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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Christmas Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer Gift Ideas

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Carl RT-200 Scrapbooking Rotary Paper TrimmerIf you are looking for a great gift idea for your mother, sister, wife or good friend, you may want to consider a rotary paper trimmer or cutter (found here). These devices are perfect for people that love to scrapbook and can be used to cut down photographs, scrapbook paper, card stock, regular paper and more. At ABC Office, we offer a huge lineup of rotary trimmers and I would like to recommend a few favorites that you may want to consider as a Christmas gift.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are for “good” rotary paper trimmers and not for cheap models that will easily break.

Christmas Paper Trimmer Gift Ideas

  • Carl RT-200 (found here) – I would like to start off with this cutter as it is one that I purchased my own wife for her scrapbooking projects. It is one that many people love to use because it features interchangeable trimming blades. Pattern examples include the B-03 deckle cut, the B-04 shorwave blade, the B-06 scallop blade, the B-08 Victorian blade and several others. Counting the straight blade, there are 10 different blades available. As far as the cutter itself goes, it works well and is excellent for individual use.
  • Carl RT-200N Rotary Paper TrimmerCarl RT-200N (found here) – For the environmentally conscious family member, we have the Carl RT-200N. It is very similar to the standard RT-200, but is made entirely of recycled materials and includes a light gathering clamp that makes it easier to see what you are cutting. This is excellent for scrapbooking, however, unique patterned blades are not available.
  • Carl DC-95N (found here) – This is an affordable rotary cutter and makes a great stocking stuffer. This tiny cutter is designed for cutting smaller material (up to 6″ long) and is ideal for its portability. This cutter is also made entirely out of recycled materials.
  • Carl DC-300N (found here) – This rotary trimmer is the answer to a scrapbooker’s dreams. It includes a built in handle, can cut up to 20 sheets of paper at a time up to 12″ long and has a small compartment where replacement blades can be stored. It features an easy-to-use cutting guide, an ergonomic cutting handle and a light-enhancing clamp. It is also made from recycled materials.
  • Carl DC-210N Personal Rotary TrimmerCarl DC-210N (found here) – Do you need a trimmer that is a little tougher than the other stuff out there? The DC-210N has a 12″ cutting length and can cut up to 36 sheets of 20# bond paper at a time! This tough little cutter features a grid and pattern on the base that makes it easy to do “common” cutting patterns. The DC-210N is totally green (not literally) being made entirely out of recycled materials.
  • Rotatrim Mastercut (found here) – This paper cutter, made by Rotatrim, is a great low to medium-volume cutter. It is designed to create straight and seamless cuts and features a self-sharpening blade design that helps keep the round blade razor-sharp for a long time. This is ideal if you are cutting material that typically dulls the blades on most other cutters. This is still a great gift idea and is excellent for trimming a wide range of paper, photos and other material.
  • Carl DC-238N (found here) – If you are looking for a heavy-duty rotary cutter as a Christmas gift, the DC-238N is one of the most affordable we offer. This cutter can cut a sheet of paper up to 18″ long and has a 36 sheet cutting capacity. The DC-238N is made from recycled materials and also includes a handy adjustable side guide and illuminating paper clamp. Because of its capacity, this cutter is excellent for cutting thicker coverstock, laminated materials and more.
  • Rotatrim Professimal M Series Rotary TrimmerRotatrim Professional (found here) – If you are looking for the Crème de la Crème cutter that is the envy of every scrapbooker and even photographer, the Rotatrim Professional is your best choice. This cutter is made in England, features a dual rail system for supporting the cutting head, has a solid wood base and uses a self-sharpening cutting blade. This cutter can handle a wide range of material and is designed to last for literally years. This is the rotary cutter the professionals use.

Hopefully this list has helped you find a few good rotary trimmer Christmas gift ideas for that loved one. We have been selling scrapbooking paper cutters and trimmers for years, so feel free to give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters and trimmers here.

Green Office Paper Cutters Made from Recycled Materials

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Carl Green Rotary Paper Cutters Made from Recycled Plastic & MetalRegardless of whether you are a conservationist, an environmentalist or you simply want to support companies that use recycled goods; you may want to consider using a Carl paper cutter or trimmer (found here). About a year ago, Carl completely revised their cutters from the ground up. Most of their cutters and trimmers are now made from 100% recycled metal and plastic materials. This is a pretty cool endeavor on Carl’s part and is a first for any paper cutter manufacturer that I’m aware of.

Carl paper cutters really find their mark in small business and home use. My own wife uses a Carl RT-200 for her scrapbooking projects. They can be used to cut and trim down photographs, paper, card stock and more. Their cutters include features such as a grid on the baseboard, easy-to-replace cutting blades and more. Many of their cutters are capable of being used with optional patterned blades, scoring wheels and perforating wheels.

While not all Carl paper trimmers are “Green,” you can identify which are made from recycled material by the color of the paper clamp. If they feature a fluorescent green-yellow clamp, they are made from recycled wood and plastic. While this clamp is a great identifier, it also serves a very useful purpose. The green paper holder is made from a special acrylic material that helps gather and focus light, making it easier to see the object you are cutting.

At ABC Office, we currently offer 7 different green paper cutters from Carl. These include:

  1. Green Environmentally Friendly Rotary Paper CuttersCarl RBT-12 Rotary Trimmer (found here) – This is one of the smallest and most compact trimmers offered by Carl. It is designed to be compact, very portable and ideally used for light-volume cutting. It also includes a swingout ruler for added accuracy.
  2. Carl DC-95N Rotary Trimmer (found here) – This compact paper trimmer can cut paper and photos up to 6″ long. It is small enough to fit in many purses and is perfect for photo trimming.
  3. Carl RT-200N Professional Cutter (found here) – This is one of our bestsellers. It is cheap, made from recycled materials and can be used with optional cutting blades such as a scallop, pinking and squiggle cut blade.
  4. Carl DC-300N Scrapbooking Trimmer (found here) – This is considered by many to be a scrapbookers dream come true. It cuts most paper (up to 20 sheets), has all the guides and rules you want and even includes a convenient carrying handle.
  5. Carl DC-210N Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer (found here) – This cutter is ideal for professionals, photographers and others who need accuracy and cutting capacity. It has a 12″ cutting length and a 36 sheet cutting capacity. With common cutting patterns on the base and a razor-sharp cutting wheel, it can be used for cutting paper, card stock and photos.
  6. Carl DC-220N Rotary Trimmer (found here) – Similar to the DC-210N, this heavy-duty rotary trimmer can cut up to 36 sheets and is made from 100 percent recycled materials. It includes a paper guide, luminous clamp and a cutting grid.
  7. Carl DC-238N Heavy-Duty Trimmer (found here) – This cutter is almost identical to the DC-210N, but has a nice 18″ cutting length. It cuts 36 sheets of 20# bond paper and includes the handy luminous cutting clamp.

We are excited to offer these green paper cutters on our site. We are always excited to add more recycled products to our site. These cutters make great at-home cutters, gifts and more. They sit on just about any tabletop or desk and are extremely easy to use. Do your part to support this great company and by your Carl rotary paper trimmer today! Please call 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

Carl DC-300N Premium 12″ Rotary Paper Trimmer Review

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Carl DC-300N Premium Rotary Paper TrimmerWhen people ask me what paper trimmer I recommend for scrapbook operations, I almost always recommend a Carl paper trimmer. This isn’t because Fiskars, Purple Cows and other brands are necessarily bad, it is because Carl goes above and beyond what you would expect in a paper trimmer. One recent addition to our site, which will probably be a huge hit with the scrabookers, is the Carl DC-300N premium 12″ rotary paper trimmer (found here). This is my review.

Carl manufactures a wide variety of paper trimmers. This varies from handheld pizza-cutter-like trimmers to high-end professional trimmers for photographers. Carl paper trimmers are affordable. A few years back I purchased an RT-200 for my wife and she absolutely loves it.

The Carl DC-300N has a lot going for it. To begin with, it is made from 100 percent recycled materials. This is pretty cool in my book, and if you’re trying to be more green, an environmentally-friendly paper trimmer like the DC-300N is a great option. Both the metal and plastic components are made from recycled materials.

One feature everyone expects to have in a scrapbook-capable paper cutter is portability. While portability may not be a feature you need in a rotary paper trimmer, this cutter includes a built-in handle. Just grab the cutter and go! It also features several storage compartments where you can place extra blades. 

Blades on the DC-300N are extremely easy to swap out. Not special tools are required. The cutting head itself keeps the blade safely covered during the entire cutting process, making the DC-300N extremely safe. The cutting head is also ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand, making the trimming operation seamless. The blade itself is a premium carbide blade.

While you would expect a paper trimmer to cut only paper, the DC-300N can also be used to trim card stock, photographs, laminated material and more. It has a 20 sheet cutting capacity (with 20lb paper), so it is a pretty robust little cutter, especially considering the low price.

Accuracy may be one of the DC-300N’s highest selling points. The cutting blade is designed to stay true, stable and accurate during the entire cutting process. A built-in clamp helps to keep paper in place, eliminating the dreaded crooked cut. Specially patented Carl cutting rails also help keep things sturdy. This cutter is also pre-calibrated prior to shipping, ensuring accuracy.

One cool feature that I really like, which also helps contribute to accuracy, is the luminous paper holder. This is the green/yellow looking plastic piece you see in the picture. This holder is designed to gather light and highlight the item being trimmed. This puts you in control of the cutting process and makes it extremely easy to see what’s going on.

As you would expect with any rotary paper trimmer, the Carl DC-300N has a series of graphics, grids and rulers printed right on the base of the cutter. This makes it easy to align material for cutting. An adjustable paper clamp also helps you line up your cut.

Overall I have to say that this is a solid little cutter. While it isn’t designed for high-volume cutting, it is perfect for scrabooking, hobby cutting, photo trimming and much more.

You can find the Carl DC-300N premium 12″ rotary paper trimmer here and our entire line of rotary paper cutters here.

New Carl Rotary Paper Trimmers Now Online

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Carl Rotary Paper TrimmersCarl rotary paper trimmers are some of the most popular trimmers we offer. There are many reasons for this. To begin with, Carl paper cutters are extremely affordable. There are a variety of different designs to choose from and many of them are available with interchangeable blades. Car trimmers are a huge hit with scrapbookers, photographers, hobbyists and others that need precision cutting. We are proud to announce that we have just added 7 new models to our site.

Carl has made many changes to their new lineup of rotary paper trimmers. These changes, in my opinion, are for the better. To begin with, their new paper trimmers are made from recycled materials. This is environmentally friendly and a rarity among paper trimmer manufacturers.

I’m also a big fan of the new color scheme. Carl trimmers used to have a blue and gray look, but now have a metal gray and black look. The new look is very modern and looks excellent sitting on a desk or table. Most of the new Carl trimmers are extremely portable and many even include a built-in handle.

One of the biggest changes is the addition of a luminous paper holder. This holder has a fluorescent yellow/green look to it. It is designed to gather ambient light; focusing the light on the item you are cutting. Because it is easier to see what you are trimming, cuts turn out better.

Carl Rotary Paper TrimmersHere are the new Carl trimmers we just added to our site:

We are excited to have these new trimmers on our site. We have always had great luck with Carl. A few years ago I purchased an RT-200 for my wife and she loves it. I am certain you will love these new rotary paper trimmers. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

Why Use Carl Paper Trimmers?

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Carl Paper TrimmersPaper cutters and trimmers come in all shapes, sizes and designs. What makes one trimmer better than another? A lot of it has to do with the build quality, reputation and price. Carl, manufacturer of several different paper trimmers, has developed a reputation for making great trimmers at an affordable price. Is a Carl paper trimmer a good choice for you? Let’s find out.

To begin with, about 90%+ of Carl’s paper trimmers are what’s known as rotary paper cutters. They use a small pizza cutter-like blade that rolls around in a specially designed cutting head. This wheel rolls across paper, cutting it in the process. Rotary paper cutters are known for being accurate and ideal for use in photography, and perfect for scrapbooking purposes. Carl also makes a few different 2 and 3-hole paper punches as well as an entry-level corner rounder.

I would consider Carl to be on par with most entry to mid-level paper cutters, such as Fiskars. The quality isn’t up to high-volume cutting levels, like Rotatrim, but they work great for home and small business use.

The Carl RT-200 / RT-218 and the DC line (DC-210, DC-238 & DC-250) of paper trimmers are by far the most popular trimmers available. These cutters feature interchangeable blades that are extremely popular for crafts and scrapbooking. Some of these interchangeable blades include:

  • Perforating Blade
  • Scoring Blade

The RT-200 / RT-218 and CC-10 include unique trimming blades such as:

  • Deckle Cut Blade
  • Shortwave Blade
  • Pinking Blade
  • Scallop Blade
  • Squiggle Blade
  • Victorian Blade
  • Colonial Blade
  • Wave Blade

This combination of different blades, interchangeable blades and overall reliability make our Carl paper trimmers a hit. I even purchased an RT-200 for my wife for her own photo-trimming projects.

So is the Carl line of paper cutters perfect for everyone? I wouldn’t recommend Carl paper trimmers for print shops, copy centers or larger businesses, but I would certainly recommend them for home use, school use, small-business use and other occasional cutting projects. Carl paper trimmers look great and are very portable.

You can find our selection of Carl paper trimmers here and our entire selection of paper cutters and trimmers here.

Top 5 Best Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper Cutter Alternatives

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Rotatrim Professional Paper CuttersRotatrim easily makes some of the best rotary paper cutters available. They feature an excellent build quality, extremely accurate cuts and they seem to last for years. If you are on a budget, however, you may not be able to afford a Rotatrim Professional paper cutter. So are there some other brands that compete on a “Rotatrim” level that are more affordable?

I have a tough time saying that “more affordable” cutters are equal to a Rotatrim, but there are some pretty good contenders out there. I have come up with a list of some great Rotatrim alternatives that are still a great value. These cutters should still provide you with excellent cuts and great durability, all for a great price.

Top 5 Best Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper Cutter Alternatives

  1. Dahle 500 Series Professional Rolling Paper Cutters – The Dahle 500 series of professional rolling paper cutters are by far the top alternative to Rotatrim. They are very popular for cutting down photographs, card stock and other paper.
  2. Dahle 400 Series Premium Rolling Paper Cutters – The Dahle 400 series of premium rolling paper cutters are hot. They are affordable, are available in different lengths and are still very accurate.
  3. Foster Econocut Rotary Paper Trimmers – These paper cutters aren’t able to handle the high-volume of the Rotatrim Professional series, but are still an excellent alternative for light to medium volume cutting. The Foster Econocut line of cutters is accurate and easy to use.
  4. Akiles Roll@Blade Rotary Paper Trimmer – The Akiles line of Roll@Blade paper cutters are accurate and extremely affordable. The only downside is that they are only available in a couple of sizes.
  5. Rotatrim Mastercut (Monorail) Paper Cutter – The Mastercut line of paper cutters, from Rotatrim, use a square bar for stabilization. These cutters are a great alternative to the “professional” line of Rotatrim paper cutters.

This list of paper cutters should help you find a great cutter at an affordable price. While I still think the Rotatrim Professional line of cutters is THE king of the hill, these other cutters are definitely great contenders. You can find our entire line of rotary paper cutters here.

Tamerica TM-20 (5 in 1) Paper Trimmer Review

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Tamerica TM-20 5 in 1 Scrapbooking Paper Cutter & TrimmerAre you looking for the perfect scrapbook cutter, but don’t have a huge budget to spend? There are a lot of inexpensive paper trimmers out there, but one model that has increasingly grown in popularity is the Tamerica TM-20 (5 in 1) paper trimmer (found here). I’ll explain why in this review.

Tamerica has been manufacturing affordable paper cutters, binding machines and laminators for years. Tamerica is known for making affordable mid-range products that are typically ideal for low to medium-volume use.

The Tamerica TM-20 is a scrapbooking paper cutter for many reasons. To begin with, it has a 12.6″ cutting length. This is idea for cutting photographs, decorative card stock, printed material and much more. It has a 5 sheet cutting capacity with a straight blade.

Not only does the TM-20 come with a straight blade, but it also includes a variety of patterned blades. This includes a perforated blade, a wave blade and a scoring wheel. It even has a built-in corner rounder blade. Swapping the cutting heads / wheels is quick and easy, taking just seconds.

The cutting head slides along a rectangular-shaped bar. This helps keep the head steady, which subsequently improves accuracy. The style of the TM-20 is very modern and fits right in with existing office equipment and supplies.

The base of the Tamerica TM-20 is screen printed with a variety of guides designed to help with common cuts and measurements. The guide is white, screen-printed on the black base. The TM-20 weighs in at 20 pounds shipped, which means it is hefty enough to be durable yet light enough to be easily moved around.

While the TM-20 is by no means a heavy-duty paper cutter, it is excellent for use in the home and for occasional cutting jobs in the office.

I would personally feel comfortable giving this cutter to my wife for all her scrapbooking operations. Considering it comes with a variety of patterned interchangeable wheels, it really is a great value for the price.

You can find the Tamerica TM-20 (5 in 1) paper trimmer here. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

Dahle 440 Premium Rolling Paper Cutter Review

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Dahle 440 Premium Rolling Paper TrimmerAre you in the market for a high quality rotary paper cutter? If you are, you have probably discovered that there are literally dozens of different models and brands out there. One model you should consider is the Dahle 440 premium 14″ rolling paper trimmer (found here). This is my review.

The premium series of rolling paper cutters from Dahle includes the 440, 442, 444, 446 and 448. These cutters are al very similar in design and quality with the biggest differentiating factor being the cutting length. While Dahle calls these rolling paper trimmers, most people know them as rotary paper trimmers.

The Dahle 440 premium trimmer is capable of cutting paper up to 14 ¼” long. The base of this cutter is made out of folded sheet metal, with a grid pattern screen printed on the surface to help assist with paper alignment. While there is a ruler on the side of the cutter in inches, the grid is in centimeters.

The blade on the Dahle 440 is able to retain its sharp edge for some time. This is due in part to the self-sharpening blade. Each time the cutting head is moved, the circular cutting blade slides against a metal base, which helps maintain an edge. The cutting wheel on the Dahle 440 is capable of cutting in both directions.

Unlike many cheap rotary trimmers out there, the Dahle 440 is German engineered and German made. A cleverly designed clamping mechanism helps keep paper in place during the cutting process.

You will also notice by looking at the picture that the cutting bar is square, which also helps keep cuts straight and accurate. This square bar helps contribute to the 440’s impressive 30 sheet cutting capacity (based on 20lb copy paper). You can use the Dahle 440 to cut card stock, photos, laminated paper and more. Be aware that the cutting capacity goes down as you cut thicker material.

Overall I have to say that I really like the Dahle 440. It still isn’t up to the quality level of the Rotatrim Professional series, but I think it is a great deal and excellent quality for the price. It should be fine for medium-duty and some heavy-duty cutting.

You can find the Dahle 440 premium 14″ rolling paper trimmer here. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

When To Use (And Not Use) A Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Dahle Guillotine Paper TrimmersWhether it’s purchasing software or equipment for a garden, we’ve all purchased products only to find out later they don’t do what you thought or needed. It’s a pretty big letdown. The same goes for office equipment. Here are a few ideas on when and when not to get a guillotine paper trimmer.

There are many different paper cutters out there. This includes rotary trimmers, stack cutters, guillotine paper trimmers and much more. The cutter you get will depend entirely on what you need to do. Take into consideration what you need the cutter for now and what you may need it for later down the road.

Multi-Purpose Cutting
– Guillotine paper trimmers are considered by many to be some of the best multi-purpose paper cutters around. This is because they can be used to cut card stock, photographs, laminated material, signs and much more. If you have the need to cut a variety of material, a guillotine paper trimmer (found here) may be just what you need.

High-Capacity Cutting – Most guillotine paper trimmers cut anywhere from 15 to 60 sheets of paper at a time. Cutting capacity depends on the specific model. If you are cutting hundreds to thousands of sheets of paper a day, you may need something with a little more cutting power. If this sounds like you’re situation, you may want to consider getting a stack paper cutter (found here) instead of a guillotine paper trimmer.

Photo Cutting – While guillotine paper trimmers generally do a good job of cutting down photographs, these cutters may not be the best option for exclusively cutting photographs. If you will only be cutting photographs, and nothing else, you may want to consider using a rotary paper trimmer (found here). Rotary paper trimmers are extremely precise and are great for repetitive photo cutting.

These are just a few situations where a guillotine paper trimmer may or may not be your best option. If you still have questions about the right paper cutter for you, please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 and speak with one of our paper cutting experts. You can find our entire selection of paper cutters here.

Top 3 Best Dahle Rotary Paper Trimmers and Cutters

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Dahle Premium Rotary Paper Trimmer Model 400 SeriesSo you need a rotary paper cutter or trimmer and don’t know where to begin? One brand that is a big hit with our customers is Dahle. They make a wide variety of rotary paper trimmers and cutters. I will go over a few of their most popular models.

Dahle is probably best known for their paper cutters, but they also make a wide variety of paper folders and paper shredders. While Dahle make a great selection of stack cutters and guillotine paper trimmers, they are especially popular for their rotary paper trimmers (sometimes called rolling trimmers).

Here are few of their most popular models. I will include a link to each one for easy navigation.

Top 3 Best Dahle Rotary Paper Trimmers and Cutters

  1. Dahle 507, 507K & 508 Rotary Trimmers (Personal Series) – This line of trimmers is especially popular for scrapbooking and for cutting photographs. It is affordable, lightweight and very easy to carry around. These trimmers are capable of cutting up to 7 sheets of paper at a time.
  2. Dahle 550, 552 & 554 Rotary Trimmers (Professional Series) – The Dahle 550 series is probably one of the most popular Dahle rotary trimmers offered. These cutters offer great low to medium-volume cutting capabilities. The blades are self-sharpening and the screen-printed grid makes it easy to align pictures and paper. Most of these cutters have a 20 sheet cutting capacity. The professional line also includes the Dahle 556 & 558 found here. The Dahle 550 series is popular with professional photographers, print shops and graphic design agencies.
  3. Dahle 440, 442, 444, 446, 448 Rotary Trimmers (Premium Series) – The Dahle 440 series of cutters is considered the Dahle’s heavy-duty line of trimmers. Many of these trimmers can handle up to 30 sheets of paper at time. Optional floor stands are available for the two largest models. These trimmers can be table or wall mounted. These rotary trimmer are a popular choice among professional photographers, picture framers, and print & copy shops.

So there you have it, the most popular Dahle rotary paper cutters. Do you have some questions about Dahle rotary paper trimmers? Call one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788. Have a great day!

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