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Overview of the David-Link W-988P Biometric / Proximity Time Clock

Monday, February 6th, 2012

David-Link W-988P Biometric / Proximity Time ClockMulti-function time clocks provide a versatile and effective way to keep track of employee time. These types of time clocks allow employers to determine the method they like most for employees to log in and out. These time clocks are typically digital and employee keypad, biometric and proximity time clock interfaces. One such time clock is the David-Link W-988P.

David-Link is a leading manufacturer of digital time clocks. Their lineup includes biometric and proximity time clocks as well as traditional punch style time clocks and watchman clocks. These time clocks are best known for their incredibly low retail price and rich list of features. You can find our entire selection of David-Link time clocks here.

The David-Link W-988P is a multi-function time clock. It has a digital keypad on the front of the clock, a biometric finger scanner and includes a proximity card sensor. These three methods of recording employee time are very popular and have surpassed the popularity of traditional punch style time clocks.

Here are a few details on each of the three time clock recording methods:

  • Keypad – An employee can enter a pin number at the clock. When this number is entered, the time clock records that employee as being logged in and the clock begins to record time worked. The same number is used to log the employee out of the system.
  • Biometric Finger Scanner – An employee is entered into the system by means of their finger. Their finger can then be used to punch in and out of work. Biometric time clocks are especially popular right now because they eliminate a lot of fraud, such as buddy punching, and there is no need to worry about lost badges or forgotten pin codes.
  • Proximity Card – Proximity cards, often incorporated into ID badges, log the employee in and out of work when they are held up to the time clock. The time clock will acknowledge an employee is logged in by means of visual or audible (often both) verification.

The David-Link W-988P allows the employer to set up the time clock to use any one of these login methods or a combination of all three. Setting up the time clock is seamless. The LCD display makes navigation easy and data is clearly displayed during the login and logout process.

Logged data can be accessed several different ways:

  • An administrator can access data directly from the W-988P terminal.
  • Data can be exported to a USB drive for transfer to a computer.
  • Data can be accessed via a USB cable.
  • Data can be accessed via an Ethernet network over an LAN / WAN.

Here is a connection diagram from the W-988P:

David-Link W-988P Connection Diagram

The W-988P includes time management software that makes it easy to run reports and view data. This data can then be exported into an Excel format for use with other payroll programs. Many people ask if this time clock is compatible with Quickbooks and other payroll software. In an effort to save money on licensing costs, the W-988P software does not export data in a Quickbooks format. It does, however, export data in an Excel format that can be imported by Quickbooks. You could say that it is indirectly compatible with Quickbooks.

What does the W-988P include? It includes:

  • The W-988P time clock
  • Time management software
  • USB flash drive
  • Proximity cards
  • USB cable
  • A power adapter

It also features a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. At $295, this is probably one of the best deals available right now for a time clock that has keypad, proximity and biometric time logging capabilities. We have been selling David-Link time clocks, including the W-988P, and have had great luck with them. Our customers love them and we consider them to be reliable devices.

The W-988P can be used on a desk or table, but is probably best mounted on a wall for easy access. The W-988P itself can store up to 3,000 different fingerprints, can be used with up to 3,000 employees and can hold up to 60,000 logs. It is a very versatile time clock and can easily be used by small or larger businesses.

You can fined the David-Link W-988P on our site here and our entire selection of David-Link time clocks here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any technical questions, for a quote or to place an order.

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