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Office Equipment Repairs, Parts, Manuals & Servicing

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Office Equipment Parts, Service & RepairWe live in an often budget strapped world. Even the government is strapped for cash, just read the news. It should come as no surprise that many businesses are trying to stretch out their office equipment even longer before buying new machines. At ABC Office, we have one of the most skilled and trained Service Departments for fixing and repairing the office equipment you use most.

Our Service Department is able to provide you with advice, over-the-phone support, replacement manuals, help with local repairs, service contracts and more. Many of our manuals can be found here.  Our Service Department resources page can be found here. We offer product support for the following:

  • Paper Shredders — This includes replacement shredder shafts / blades, gears, fuses, knobs, belts, circuit boards and more.
  • Laminators — This includes silicon rollers, heating elements, buttons, fuses and circuit boards.
  • Paper Cutters — This includes blade sharpening, springs, cutting sticks, motors, levers and more.
  • Paper Folding Machines — This includes replacement rollers, folding plates, gears, motors, belts, sensors, fuses and circuit boards.
  • Binding Machines — This includes replacement punching dies, handles, guides, knobs, levers, fuses, motors and more.

These are just a few of the machines we service. We also service bursters, check signers, shrink wrap machines, photo ID printers, digital duplicators, foil stamping machines, staplers, scales, letter openers, paper counters and much more.

You can contact our Service Department by filling out this form.

We also have a great selection of new office equipment for sale. You can find everything we offer by going here.

Need Help Fixing A Broken Shredder?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Intelli-Zone Intelli-Shred Paper ShredderIs your shredder on its last leg? Does it sound a sawmill? Paper shredders can suffer from a wide variety of issues and ailments. This ranges from broken gears, chipped shredder blades, blown fuses and much more. So is it possible to get your paper shredder back up and running?

While not all paper shredders can be brought back from the dead, many can experience a second life. We have a Service Department that can get replacement shredder heads, gears, control panels, switches and much more. It certainly can’t hurt to ask and won’t cost you to present a question.

You can contact our Service Department by filling out this form.

If for any reason your shredder can’t be revived, or costs to much to repair, we have a great selection of new paper shredders found here. This includes home, office, deskside, departmental and industrial paper shredders.

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