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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Packaging Pizzas – Should You Use Shrink Wrap or a Vacuum Sealer?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Pizza Packaging MachinesI had a great conversation with a customer yesterday who was interested in packaging his own pizzas. He had a small startup business and was only looking at packaging about 50 pizzas a day for retail sale. He was looking at several machines to package his 10″ and 12″ pizzas. He asked me, “Should I be using shrink wrap or a vacuum sealer for my pizzas?” This is how I answered him.

To begin with, I asked him what he was doing with the pizzas. He said he was packaging them for retail sale and needed professional packaging for sanitary purposes, preservation and professional presentation. These are all important when it comes to packaging food. While a good answer, this still isn’t enough information to answer the Shrink Wrap or Vacuum Sealer question. I then went on to explain why people use one or the other.

Shrink Wrap for Pizzas – Shrink wrap is one of the most common methods used for packaging pizzas. It is fast, looks great and is relatively affordable. One thing I let the customer know is that you need to use Polyolefin film when packaging pizzas. It is approved by the FDA for direct contact use with food. PVC shrink film is not. Shrink Wrap helps keep the food together (for presentation purposes), keeps it from drying out and also helps provide a barrier from outside contamination.

Shrink wrapping a pizza, however, is not good for long-term preservation. Shrink wrap is excellent for refrigerating a pizza, for use in displays and for a customer carrying the food home. It does not, however, provide adequate protection in a freezer. Most people, especially in a pizza retail environment, will be eating the purchased pizza the day they purchase the pizza or shortly thereafter. This is why shrink wrap is still extremely popular for packaging pizza. Shrink wrap is ultimately great for refrigerator preservation purposes.

Vacuum Sealers for Pizzas – Vacuum sealers are for pizza manufacturers that intend on distributing their pizzas to grocery stores and other food outlets. Vacuum sealers provide pizzas with excellent preservation. Vacuum sealers remove almost all of the air from the vacuum bag ensuring long term preservation. The vacuum seal bag also prevents the pizza from frost burn. I recommend that a cardboard backing be used or the pizza will loose its shape during the packaging process. Click here to view the best Chamber vacuum bags for pizza.

So which machines did I recommend? Before we established the type of packaging he needed, we went over these four machines for packaging his 10″ and 12″ pizzas:


  • AIE I-bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine – This machine is excellent for packaging a few dozen to perhaps a few hundred pizzas a day. It can be used with polyolefin film. Just be sure you get a machine that is the right size for your pizza. In this case, I recommended the 18″ model. Simply insert your pizza, seal the two open sides and use the heat gun to shrink the film.
  • $2,599

    *Ships Via Truck

  • Preferred Pack PP-48ST “All-in-One” – This machine is excellent if you need to package a pizza in a very short amount of time. Simply insert your pizza into the film, pull down the hood and let the machine do the rest. While the hood is down, the Galaxy will cut the film around the pizza and blast it with air to shrink the film.
  • $3,354

    *Ships Via Truck

  • Compack 5800 Shrink Wrap Machine – If you need a larger sealing area, the Compack 5800 is a great option. Like the 48ST, it quickly packages products in seconds. It can be used, depending on the speed of the operator, to package 8-10 pizzas per minute. This machine has a great track record with our customers.
  • $3,366

    *Ships Via Truck

  • Minipack MV 45X Chamber Vacuum Sealer – This is a vacuum sealer that can be used to vacuum seal pizzas in a very short amount of time. It is Italian-made and features high-quality components. It is a great machine to have for vacuum sealing pizzas on a daily basis.

The customer told me he was not selling directly to the public and needed something for longer-term food preservation purposes, so he ended up going with the Minipack MV 45X vacuum sealer. At ABC Office we offer a huge lineup of shrink wrap machines and vacuum sealers. We are bound to have a machine that will fit your business’s needs. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to your pizza packaging questions.

Hopefully this information helps you out. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Affordable Pizza Packaging Machines

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Affordable Pizza Packaging MachinesI recently had a customer ask me if we sold anything that could be used to package pizza for a local pizza shop. I told him that we had several “pizza packaging machines” and the model he used depended entirely on how many pizzas he needed to package. You know what that pizza packaging machine was? It was a shrink wrap machine. I’ll explain.

Shrink wrap machines aren’t only used for packaging DVDs, CDs and software boxes. They are also very commonly used to package food. That’s right! Shrink wrap machines can be used to package pizzas, chocolates and even fruits. The trick is to use the correct type of shrink wrap film.

PVC film, which is often used to package DVDs, CDs and other products is not safe for use with food. If you are packaging food, you will need to use Polyolefin film. Polyolefin is 100% food safe, has a stretchier feel than PVC and looks very professional.

One of our manufactures, Minipack, told us that a lot of people use the Minipack Galileo to package pizzas. This is because the Galileo has a large chamber area and can be used to package a pizza in just seconds. In fact, it operates at a speed of up to 300 items per our. That’s about 5 seconds per item. Of course the speed can vary depending on the operator.

We also offer what’s known as an I-bar sealer. These types of sealers take longer to package ranging from 30-60 seconds, but they also cost less money to buy. Our I-bar sealers use a heat gun, rather than a heat tunnel, to shrink wrap pizza.

Here are a few popular shrink wrap machines you can use to package pizza:

  1. Minipack Galileo
  2. Compack 5800 Shrink Wrap Machine
  3. Traco SS Standard Super Sealer
  4. Traco DS Deluxe Super Sealer
  5. AIE I-Bar Shrink Wrapper

All five of these models have a great track record. As a general rule, L-bar sealers like the Compack 5800 and Minipack Galileo are better for higher-volume packaging. The I-bar sealers, such as the Traco and AIE models, are best suited for medium-volume pizza packaging.

Packaging pizza is very easy to do and you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the prospect of packaging your own food. You can find our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here. Feel free to call us up at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our shrink wrap specialists. They should be able to answer all your pizza-packaging questions.

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