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Hot Melt Glue Pellets for Perfect Binding

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

vIf you are using a perfect binding machine, you may be using some sort of hot glue to bind notepads and books. Perfect binding machines often use hot glue because it can quickly soak into paper and solidifies usually under a minute. This allows for quick binding, especially on an industrial level. If your perfect binding machine uses hot glue, you may be in need of some hot melt glue pellets (found here). Be aware, quality matters when it comes to hot glue pellets.

At ABC Office, we have an older Standard BindFast 5 on our showroom floor that we use to bind booklets and pads of paper. It works well and I really wish Standard Duplicating Machines still produced the machine. The good news is we are still able to provide adhesive glue for the BindFast 5. The even better news is that the same glue pellets we use for our BindFast 5 will work on most other perfect binding machines that use thermal glue.

I’m not entirely sure how these hot glue pellets are made other than they have the feel and consistency of the glue you would find in a hot glue gun. It almost looks like they took tiny glue sticks and cut them up into pellets. These pellets are sold in ½ gallon containers or in a 50-pound box. The reason I like these pellets is that they are easy to pour and use. Once in the machine, they melt quickly. In liquid form, the glue is completely clear.

Something I really like about the Standard glue pellets is that they are really high quality stuff. We have imported and tried no-name pellets and they just didn’t hold up to the Standard pellets. The no-name pellets actually produced a really bad smell and some smoke. The Standard hot melt glue pellets don’t produce much of a smell if any and they don’t smoke (under correct operational temperatures).

You can find our entire selection of hot melt glue pellets here.  If you have questions about perfect binding, or if you need help finding the correct supplies, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788.

Affordable Perfect Binding Adhesive & Glue

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Standard Bind-Fast 5 Perfect Binding MachinePerfect binding is one of the most professional book binding formats out there. This is the process used to bind paperback books. Whether you are using a cold glue or a hot glue perfect binding machine, glue is probably one of the most costly operational costs involved. At ABC Office, we offer glue for Duplo perfect binding machines and Standard perfect binding machines.

The most popular perfect binding glue we offer is our Standard Bind-Fast 5 glue pellets (found here). This glue can be purchased in a ½ gallon container or in a 50 lb box. This glue is in a pellet form, with each pellet being about the size of a small ball bearing (3-5mm). These pellets can easily be poured into thermal perfect binding machines, where they later melt into hot glue for binding purposes.

Having used this glue myself, I can attest to the quality of it. While I don’t bind paperback books, I do use our in-house Bind-Fast 5 all the time to bind pads of paper. The glue holds up well, is pliable enough not to crack, dries quickly and gets the job done right.

Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binding MachineWhile the Bind-Fast 5 has been discontinued for several years, the clear adhesive glue seems to universally work on most thermal perfect binding machines. I have spoken with many customers that like the hot glue pellets we offer and continue to purchase them for their non-Bind-Fast 5 machines.

Another popular glue option is our adhesive glue for the Duplo DB-280 and DB-250 perfect binding machines (found here). This glue is available in a 50-pound package.

Regardless of what perfect binding machine you use or operate, we probably have the thermal glue pellets that you need. Our perfect binding machine glue is extremely affordable. Please feel free to contact one of our Binding Specialists at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to your perfect binding machine supply questions.

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