differences, however, between a paper drill press and a wood drill press. To begin with, paper drills use hollow bits. As the drill spins, it cuts through the paper. Cut paper holes then travel up the drill’s shaft until it reaches a catch tray located in the top or back of the drill.

This is a video demo of a single-spindle paper drill in action:

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Many people ask if they can use a paper drill bit on a standard wood drill press. The answer to that question is no. Chuck incompatibility issues aside, the hollow bit has nowhere to deposit the drilled holes of paper, resulting in a complete failure of the bit after just a few minutes.

Popular brands of paper drills include Martin Yale, Lassco Spinnit, MBM, FP (File Pecker) and others. So what exactly separates one paper drill from another?

  • Number of Spindles: Entry level paper drills typically only feature a single drill bit (aka spindle). From there you can find two and three-spindle paper drills. Three holes can still be drilled using a single-spindle machine, but will require multiple passes.
  • Power Source: Some paper drills are manual, requiring the force of the drill to be powered by an individual pulling on a handle. Other presses apply drilling force via an electric motor or via hydraulics.

If you are a business, a factory, a manufacturer of paper or handle paper on a regular basis, you may have need of a paper drill. These machines are very easy to operate and can drill through inches of paper in just seconds. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here.

We have been selling paper drills since 1980, so we have a lot of experience setting these machines up and using them. If you are just starting out researching paper drills, or are looking for a specific model, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with your questions.

Best Way for Casinos to Cancel Playing Cards

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Card Canceling MachinesIf you run, operate or work for a casino, you’re probably well aware of the fact that decks of playing cards cannot be re-used. This is primarily due to the fact that casinos use new decks as old decks run the possibility of being tampered with. Used face cards usually have to be cancelled. We offer two types of machines that many casinos use to cancel their playing cards.

The card-canceling machine you use will depend entirely on the volume of cards you need to cancel per day. Regardless of which method of card canceling you choose, our machine will make the process efficient and permanent.

Card Canceling Machines

FP-1 Single Hole Card Canceling MachineLight to Medium-Volume Card Canceling Machine – If you only need to cancel a few hundred decks of cards per day, I highly recommend using a machine like the FP-1 (B) heavy-duty single hole punch (found here). Simply place your deck of face cards under the punch and pull the handle. The FP-1 has a 300-sheet capacity (1″ thickness) and can easily handle a single deck of cards in a single pass. It is easy to use and requires little effort to operate. It is made from heavy-duty cast metal that has a reputation for holding up for years. Replacement punching bits are available.

High-Volume Card Canceling MachineMedium to High-Volume Card Canceling Machine – If you are canceling hundreds to thousands of decks of cards per day, most of our casino customers use a single-spindle paper drill. These drills, available with various diameters, can be used to put a hole right through a deck of cards (center, corner or wherever). Many of our single-hole paper drills can drill through multiple decks of cards at a time. You can find our entire selection of single-hole paper drills here.

Both of these methods are effective and fast and quickly punching holes through and rendering cancelled decks of cards. Our Casino customers enjoy using both of these methods to cancel cards and both have an excellent track record for getting the job done.

Please feel free to call one of our paper punch / drill experts at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to your questions regarding canceling decks of cards.

Manufacturer Spotlight: MBM Corporation

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

MBM CorporationThe MBM Corporation is one of the leading dealers of paper shredders, paper cutters, trimmers, folding machines, booklet makers and collators in the USA. Established in 1936, MBM continues to be an office equipment powerhouse and a favorite of ABC Office customers.

MBM is currently headquartered in historical Charleston, South Carolina. They currently produce the Destroyit line of shredders along with the popular line of Triumph and Kutrimmer paper cutters. MBM’s parent company is IDEAL Krug & Priester of Germany.

MBM currently has an intricate network of dealers both locally and online. We at ABC Office have been selling MBM office equipment for several decades. One reason MBM is so popular is the build quality. There is something about the German engineered and built equipment that seems to stand the test of time.

One of MBM’s most popular lines of office products is their Destroyit line of paper shredders. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times government (federal & local), military and other businesses request Destroyit paper shredders by name. This is because Destroyit shredders get the job done. They feature high quality cutting blades and the ability to hold up to daily use for years upon years without breaking down.

You can view our entire selection of MBM office products here:

We are an authorized dealer of MBM office products, which means our Service Department is able to offer you parts, servicing and repair work on any MBM model. You can request parts and servicing by filling out this form.

MBM 55 2″ Paper Drill Review

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

MBM 55 Single Spindle 2" Paper DrillIf you punch holes in large volumes of paper on a daily basis, you may be in need of a paper drilling machine. Paper drills quickly drill through hundreds of sheets of paper in just seconds. If you would like to drill up to 2″ of paper at a time, you may want to consider a reputable machine like the MBM 55 2″ paper drill (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, MBM manufactures several different pieces of office automation equipment. This includes paper shredders, paper cutters, folding machines, paper drills and more. MBM products are some of the best quality machines manufactured today.

The MBM 55 paper drill is a single spindle 2″ paper drill. This means it can drill through 2″ of paper at a time, one hole at a time. While it is just a single spindle paper drill, it can still be used to easily do 2-hole and 3-hole paper drilling. This is all due thanks to a very clever design. At the time of writing this article, the MBM 55 is made in Tokyo, Japan.

The Model 55 paper drill has an easy-glide sliding platform that rolls on bearings. This gliding table allows the paper to slide left, to right, and back again. A dial, located on the right of the folding machine, makes it easy to select up to 5 different hole patterns. This includes margin depth and hole pattern distances.

If you select 3-hole paper drilling, the easy-glide sliding table will move and lock in place for the first hole. A handle, located on the easy-glide sliding table, has a button located on it. Once the first hole is drilled, the button can be pressed to release the easy-glide table. The platform then moves on to the 2nd hole and then the 3rd.

The drill on the MBM 55 is hollow. This allows the drilled hole particles to travel through the bit and into a chip receptacle located on the back of the machine. This receptacle will need to be changed every so often (as it fills up). The drill bit itself is very easy to remove. Simply use an included hexagon (Allen) wrench to loosen the drill chuck. Once loose, the bit can be removed or replaced. The MBM 55 comes with two different diameter drill bits (1/4″ and 5/16″).

The MBM 55 is extremely easy to use. The paper drill tray has self centering guides that keep the stack of paper properly aligned. A quick release clamping mechanism keeps paper held in place during the drilling process, ensuring accurate hole drilling every time.

Overall I really like the MBM 55 paper drilling machine. It is easy to set up, features MBM quality and build and is perfect for desktop paper drilling.

You can find the MBM 55 2″ paper drill here and our entire selection of paper drills here. Do you need a replacement paper drill? You can find our entire selection of hollow paper drill bits here.

Extend The Life Of Your Paper Drill

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Manual Single-Hole Paper DrillPaper drills, as is the case with corner rounders and paper cutters, will eventually become dull over time. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your hollow paper drill bit. These tips don’t cost a lot and will easily make up for themselves over time.

To begin with, drilling paper creates a lot of heat. This heat can cause premature dulling in a paper drill. One great way to cut down on this heat, and keep your paper from being burned, is by using drilling wax. We specifically offer drill-ease wax found here.

Another great way to cut down on heat is to be gentler with the drill. This applies more to manual paper drills. Rather than pressing down on the manual paper drill with a lot of force (creating heat), let up on the pressure and allow the drill cut through the paper naturally. You usually only loose a few seconds, but heat is dramatically cut down.

Paper Drill Bit SharpenerAnother tip, that very few people are aware of, is that paper drill bits can be re-sharpened. Rather than throwing away that dull bit, simply sharpen it back up. Our paper drill sharpeners come in a variety of different designs and styles, depending on your preference. You can find our paper drill bit sharpeners here. If your drill can no longer be sharpened, we offer new paper drill bits here.

If your paper drill is damaged, it may be fixable. Contact our Service Department at 1-800-658-8788 and check to see if your paper drill can be repaired. There may be a simple part replacement that can give your paper drill a new lease on life.

If your paper drill is irreversibly damaged, or if you simply need a new machine, we offer a great selection of single and triple hole paper drills here. This includes manual, electric and pneumatic designs.

FP60 Paper Drilling Machine Review

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

FP60 Paper Drill / File Pecker Paper Drilling MachineDo you need to drill holes through up to 2 ½” of paper at a time and are in the market for a paper drilling machine? If this is the case, you may want to look at the FP60 paper drill (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the FP60 is one of the least expensive paper drills with a 2 ½” drilling capacity. It has a single spindle that can be used to drill one or multiple holes in a stack of paper. Multiple holes will require multiple passes.

One little known fact about the FP60 is that the FP stands for File Pecker. No, I’m not kidding. So you can refer to this as the FP60 or the File Pecker 60. Either way, it can drill (or peck) through a lot of paper.

The base of the FP60 is capable of handling paper as long as 14-inches, however, most people use this drill for drilling holes in letter-size paper.

While the drill on the FP60 is electrically powered, the drilling pressure is manually applied. This is done by pulling down on a handle. Very little effort is required to drill through paper as the sharp drill bit quickly cuts through paper.

The FP60 uses a style F drill bit, which is available in several different diameters. You can find our style F drill bits here. The FP60 comes with one ¼” drill bit with the purchase of the machine.

Unlike many paper drills out there, the FP60’s drill bit spindle is attached directly to the drilling shaft. This cuts down on vibrations and noise, making the FP60 ideal to use around other people.

This drill weighs in at 65 pounds shipped. This means it is pretty heavy duty, but you should still be able to use it on most desks and counter surfaces.

The overall build quality is exceptional. A metal housing, metal components and a metal handle show that the FP60 means business.

The FP60 is also available in a version called the FP60-LS (found here). The LS version is equipped with two pre-programmed bars. These guide bars are set up for easy single hole, two holes and three hole drilling. Just press the table release to move the paper to the next stop for fast accurate drilling.

You can find the FP60 paper drill here. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here.

Lassco Spinnit FM-2 Paper Drill Review

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Lassco Spinnit FM-2 Paper DrillDo you need a quick, efficient and simple way to drill holes through a stack of paper? The best way to do this is by using a paper drill. If you are in the market for a paper drilling machine, one model you should consider is the Lassco Spinnit FM-2 paper drill (found here). I have used this machine and this is my review.

Lassco’s Spinnit line of paper drills are some of the most widely used and most recognized paper drill manufacturers around. They make a wide variety of single and triple spindle designs. This includes floor and workbench models.

The Lassco Spinnit FM-2 is a freestanding paper drill that has a manually activated press (foot operated) and an electric powered single-spindle drill. While this paper drill only drills one hole at a time, three-hole drilling is quick and easy. It takes a total of three passes for three hole drilling. It can be used with paper up to 14″ long.

Because this machine only drills one hole at a time, I would rate this paper drill as being a medium-volume machine. Don’t let this fool you. It can still drill through 2″ of paper at a time. This is still far more than any paper punch, and thanks to a foot-operated pedal, hands-free operation is simple.

Having moved this paper drill around our showroom floor, I can vouch for the fact that this thing is heavy-duty. It is made out of metal components and it weighs in at 260 pounds shipped.

This paper drill is heavy-duty enough that it can easily be used continuously throughout the day without suffering any ill effects. It is perfect for printing presses and other businesses that need to drill holes through paper.

Simply set the guides, place your paper on the bench and turn the drill on. Pushing down on the foot pedal brings down the drill itself. The entire process only takes a few seconds and very little effort is required by the operator.

The drill bit on the FM-2 (Style A Bits) are hollow. This allows the drilled pieces of paper to travel up the bit into a waste tray that can later be emptied. Even though a lot of paper cutting is involved, there is very little mess.

Overall I really like this paper drill. If you are in the market for a single-spindle paper drill, and you are fine with drilling one hole at a time, this is a great option.

You can find the Lassco Spinnit FM-2 paper drill here. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here. Do you still have questions? Feel free to call one of our paper drill specialists at 1-800-658-8788. Have a great day!

Lassco Spinnit EBM-S Single Spindle Paper Drill Review

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Lassco Spinnit EBM-S Paper DrillAre you in the market for a reliable, dependable and affordable paper drill? Even if you are only in need of a single-hole paper punch, you may want to consider a paper drill. One model you may want to consider using is the Lassco Spinnit EBM-S single hole paper drill (found here). This is my review.

The Spinnit EBM-S paper drill from Lassco is designed for budget-minded people who are in need of a good reliable paper drill. It is commonly used for small print operations. Lassco has a great reputation for making high quality equipment and the EBM-S is no exception. This drill should easily last you for years.

To begin with, the Spinnit EBM-S paper drill is a single spindle design, which means it can drill one hole at a time. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used for three-hole drilling. It just means that three-hole drilling requires a total of three passes. This drill is capable of drilling through up to two-inches of paper.

The drill itself can be used on most tables and surfaces. It weighs in at 62 pounds, which means it may require a couple of people to move around.

The EBM-S paper drill is turned on by flipping a switch found on the front of the machine. Once on, the handle can be pulled down. This brings the paper drill head down, causing it to drill through the paper. The Spinnit EBM-S uses a hollow drill bit. This style of bit allows drilled paper holes to travel up the bit into a storage compartment. The entire process takes just seconds.

The Spinnit EBM-S uses drilling blocks. Once the paper drill has gone through the paper, it rests in the drilling block. These blocks help give the operation an idea on when the paper has finished drilling and helps prevent damage to the drill bit.

The biggest downside to the EBM-S is that the table where you place the paper is stationary. This means it may take a little longer to drill multiple holes. The EBM-S does, however, include a stationary table with an adjustable back-gauge slide guide system.

The Spinnit EBM-2.1 is an upgraded version of the EBM-S that includes an EZ-Glide movable table that has four interchangeable hole patterns. You can find the Lassco Spinnit EBM-2.1 here.

Overall I consider the Lassco Spinnit EBM-S to be a reliable little machine, ideal for low to medium-volume paper drilling. You can find Lassco’s Spinnit EBM-S paper drill here. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here.

How Long Does A Hollow Paper Drill Bit Stay Sharp?

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Sharpening Paper Drill BitsI had a customer ask me today how long a hollow paper drill bit will stay sharp. It was a good question, but the answer is a little difficult. There is no set defined time that a paper drill bit is rated to last. Here are a few things to take into consideration when gauging the lifespan of a paper drill bit.

The thickness of the stack of paper and the thickness of an individual sheet of paper will affect how sharp the drill bit stays. The more paper you drill through, the more friction and heat will be generated, dulling the bit faster. Cardstock will also dull a paper drill bit faster than standard copy paper. The more you use the drill the faster the bit will go dull as well.

So how can you prolong the life of a paper drill bit? Drill ease wax is one way of doing this. A properly waxed paper drill bit will create less friction and will stay sharp longer. You can find our drill ease wax here.

Hollow Paper Drill Bit SharpenerWhat if your hollow paper drill bit is already dull? We sell drill bit sharpeners designed to sharpen hollow drill bits. Most drill bit sharpeners feature a triangle or cone-shaped tip that fits inside the hollow part of the drill bit, which spins and sharpens the bit. You can find our paper drill bit sharpeners here.

Regardless of how long the bit lasts, paper drills are very nice machines to have. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here. You can also find our replacement hollow paper drill bits here.

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