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Carl HC-72 Heavy Duty 3-Hole Paper Punch Review

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Carl HC-72 Heavy Duty 3 Hole Paper PunchThree-hole paper punching is one of the most common office activities, just below stapling. This is because many businesses use 3-ring binders to store and organize material. The only problem is that a lot of 3-hole paper punches out there are complete garbage, with many breaking simply by punching a few too many sheets of paper. If you need an ol’ reliable type of paper punch, you need the Carl HC-72 3-hole paper punch (found here). This is why.

To begin with, the Carl HC-72 looks great. It features a stylish multi-colored design. It is light enough to be used on any desk, yet heavy-duty enough to handle most 3-hole punching jobs. The HC-72 has several advantages.

The Carl HC-72 uses a solid beam handle that is leveraged in such a way that paper punching is easy and effortless. In fact, the HC-72 is capable of punching up to 72 sheets of standard 20lb paper per pass. This makes hole punching jobs easy and fast.

Many cheep molded sheet metal hole punches bend and break when punching too many sheets of paper. The HC-72 features all-metal construction that allows this hole punch to slice and dice paper without suffering any ill effects. Simply put, it is one of the most solid 3-hole paper punches out on the market.

Have you ever used a 3-hole paper punch only to discover that the last 2-3 sheets of paper don’t punch? This is annoying, can cause problems and simply shouldn’t happen. The Carl HC-72 utilizes special cutting disks that ensure that even the last sheet of paper is effectively punched.

Another annoying feature of many standard 3-hole punches is that they quickly become dull and usually have to be thrown away. The HC-72 uses specially hardened punching dies designed to hold up well with continued use.

If for any reason one of the punching dies becomes dull, replacement punching heads may be purchased and used to replaced the dull head. This saves you money and cuts down on waste.

Overall I consider the Carl HC-72 to be a solid office 3-hole paper punch ideal for use in the office, in schools, in churches and other organizations. For the price, the value can’t be beat.

You can find the Carl HC-72 3-hole paper punch here. You will find our entire selection of office paper hole punches here.

Custom Master Paper Hole Punches from Martin Yale

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Master Series Paper Hole Punches from Martin YaleSo you want to punch holes in a specific place and don’t want to be tied down by a specific design? There’s a machine for that. They are called custom paper hole punches. They are very effective and can be used for one, two, three, four and five-hole punching.

A custom paper punch begins with some sort of punching base. This is usually consists of a metal base, a mounting bar and a lever. The mounting bar is where you place the punch heads. Punch heads are typically purchased separately.

These punch heads are available in different diameters. Simply loosen the mounting bar on the base and slide the punch head onto it. Secure the mounting bar and secure the punch head and you’re ready to start punching paper.  The punch heads can typically be positioned wherever you want them, as long as there is room on the mounting bar.

You can usually slide up to as many as five punch head onto a bar. Be aware, however, that the more punch heads you use, the fewer sheets of paper you can punch.

Custom paper punch bases are typically heavier-duty than a standard paper punch. Many people like to purchase a custom paper punch for that very reason, even if they will be punching paper in a standard three-hole pattern.

Some of the custom paper punch models we carry are the Master punch line from Martin Yale. This includes the 5000 series, the 1325B, the 1325PB and the 1340B. You can our custom Master paper punches here. You can find our entire line of paper punches here.

Product Spotlight: The FP-1 Single-Hole Punch

Friday, April 9th, 2010

FP-1 Single Hole PunchSo you have a job that needs to be punched, but don’t quite have the budget for a paper drill? You could always try using a three-hole punch, but that will probably take you the rest of your life. Standard hole punches just don’t cut it (pardon the pun) when it comes to punching hundreds of sheets of paper.

In comes the industrial FP-1 single-hole paper punch. This manually operated single-hole punch is capable of punching through a stack of 300 sheets of paper in one pass. Because of the way the handle is designed, and the gears are positioned, it doesn’t take nearly as much manual effort to use as you might expect.

What if you need to three-hole punch a lot of paper? Simply punch one hole at a time. Punching one hole only takes a matter of seconds. Once one hole is punched, the stack can be slid and another hole may be punched.

The punch itself only weighs about 14 pounds, which means it can be easily moved from one area to another. Four different punching dies are available; depending on the diameter of hole you need for your job.

You may find the General Graphic FP-1 single-hole punch here.

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