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Best Rated Saddle Staplers (Electric & Manual)

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Staplex SS-45NHL Heavy-Duty Commercial Saddle StaplerSaddle stapling has many benefits and is best suited for booklet making and stapling paper at odd angles. There are a lot of good saddle staplers out there (and a few lemons). We have been selling saddle staplers for decades and have refined our offerings to 3 highly rated models.

These saddle staplers have continued to show time and time again that they have what it takes to get the job done and last for years. This list includes two electric staplers and one manual stapler. I have personally used two of these staplers and vouch for the effectiveness of them all.

Best Rated Saddle Staplers

  1. Lassco Skrebba W115 Saddle Stapler – This saddle stapler is manually operated, but don’t let that fool you. It is still as tough as most electric staplers and is extremely easy to use. This stapler can convert from saddle stapling to flat stapling in just seconds.
  2. Rapid 106 Electric Saddle Stapler – The Rapid 106 has always been popular with our customers. It is easy to use, is well built and is extremely versatile. It can be converted from saddle to flat stapling in seconds and can even be linked together with multiple Rapid 106 staplers for simultaneous multi-stapling capabilities.
  3. Staplex SS-45NHL Dual Capacity Commercial Saddle Stapler – Staplex has developed an excellent reputation for not only making some of the best commercial staplers, but also some of the best American-made staplers around. The SS-45NHL is perfect for industrial and commercial saddle stapling jobs.

These staplers are extremely easy to use, hold up well with continued use and are affordable priced. You can find our entire selection of staplers here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to any of your stapling questions.

Lassco Wizer W-115 Skrebba Heavy Duty Stapler Review

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Lassco Wizer W-115 Skrebba Heavy Duty Saddle StaplerWhether you are stapling multiple sheets of paper together or are stapling chipboard for retail sales purposes, a versatile stapler can save a lot of time and frustration. One stapler you should seriously consider is the Lassco Wizer W-115 Skrebba heavy duty stapler (found here). We have one of these staplers in our showroom and I have had a chance to use it. This is my review.

To begin with, the W-115 Skrebba is a manually operated stapler. This isn’t a bad thing. The W-115 Skrebba has a handle that is angled and designed in such a way that it is very easy to operate. The stapler includes a clamping mechanism that allows it to be mounted to the side of a table or workbench. This model has been around for well over a decade and is time proven to be a reliable stapler.

Some of the biggest benefits of the W-115 Skrebba is its ability to do both saddle and flat stapling. This eliminates the need for two separate machines and is a big money saver. The W-115 has a knob that can be loosened that allows the stapling plate to be adjusted for one or the other. This probably only takes a few seconds.

The stapler head is capable of stapling through 55 sheets of standard copy paper. This is far more than a standard stapler and is perfect for bindery jobs or daily jobs that require continuous use.

You will notice when you remove the stapler from the box that it really doesn’t weigh much. It weighs in at about six pounds. This means the W-115 is extremely easy to manage and move around. The build quality, however, is exceptional. We sell a lot of these W-115 Skrebba staplers and I never hear complaints.

The W-115 includes side guides that are very easy to adjust. This is especially nice for booklet jobs that require two staples along the spine. This guide can be used for saddle and flat stapling.

The W-115 uses 1/4″ (W118-D), 5/16″ (W118-A), and 3/8″ (W118-E) heavy-duty staples. You can find our W-115 Skrebba staples here.

Overall I really like this stapler. While it isn’t electric, it is still pretty fast and can easily be used throughout the day without any issues. This stapler is well put together, time tested and you should be very happy with it.

You can find the Lassco Wizer W-115 Skrebba heavy duty stapler here. You can find our entire selection of staplers here.

Rapid 106 Electric Saddle Stapler Review

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

ISP Rapid 106 Electric Saddle and Flat StaplerAre you in need of an electric stapler that can be used to do both saddle and flat stapling? One model you may want to consider is the Rapid 106 electric saddle stapler (found here). I have used the Rapid 106 stapler and this is my review.

To begin with, the Rapid 106 electric stapler is used for stapling booklets, paper, retail packaging, chipboard and more. It is considered by many people to be one of the most versatile electric staplers available today. The Rapid 106 Saddle Staple has been around for years and continues to use the same time-tested design as it had 10+ years ago.

The Rapid 106 is designed to be mounted to the edge of a counter, table or workbench by use of a clamp. It is very easy to mount, and once installed, is very solid. This saddle stapler is easy to loosen the clamp and re-position the stapler if needed.

The Rapid 106 is electric powered, using a motor to staple paper. The Rapid 106 staple head is capable of stapling through up to 40 sheets of standard 20# paper at a time, which is pretty nice for an electric stapler. The staple head itself has a pressure adjustment dial that allows the operator to adjust the striking force of the stapling head against the anvil, depending on the amount of paper being stapled.

The motor in the Rapid 106 can be activated by use of a micro-switch or a foot pedal. This versatility makes the Rapid 106 extremely easy to use. I personally like using the food pedal on the Rapid 106 because I can hold the paper with two hands. This is often referred to as hands-free operation.

A guide can be set up on the stapling platform of the Rapid 106 if you are double stapling paper for booklet making. Simply slide the folded paper one direction, staple and then slide the paper to the other side of the guide and staple again.

The entire stapling process takes just seconds. While I have personally used the Rapid 106 more for saddle stapling, the stapling platform can be adjusted for flat stapling. This adjustment takes just seconds. The ability to do both saddle and flat stapling is really nice in a stapler of this size.

One of the nicest features is the Rapid 106’s ability to be linked up with several staplers for simultaneous operation. This is sometimes referred to as ganging. A kit is available for the Rapid 106 that will allow multiple staplers to be used at the same time.

Overall I really like the Rapid 106 saddle stapler. It is very affordable, considering what it does, and the production speed benefits over a manual stapler are tremendous. It can be used for heavy-duty and continuous stapling without any problems. I highly recommend this model.

You can find the Rapid 106 electric saddle stapler here. You can find our entire selection of staplers here.

Top Three Best Saddle Staplers

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Staplex Saddle StaplerSaddle staplers are a fast and effective way to staple paper along the spine or crease. There are many different models available, ranging from manual to electric. So which saddle stapler should you use? Here is a list of the most popular saddle staplers we offer.

You will want to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing a saddle stapler. First, how many sheets would you like to be able to staple? Different staplers have varying stapling capacities.

You will also need to determine if you need an electric or manual saddle stapler. Manual models are generally good for low to medium-volume stapling where electric is ideal for medium to high-volume stapling. Also be aware that electric staplers are available with micro switches, foot pedals and buttons for stapling. Be sure the electric stapler you get is set up the way you like it.

I have spoken with many customers over the past five years and have put together a list of the best saddle staplers based on this feedback. So here’s my list:

Top 3 Best Saddle Staplers

  • ISP Rapid 106 Electric Stapler – This is easily our most popular saddle stapler. It has a built in micro switch, a foot pedal and can be linked together with other Rapid 106 staplers for simultaneous stapling. It can also be adjusted from saddle to flat stapling and is designed to be mounted to a bench or table.
  • Skrebba W115 Heavy Duty Stapler – This saddle stapler is manually operated and is a workhorse. It is well built. Although manually operated, it is very easy to use. It can be adjusted from saddle to flat stapling, has an adjustable backstop and is designed to be mounted to a bench or table.
  • Staplex SS-45N Electric Saddle Stapler – Staplex continues to be one of our customers’ favorite brands. The SS-45N is heavy duty and designed to be used on a table or bench. It includes a footswitch for hands-free operation.

You can find our entire selection of staplers here. Happy stapling!

How To Create Your Own Stapled Booklets

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Booklet MakersI have been asked by several customers what my recommendations are on creating stapled booklets. These are the booklets that are typically anywhere from 4-80 pages thick, typically used to create instruction booklets, reports, short stories and other literature. There are two options on creating these types of booklets.

Before purchasing any booklet making equipment, you should ask yourself how many booklets you are creating per day and what your budget will be. One option, which I will discuss, is slower but sometimes less expensive.

These are my two booklet making recommendations:

Option 1 – The fastest and most effective way to create booklets is by using a booklet maker. These machines vary from semi to fully automatic. They take paper, staple it along the center and then fold it in half. These machines vary on the amount of paper they can fold and staple. You may find our entire selection of booklet makers here.

Option 2 – Your second, and sometimes less expensive option, is to use two separate machines like a paper folder and a saddle stapler. You can create the same effect of a booklet maker by single folding paper and then manually saddle stapling it using something like the Skrebba W115 or the Rapid 106. If you already have a paper folder, or a saddle stapler on hand, this may be the route you want to go.

Buying a paper folder and a saddle stapler used to be much less expensive than getting a booklet maker, but with booklet makers like the BookletMate and Formax FD 160, it is now often less expensive to simply go with a booklet maker.

Feel free to e-mail us, post a comment or call us at 1-800-658-8788 with your booklet making questions.

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