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MBM Destroyit 4005 Paper Shredder Review

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

MBM Destroyit 4005 Departmental Paper ShredderDo you need a departmental paper shredder capable of handling some of the toughest jobs? Do you need something that is centralized that can be used by multiple people in an office environment throughout the day? If so, you probably need a shredder like the MBM Destroyit 4005 paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

Let me provide you with a little background on Destroyit paper shredders. To begin with, Destroyit shredders aren’t typically found in your local department store. This is because Destroyit paper shredders are considered high-end pieces of machinery, opposite to the cheaper plastic shredders you’ll find in local stores. Destroyit shredders are German engineered and German made.

The Destroyit 4005 is a tough shredder, designed from the ground up for departmental use. It comes in three different versions, one strip cut and two cross cut variations. The version you use will depend on the shredding capacity your office needs and the security requirements of your business.

The strip cut version is a Level 2 shredder and the cross cut shredders are Levels 3 and 4. The higher the level, the smaller the particle cut. As the security level goes up, you are able to shred more sensitive material, but usually at a decreased capacity. You’ll notice that the Level 2 version shreds 50-52 sheets at a time and the Level 4 shreds 18-20 at a time.

All three of these shredders feature thermally protected motors that allows them to be used throughout the day without the need to cool down. All three of these shredders also feature the ability to handle paper clips, staples, CDs and DVDs. The wide 16″ opening handles most sheets of paper.

Destroyit 4005 Paper Shredder Video

Not only does the Destroyit 4005 have a high shredding capacity, but it is also very fast, taking just seconds to shred paper. As soon as you feed paper into it you are ready to feed it more. As mentioned earlier, this shredder is designed from the ground up to be a departmental workhorse.

One thing I personally like about the Destroyit 4005 is the control panel. Destroyit calls it the “Easy Switch.” It is essentially a button that uses color codes and backlit symbols to help navigate you. It also lets you know the status of the shredder at all times.

A series of load indicator lights let you know how much stress is being put on the motor at all times, which makes it easier for you to determine how much paper you can feed it without manually counting the sheets prior to shredding. In the unlikely event of a jam, this shredder will reverse out the paper and cut off the power. This prevents damage to the motor.

The Destroyit 4005 features a 40-gallon shred bin, a high-quality wooden cabinet and is extremely easy to empty. After one hour of inactivity, the 4005 goes into ESM (Energy Saving Mode), which is designed to save on electricity.

Simply put, this is a great shredder to use in an office by multiple people. The build quality is excellent, the chain driven dust-proof gear box housing is solid and this should easily keep up with just about everything you throw at it. I highly recommend this shredder.

Be aware that the Destroyit 4005 does require a dedicated 20-amp line for power.

You can find the MBM Destroyit 4005 paper shredder here and our entire line of paper shredders here.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Formax

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Formax Office ProductsEvery so often I like to throw the spotlight on a manufacturer that has proven to be reliable and produce great office products. As an online office equipment dealer, we at ABC Office truly appreciate what it is like to work with a reliable manufacturer. This not only helps us, but also helps our customers. Today I would like to introduce you to Formax, one of our most reliable manufacturers.

Formax, a division of Bescorp Inc, is a leading manufacturer of office products. They are well known for their pressure sealers, folder inserters, paper shredders, folding machines and much more. One remarkable thing about Formax is that many of their products are manufactured in the USA. Their line of products are considered to be reliable and have a great track record with our customers.

Formax was originally founded in 1987 and has been in business for over 24 years. They originally specialized in direct sales and service of paper processing equipment around the New England Area.

Formax is currently based out of Dover, New Hampshire and have a manufacturing facility plant in Turlock, California. The actual “Formax” name was established in 1993 right around the time they began to offer industrial bursters, decollators and mergers.

In 1996, thanks to a great reputation and an established network of dealers, Formax introduced one of their most popular brands, AutoSeal. AutoSeal pressure sealers utilize Formaxes patented technology that dramatically simplified pressure-sealing operations. Models today include desktop machines all the way up to industrial pressure sealing machines.

In 2002 Formax began manufacturing high-end paper folding machines and in 2003 Formax acquired a main vendor in FTI (Formax Technologies Incorporated), formerly known as the FHE Division of Tab Products in Turlock, CA.

At ABC Office we offer a huge selection of products from Formax. These products include:

We enjoy working with Formax, love selling their products and expect to have many more years of success selling Formax office machines to customers around the world. You can find our entire line of Formax products here.

Because we are an authorized Formax dealer, we are also able to provide servicing, repairs and provide parts for all Formax products. To request repairs and service on your Formax machine, you can contact our Service Department by filling out this form.

Paper Shredder Safety Tips

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Phenomenal advancements have been made in paper shredder safety over the past 10 years. Blades have been recessed, making them harder to reach, and other manufacturers have even implemented “touch” technology that turns shredders off when fingers are detected around the throat of the shredder. Even with all these safety features, there are still a few good tips you can follow to make shredding even safer.

To begin with, I don’t care how safe the shredder is, I recommend keeping shredders away from children and animals. Even with all the safety measures in place, paper shredders are still essentially sharp blades powered by a motor. Children, and many pets for that matter, seem to find a way to get hurt by even the safest things.

Be careful with necklaces and jewelry. Many necklace chains are thin enough, and with a little assistance from gravity, that they can quickly slip through a paper shredder throat and get pulled into the blades. Either make sure jewelry is secured or removed.

Long hair can also be a little bit of a hazard. When feeding paper into a shredder, long hair can quickly fall forward over shoulders and become entangled in paper shredder blades. I can’t think of anything worse than getting your hair pulled into a shredder. Please be sure to keep your hair pulled back when operating a shredder.

Be careful with loose clothing and especially neckties. Clothing, even more so than jewelry and long hair, can cause bodily harm. A necktie, when lodged into a fast shredder, can quickly cause a perilous situation.

When clearing a paper jam, be careful when your hands are around the blades, especially when accessing a shredder from underneath. Always make sure that the shredder is unplugged when accessing the underside of a paper shredder head.

Always familiarize yourself with the shredder you are using before operating it. Get to know where the controls are and how they work. First and foremost, make sure you know how to turn the shredder off.

Again, paper shredders are very safe machines. A lot of these safety tips are based on common sense.

If you are in the market for a new shredder, we offer a great selection of paper shredders here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions. Our knowledgeable representatives can help point you towards reliable, durable and safe paper shredders.

What Makes A Good Paper Shredder?

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Paper ShreddersIf you’re shopping around for a paper shredder, especially for an office paper shredder, you may be wondering what you features you need. What truly makes a good paper shredder? Having used, sold and dealt with paper shredders for over 10+ years, I have some pretty good tips that should help put you on the right track.

The first thing you need to determine is why and where are you using the shredder? For obvious reasons, you probably don’t want to use an office shredder at home or vice versa. It is critical that you get a shredder that meets your needs. There is no “universal” one size fits all paper shredder.

Capacity – The shredding capacity and size of the waste container are good factors in determining how robust the shredder is. The more sheets a shredder can handle, typically, the more robust the shredder will be.

Bin Volume
– Be sure that the waste bin can accommodate the amount of sheets you are shredding. A shredder that can handle 20-40 sheets at a time, yet only holds 10 gallons of paper, will result in a miserable experience as you will be continually emptying the bag.

Security Level
– The security level is another critical factor when shopping for a shredder. To date, there are 6 different shredder security levels. The higher the number, the tinier the particles and more secure the shredder will be. A level 6 is great for shredding top secret documents, a Level 3 is great for most office shredding and a Level 1 is good for making hamster bedding.

Cut Style– Paper shredders come in strip cut and cross cut variations. Strip cut shredders usually max out at a security Level 2, although there are some Level 3 strip cut shredders. Cross cut shredders range from a Level 3 to a Level 6.

Cross cut shredders are sometimes called particle cut, diamond cut and confetti cut shredders. They are all one in the same. I personally recommend using a cross cut shredder over a strip cut shredder. While the sheet capacity may be smaller with a cross cut, the security benefits make up for the difference.

– What are the gears in your shredder made from? Believe it or not, many shredders (names will be excluded) use nylon gears rather than metal gears. While this may be adequate for home use, I have found that nylon gears will almost always break or strip within a year or two with consistent office use.

Staples & Paper Clips – Many cheaper shredders will throw a fit when fed the occasional staple or paper clip. If you work in an office where a box of “to shred” paper may contain staples or paper clips, be sure you get a shredder that can handle it. Most, but not all, office shredders can handle staples and paper clips.

Oiling – Paper shredders need to be oiled, especially cross cut shredders. Some of the newer shredders have built-in automatic oilers. If you can afford it, this is definitely the way to go. If a shredder with an auto oiler isn’t in the budget, remember to oil the shredder with every bag change.

Bag Changes – Shredders are available in a variety of designs that are supposed to make bag changing “easier.” I have personally found that shredders that have a built-in cabinet are the best to use in the office. Simply open the cabinet, slide out the bin or bag and empty it. This is far more preferable to the shredders that require you to remove the shredder head to empty the bin.

These are probably the most common features you should be aware of prior to making a purchase. At ABC Office we have years of dealing with shredders. I’m not afraid to admit that we probably have some of the most educated shredder specialists online.

You should take advantage of this knowledge and give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions. We aren’t pressuring, we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need and we are always more than happy to help.

You can find our entire wide selection of paper shredders here. They are broken into different categories based on where they will be used.

MBM Destroyit 3103 Paper Shredder Review

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

MBM Destroyit 3103 Paper ShredderDoes your business, organization or facility need a high-volume paper shredder that can be reliably used throughout the day? With many machines out there, you may be having trouble settling on any one make or model. One paper shredder you may want to take a look at is the MBM Destroyit 3103 paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

MBM Destroyit (by IDEAL) makes some of the worlds most popular shredders. Destroyit shredders are commonly found in government offices and military bases around the worlds. These German engineered and German built shredders have developed a great reputation for being some of the hardiest shredders around.

The Destroyit 3103 paper shredder currently comes in two different formats, strip cut and cross cut. Other than the cutting blade used, everything else on these two variations are practically identical. They both feature large 37 gallon shred bins and continuous duty motors.

The biggest difference between the cross cut and the strip cut versions of the 3103 is the cutting capacity and the security level. The strip cut version of this shredder is a Level 2 and the cross cut version is a Level 3. The higher the security level, the tinier the particle size and the more secure the cut is.

The Level 2 (strip cut) version of this shredder can cut up to 22 sheets of paper at a time and the Level 3 (cross cut) version can cut up to 15 sheets of paper at a time. Both of these cutting capacities are impressive considering the size of the shredder.

The Destroyit 3103 has a large 12″ wide feed opening that is capable of handling letter-size paper, envelopes, computer forms and more. It ca also handle several smaller items been fed through at once. The hardened steel cutting shafts not only shred paper, but they can also handle staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs.

The “Easy Switch” design of the 3103 makes operating this shredder extremely easy. Simply rock the large round button forward to turn the shredder on. Press it again to turn the shredder off. Rock the switch back and the motor is thrown into reverse.

Several sensors let you know when the bag is full and when the door is open. After an hour of inactivity, the 3103 will go into energy saving model, which dramatically cuts down on electricity use.

If you aren’t already impressed by the build quality of the 3103, you will probably be impressed by the warranty. The 3103 carries a lifetime warranty on the cutting blades and a one-year warranty on everything else.

Simply put, this shredder is reliable, extremely easy to use and looks great. Placed on casters, this shredder is easy to move around and is ideal for use in a centralized office location. I would personally recommend this shredder for just about any office.

You can find the MBM Destroyit 3103 paper shredder here and our entire line of Destroyit paper shredders here. You can find our huge selection of paper shredders here.

Paper Shredder Sensors, Alarms & Indicator Lights Explained

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Paper Shredders from ABC OfficeThe concept of a paper shredder is pretty simple. You put paper in and it comes out the other side cut into little pieces. Sounds easy enough, right? While shredders are easy machines to use, modern-day paper shredders are packed full of sensors, indicators and alarms. These are mostly for safety and convenience purposes. Here are just a few of the more common sensors you are bound to find.

Common Paper Shredder Sensors, Alarms & Indicator Lights

  • Bag Full Sensor – This helpful sensor, usually represented by a light, lets you know when the shred bag is full and needs to be changed.
  • Door Ajar Sensor – This sensor lets you know when the cabinet door is open. For safety purposes, it needs to be closed. You don’t want the shredder running with the door open as the bottom portion of the shredder head has the blades fully exposed.
  • Jam Light – Some shredders will either make an audible alert or a light will come on when a jam occurs. At this point you will probably have to switch the motor into reverse and re-adjust the quantity of paper you are shredding.
  • Load Indicator – Many modern-day office shredders have a load indicator light or bar that will let you know how much stress the shredder motor is under. This allows the user to know if they are putting too many or too few sheets of paper through the shredder.
  • Oil Reminder – Some paper shredders have an oil change reminder light. This feature isn’t very common, although many modern shredders now have automatic oilers. Just remember that it is a good idea to oil your shredder with every bag change.
  • Power Mode – This light simply lets you know if the shredder is on.
  • Shredding Head Sensor – Many smaller deskside shredders have a switch located under the shredder head that will prevent the shredder from working until it has been fully seated on the frame of the shredder. This is for safety reasons.
  • Standby Mode – Many shredders will go into standby mode if left unused for a certain period of time. Most shredders use a green light (or other color) to show that it is in standby mode.
  • Touch Sensor – Some shredders, especially modern-day Fellowes shredders, have a touch sensor around the mouth of the shredder. This is designed to prevent bodily injury. When a finger is detected around the shredder mouth, the shredder will not run.

These are all of the most common sensors, indicator lights and alarms you will find on a shredder. Many, as you have read, are for convenience, but many are also for your own personal safety. If any of these features look appealing to you, be sure the shredder you buy includes them.

You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here. If you are having trouble finding a shredder with the features you need, feel free to call one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788. They should be able to help you isolate some great options.

Features To Look For In An Office Paper Shredder

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Office Paper ShreddersAll businesses have the need of a paper shredder. Not only is shredding discarded documents a good idea; it’s the law if it involves customer or client information. Business offices have specific needs when it comes to paper shredders. Office shredders are used more often and are put through more use than home paper shredders.

As previously mentioned, office paper shredders get a lot of use. They are typically used by multiple people and often by entire departments. Not just any shredder can be used in an office. I have heard stories from many customers about how their department store paper shredder burned out, can’t shred more than a couple sheets of paper or sounds like a lawn mower.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the perfect office shredder.

  • Continuous Duty Motor – A continuous duty motor is one of the most critical features to have in an office shredder. Continuous-duty shredders have thermally protected motors that allow them to run all day without overheating.
  • Staple / Paper Clip Protection – Unlike home documents, office documents often include staples and paper clips. Having to fish out staples and paper clips is unrealistic, however, many cheap shredders can become irreversibly damaged if a paper clip chips the shredder blade. Most modern-day office shredders can handle staples and paper clips without any issues.
  • Noise Reduction – Nobody likes a noisy piece of office equipment. This includes copy machines, printers and even paper shredders. I recommend, for office use, getting a shredder that is at least 60 decibels or quieter.
  • Speed – Nobody wants to sit around feeding stack after stack of paper into a shredder. While sheet capacity is important, speed is even more important. Shredders are speed rated by feet per second. Most shredders will specify how many feed per second they can shred.
  • Security Level – The shredder security level you use, especially for office use, should be at least a Level 3 or better. The higher the security level, the tinier the shred particles will be. A Level 3 shredder is more than adequate for most offices.
  • Large Bin – Emptying a paper shredder is almost like playing a game of hot potato. Nobody wants to be the person who has to empty the shredder. I recommend getting a shredder with at least a 20 gallon shred bin or bigger. This will result in fewer bag changes and will improve productivity.
  • Casters – Casters are a must-have feature for an office. Offices frequently move around furniture and casters make moving a shredder extremely easy.
  • Auto Oiler – This is more of a convenience than a necessity, but I recommend having an auto oiler for a shredder. Auto-oilers simply remove a maintenance step, ensuring the likelihood that a shredder will be properly oiled. As with any piece of machinery, shredders need to be oiled to prevent premature wear. I recommend oiling a shredder with every bag change (if you don’t have an auto oiler).

These tips are solid and will help you find a great paper shredder. Brands I personally recommend for office use include Dahle, Destroyit, Intimus, Formax and HSM. You can find our entire selection of office paper shredders here. Good luck and happy shopping!

Feel free to ask our paper shredder specialists questions by calling 1-800-658-8788.

Manufacturer Spotlight: MBM Corporation

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

MBM CorporationThe MBM Corporation is one of the leading dealers of paper shredders, paper cutters, trimmers, folding machines, booklet makers and collators in the USA. Established in 1936, MBM continues to be an office equipment powerhouse and a favorite of ABC Office customers.

MBM is currently headquartered in historical Charleston, South Carolina. They currently produce the Destroyit line of shredders along with the popular line of Triumph and Kutrimmer paper cutters. MBM’s parent company is IDEAL Krug & Priester of Germany.

MBM currently has an intricate network of dealers both locally and online. We at ABC Office have been selling MBM office equipment for several decades. One reason MBM is so popular is the build quality. There is something about the German engineered and built equipment that seems to stand the test of time.

One of MBM’s most popular lines of office products is their Destroyit line of paper shredders. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times government (federal & local), military and other businesses request Destroyit paper shredders by name. This is because Destroyit shredders get the job done. They feature high quality cutting blades and the ability to hold up to daily use for years upon years without breaking down.

You can view our entire selection of MBM office products here:

We are an authorized dealer of MBM office products, which means our Service Department is able to offer you parts, servicing and repair work on any MBM model. You can request parts and servicing by filling out this form.

What Is A Continuous Duty Paper Shredder?

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Continuous Duty Paper ShreddersWhile shopping around for a high-quality office paper shredder you may have come across the term continuous duty. Do you know what that means? If not, you may want to familiarize yourself with its meaning. I will explain exactly what the term “continuous duty paper shredder” means in this article.

If you have ever used a basic paper shredder, you may have discovered that they can only run for about 30 minutes before they have to be turned off. Many shredders have an automatic switch that turns the shredder off after a certain amount of use. This is because these shredders use motors that overheat with too much use.

While a basic paper shredder, with a cool-down period, is fine for home use, this is a huge inconvenience for office use. Most businesses and offices need a shredder that can be run throughout the day without any downtime.

As a result of frustration, and the development of shredding technology, a new type of shredder has arisen for use in the office. This is the continuous-duty paper shredder. Continuous-duty shredders are designed to be used continuously throughout the day without the need to cool down.

Continuous duty shredders implement the use of thermally protected motors that keep the motors from overheating. This feature is now very common in most modern-day departmental and office paper shredders.

Most shredders will specify in their features if they offer continuous-duty functionality. If you have come across a shredder, and aren’t sure if it can be run continuously, feel free to call one of our shredder experts at 1-800-658-8788. They will be able to let you know in a few seconds if the shredder you are looking at is ideal for continuous use.

You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed Paper Shredder Review

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed Paper ShredderOne of the most monotonous things about shredding paper is sitting near the machine and feeding it sheets upon sheets of paper. The entire process, for a stack of 100 sheets, can take 2-10 minutes, depending on the shredder. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just leave the paper at the shredder and let it do the rest? Such a shredder exists. It is called the Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

Formax currently manufactures about a dozen different paper shredders. Models range from strip cut shredders to high-end high security paper shredders. Formax shredders easily make the top 5 shredder brands we currently offer online.

The FD 8500AF is a fairly unique paper shredder. This is because it has what’s known as an AutoFeed function. A slot, located on the top of the machine, can be opened up allowing you to insert up to 175 sheets of 11” x 17” paper (20# thick). This slot then pulls a sheet of the stack and shreds it. The FD 8500AF will continue pulling in paper until it is done shredding the stack.

This saves the operator a lot of time, especially throughout the day. Simply put, the FD 8500AF doesn’t need babysitting to get the job done. When watching it in action, the AutoFeed looks remarkably similar to a printer, folding machine or copier. You can see a video demonstration of the 8500AF here:

Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed Shredder Video Demonstration

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You don’t have to run the Formax FD 8500 in AutoFeeder mode. It also has a traditional slot on the front of the shredder where you can manually insert paper. The manual slot can shred up to 18 sheets of 20# paper at a time.

The Formax FD 8500AF is a Level 3 cross cut shredder. That means it can be used to shred most sensitive documents. The particle size measures in at 5/32″ x 1 1/5″ in size. The high-quality shredder blades are not only capable of shredding paper, but can also handle staples, paper clips and credit cards.

The FD 8500AF is a centralized office shredder. This means it can be situated within a department for use by several different people throughout the day. It is robust and durable enough to be used continuously without any need for a cool-down period.

The control panel on this shredder is very easy to use and easy to read. It lets you know if the door is open, the bag is full, if it is running in reverse and much more. It even includes a load indicator that lets you know how much stress the shredder is under at any given time.

I really like this shredder. The quality is where it needs to be and it is from one of the most reputable manufacturers we carry. The AutoFeed is a huge time saver. I give this shredder high marks. Just about everything on this shredder is made out of metal. It is an excellent machine.

You can find the Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed paper shredder here and our entire selection of Formax paper shredders here. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

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