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New Intimus Pro Series Paper Shredders Now Available

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Intimus Pro 60CC3 Cross Cut Paper ShredderIf you are familiar with paper shredders, you have probably heard of Intimus. These German-made paper shredders not only have a great reputation, but are also known as being some of the quietest paper shredders on the market. We have added a total of 14 new Intimus paper shredders to our site. These shredders are best used in offices and departments, however, some smaller models may also be used for home use.

I have personally used Intimus paper shredders for the past 10 years. They are great machines. When I first started using Intimus paper shredders, they were owned and managed by Shleicher. Martin Yale, who has been manufacturing office equipment for decades, now owns the Intimus line.

Over the past year, Intimus has discontinued many of their older models and have replaced them with the 14 new machines we just added to our site. I mentioned earlier that Intimus shredders are known for being very quiet. I would say about 90% of the new shredders we just added use Silentec technology. This essentially consists of special spring shock absorbers that the shredder motor sits on. These springs absorb vibrations and sound, keeping the shredder to a dull hum.

These are the 14 new shredders we added. The CC3 line offers a security level 3 and the CC4 line offer a security level 4.

  1. Intimus Pro 20CC3 Cross Cut Shredder (8 Sheet Capacity)
  2. Intimus Pro 26CC3 Cross Cut Shredder (8 Sheet Capacity)
  3. Intimus Pro 32CC3 Cross Cut Shredder (12 Sheet Capacity)
  4. Intimus Pro 45CC3 Level 3 Paper Shredder (18 Sheet Capacity)
  5. Intimus Pro 45CC4 Level 4 Paper Shredder (8 Sheet Capacity)
  6. Intimus Pro 60CC3 Office Paper Shredder (18 Sheet Capacity)
  7. Intimus Pro 60CC4 Level 4 Office Shredder (9 Sheet Capacity)
  8. Intimus Pro 90CC3 Departmental Shredder (18 Sheet Capacity)
  9. Intimus Pro 90CC4 Level 4 Office Shredder (9 Sheet Capacity)
  10. Intimus Pro 120CC3 Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder (23 Sheet Capacity)
  11. Intimus Pro 120CC4 Level 4 Cross Cut Shredder (15 Sheet Capacity)
  12. Intimus 315 Cross Cut Shredder (25 Sheet Capacity)
  13. Intimus Pro 175CC3 Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder (50 Sheet Capacity)
  14. Intimus Pro 175CC4 Departmental Level 4 Shredder (25 Sheet Capacity)

I am confident, as long as you select the appropriate security level and sheet capacity, that you will enjoy these shredders. The cutting cylinders are made from hardened steel and most feature a lifetime warranty. Most of these shredders can also handle shredding CDs, DVDs, credit cards and some can even handle floppy disks.

You can find our entire selection of Intimus paper shredders here and our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Do you have questions about Intimus paper shredders? Call one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788. They are more than happy to help answer your questions.

How Do Manufacturers Keep Paper Shredders Quiet?

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Paper Shredder Rubber BushingsHave you ever used a paper shredder that sounded like a lawnmower? I certainly have. Lawnmowers belong outdoors, not in the office. So how do manufacturers try and keep their paper shredders quiet? There are a few techniques used. Here are some of the most common “silencing” methods.

To begin, strip cut paper shredders tend to be quieter than cross cut shredders. This is because there is less cutting going on and fewer moving parts. The only downside is that strip cut shredders don’t provide as much security as cross cut shredders. Luckily many of our paper shredder manufacturers have made significant improvements in paper shredder noise.

Rubber Bushings – One significant improvement that many manufacturers are making is by using special rubber bushings in the design of their shredders. These bushings are placed around joins and mounting points where reverberations and vibrations are the worst. These rubber bushings act like motor mounts, dramatically cutting down on noise-making vibration.

Wooden Cabinets
– You’ll often find on many of the cheaper paper shredders that a lot of plastic is used in the construction. This is because plastic is cheap to use in manufacturing. The downside is that plastic can break and crack easily and has very few noise absorption properties. Many plastic cabinets used with lower-end shredders can even amplify sound. Most modern paper shredder manufactures try to use wood with their cabinets. Wood has natural noise absorption properties.

Auto Oilers – Many office and departmental paper shredders feature auto oilers. These auto oilers help keep moving parts and shredder blades properly lubricated, cutting down on metal-on-metal noise.

Tight Construction
– Tight construction, utilizing high quality bolts, screws and materials, can help cut down on sound by eliminating vibration caused by loosely fitted pieces. This feature is more difficult to tell with the naked eye and is generally a product of high-quality manufacturers.

Insulated Shredding Head – Some paper shredder manufacturers actually try and insulate the motor with noise absorption material, often called insulation. A well-insulated motor typically runs cooler and emits less noise.

What if you already own a shredder and it is loud? If you already own a shredder and are growing sick and tired of the noise, I highly recommend oiling it. You would be surprised how much noise can be reduced by eliminating friction in the shredder blades. Not only does this quiet a shredder, but it also prolongs its life.

Hopefully some of these tips help you in your quest to find a quiet shredder. Believe it or not, quiet shredders do exist, however, all shredders will make a little noise. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-655-8788 for advice and recommendations on quiet paper shredders.

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