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SircleBind WR-200 Wire Binding Machine Review

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

SircleBind WR-200 Wire Binding MachineWire binding looks great. It’s easy to do, can be used to bind a variety of documents and can be done by just about anyone. So what machine should you use? You may want to consider the SircleBind WR-200 wire binding machine (found here). Here are a few reasons why.

To begin with, Sircle’s line of SircleBind binding machines are some of the most affordable available online. They are packed with rich features typically found in more expensive machines. The SircleBind WR-200 is no exception.

The SircleBind WR-200 is a multi-pitch wire binding machine. This means it can punch paper with a 2:1 pitch (two holes per inch) or a 3:1 pitch (three holes per inch) hole pattern. This is because it has two separate punching dies. This is especially nice for those of you who have a tough time settling on one “look.”

Not only does the SircleBind WR-200 punch paper with two separate dies, but it also includes a wire closer. This means you can use the WR-200 from start to finish to complete the wire binding process.

The WR-200 features a sleek design. It looks really nice. The handle can fold down, making it a fairly compact machine. It is heavy enough to be rugged, but light enough that you can use it on pretty much any desk or table. It weighs in at 38 pounds. That’s about as much as a bag of water softener salt pellets (just loaded some up in my car during lunch today).

Two of my favorite features are the handle and the vertical load paper punch. I really like the handle because it can be accessed from the left or right side of the machine thanks to the “U” design. It is really easy to use and doesn’t discriminate against the lefties.

The WR-200 is able to punch up to 20 sheets of standard 20# paper. It can also be used to punch card stock, clear covers and more. These is a pretty good amount of paper for a manually operated wire binder.

The vertical load punch is nice because gravity keeps the paper aligned during the punching process. This means that the edge of the paper and the holes should all be squared up. This makes bound books like nicer and more professional.

Overall I am impressed with this little machine. It certainly isn’t designed for high-volume use, but it will be fine for light to medium-volume use.

You can find the SircleBind WR-200 wire binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of wire binding machines here.

SircleBind CW-350 Comb & Wire Binding Machine Review

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

SircleBind CW-350 Comb and Wire Binding MachineAre you looking for a well rounded binding machine capable of binding in both comb and wire? If this is the case, you have probably found several different options. One machine you may want to look at is the SircleBind CW-350 comb and wire binding machine (found here). This is my review.

Sircle brand binding machines are some of the most affordable binding machines out there. Sircle machines often include many high-end features found in more expensive machines. The SircleBind CW-350 is an example of this.

To begin with, the SircleBind CW-350 has selectable punching pins. This means you can disengage pins that you don’t want to punch. Why is this nice? Because you can punch odd-sized paper without annoying half-punched holes at the edges of paper. This is a feature that I look for in binding machines.

The SircleBind CW-350 also has the ability to punch holes for either 3:1 pitch wire (three holes per inch) and 19-ring comb. Because the CW-350 has a comb opener and a wire closer, you can also use the CW-350 with 19-ring wire, sometimes called wire comb.

Having multi-format binding capabilities makes this machine great for people who can’t settle on wire or comb. The CW-350 gets away with multi-bind functionality without sacrificing quality or functionality. Everything is combined into one compact machine.

The design of the CW-350 isn’t bad either. It features a contemporary design that fits in well with most office environments. The handle and paper support plate can be folded down for convenient storage.

Another nice feature of the SircleBind CW-350 is the “U” shaped handle. This is nice because you can punch paper, close wire and open combs from a variety of positions. This design is especially nice for those of you who are left-handed and are tired of right-handed only binding machines.

Overall I am impressed with this machine. While I don’t consider it to be up to the level of an Akiles machine, you really can’t complain too much about the price. This is a great machine for low to medium volume binding.

You can find the SircleBind CW-350 comb and wire binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of combination binding machines here.

Why Are Sircle Binding Machines So Popular?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Sircle Binding MachinesA few years ago, when we first started adding Sircle binding machines to our site, I would never have guessed that they would later become so popular. Sircle binding machines are in such demand that they are flying off the shelves. Why is this brand, new to the industry, so popular?

Here are a few reasons why Sircle binding machines are so popular:

Price – Sircle binding machines are just plain cheap. Sircle binding machines cost just a fraction of what comparable brands (like GBC) run.

Functionality – Sircle binding machines often include features such as margin depth control, selectable punching dies and more. These are features often considered luxury options with other models.

Cross Platform – Sircle book binders are often capable of binding multiple formats. This may include comb and wire or multiple wire hole patterns. Over half of Sircle’s machines have this functionality.

Quality – For the price, it is difficult to find a comparable machine of equal quality.

So there you have it, just a few reasons why our customers choose Sircle binding machines over the competition. You can find our entire line of Sircle binding machines here.

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