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Top 7 Best 27″ Roll Laminators

Monday, November 21st, 2011

27" Roll LaminatorsIf you’re shopping around for a roll laminator for your school, copy shop, church or business, you may have determined that the 27″ with is the best for your applications. Twenty-seven inch laminators can be used to laminate posters, maps, banners and much more. They can also be used to laminate many smaller documents simultaneously. So which one is best?

At ABC Office, we have been selling 27″ laminators since 1980, so we have a pretty good idea which ones work and which ones don’t. We also have years of customer feedback and history to look back on, which helps us help you to find the best laminator possible. Based on that history, I will be including a list of the top 5 best roll laminators.

Keep in mind that just because a laminator is labeled as “Best” doesn’t mean it will be best at all jobs. A low-volume laminator is still not going to do high-volume jobs. A “Best” label also doesn’t mean that the laminator can handle all types of film. Many of the laminators in my top 7 list can only handle film up to 3 mils thick (3 thousandths of an inch). That being said, these are all solid roll laminators.

Top 7 Best 27″ Roll Laminators

  • Banner American Easy-Lam 27″ Roll Laminator – This laminator has been around for well over a decade and is a customer favorite because of its blend of capabilities mixed with a low price. This is ideal for low to medium-volume laminating.
  • Ledco Professor 27″ Roll Laminator – This laminator is excellent for high-volume and continuous laminating. This is one of the best laminators we offer, big or small.
  • Banner American Easy-Lam School Budget Roll Laminator – This budget laminator is one of the least expensive 27″ roll laminators around. It works great and produces excellent results, however, it isn’t the fastest roll laminator out there and isn’t designed for high-volume use.
  • Banner American Easy-Lam II 27″ Roll Laminator – This laminator is a slightly more robust version of the standard Easy-Lam roll laminator and is excellent for school or copy center use.
  • Banner American MightyLam 2700HC 27″ Roll Laminator – The MightyLam 2700HC from Banner American is a robust laminator that can be used for daily medium-volume laminating. It also has mounting capabilities (up to ¼”) and can be used with cold film as well.
  • GBC Heatseal Ultima 65 27″ Roll Laminator – The GBC Heatseal Ultima 65 is a great medium-volume laminator for school, copy center, church or business use. It is fast, warms up quickly and can be used with film up to 3 mils thick.
  • Tamerica TCC2700 27″ Roll Laminator – This laminator, especially considering the price, is a great value. It is fast, can handle film up to 10 mils thick (thickest available) and uses standard 1″ core rolls of film.

So there you have it! My list of the top 7 best thermal roll laminators. Having used most of these laminators myself, I feel confident in saying you won’t be disappointed. If you need a quote, need shipping prices or simply have some additional questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of roll laminators here.

What Is The Best Roll Laminator Width?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Roll Laminating Machines & Roll Laminators from ABC OfficeAre you in the market for a roll laminator, but aren’t sure which laminator width is best for you? You’re not alone. Many people have this same concern. I have been using roll laminators for the past 10 years and have a few good tips that should point you in the right direction.

To begin with, laminators range in width from 8″ up to 80″ depending on the make and model. A few questions you will need to address prior to purchasing a roll laminator include:

  • What is the widest document you will need to laminate?
  • Do you have room for the laminator?

Larger 30″+ machines are typically reserved for printing presses and sign manufacturers. While these larger laminators are great for laminating the large stuff, the typical business, school or church isn’t going to need something that big.

I have found personally that most people like to stick around a 25″ to 27″ wide roll laminator. This can laminate most documents and can even handle the larger 24″ x 36″ posters. If you’re skilled, you can even laminate a 27 x 39″ poster.

What if you only need to laminate something around 11″ wide? While smaller roll laminators do exist, such as the GBC HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZload (12″), I recommend (room permitting) going with a 27″ roll laminator anyway.

What many people don’t realize is that a 27″ roll laminator can still use smaller 12″ rolls of film. That way you still have the option of laminating larger stuff later down the road.

If you do decide to go with a 27″ roll laminator, be sure it has 1″ mandrels. Laminating rolls with a 1″ core are by far the most common available in a 27″ width. While the majority of 27″ roll laminators have a 1″ mandrel,  some may have a 2 ½” or 3″ mandrel size.

So there you have it. A 27″ width, in my opinion, is the best laminator width to have for general every day laminating jobs. You can find our entire selection of 27″ wide roll laminators here.

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