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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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SircleBind CB-210 Plastic Comb Binding Machine Review

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

SircleBind CB-210 Plastic Comb Binding MachinePlastic comb binding machines are affordable, make it easy to bind your own books and produce solid results. With literally dozens of models to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. One comb binding machine you may want to consider is the SircleBind CB-210 plastic comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

Sircle, the manufactures of SircleBind, have been making binding machines for a few years now. Their machines have been thoroughly tested and seem to be a great value for the dollar spent. SircleBind machines are available in comb and wire formats.

The CB-210 comb binder is a nice looking machine. It features a white shell that blends in nicely with existing office furniture. On a table, it fits right in with copy machines, printers and other office equipment. Looks aren’t everything. How does this machine perform?

To begin with, the SircleBind CB-210 can manually punch up to 18 sheets of standard 20# paper at a time. This is pretty impressive for a binding machine in this price range. It can also be used to punch report covers, clear covers and card stock. Be aware that you will have to scale back the amount of sheets you punch when handling thicker paper.

The CB-210 has a maximum binding capacity of about 2″ of paper or 500 sheets of 20# paper. This means you can bind a book that is just a few pages thick or several hundred pages thick with this comb binder. Again, this is impressive.

Once pages have been punched, you will need to open a comb on the comb opener. The CB-210’s comb opener is located on the top of the machine. Comb is opened by using the same handle used to punch paper. Once the comb is opened, you can easily add your punched pages and close the comb.

While the SircleBind CB-210 is primarily designed for punching and binding books about 11″ long, it can be used to punch and bind smaller books. This is possible thanks to the built-in disengageable punching pins. Simply pull out the pin and disable the hole you don’t want punched. This is great for custom book binding and for eliminating half-punched holes.

Another nice benefit you will find in the CB-210 is the adjustable margin depth. This adjustment allows you to determine how far into the paper you want to punch the holes. This is ideal for binding extremely thin and extremely thick books.

Alternative Binding Machines

While the CB-210 isn’t quite up to par with some of the larger Akiles machines, it is a great binding machine for home or small office use. It can easily keep up with binding projects equaling a few to a few dozen books a day. I give this binding machine 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find the SircleBind CB-210 plastic comb binding machine here and our entire selection of SircleBind binding machines here.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our binding machine specialists with any questions you may have.

SircleLam EM-40 40″ Roll Laminator Review

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

SircleLam EM-40 40" Roll LaminatorDo you need a wide-format roll laminator, but don’t have the budget to afford what’s available? There is an affordable roll laminator in the 40″ range that you may want to consider. This is the SircleLam EM-40 40″ roll laminator (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, you’ll be hard pressed to find a 40″ roll laminator within this price range. This laminator is priced around what many 27″ roll laminators cost. Normally I would think that this meant the EM-40 must be really stripped down, but not so. The EM-40 actually has a lot of very nice features.

Most scaled down roll laminators aren’t capable of handling film thicker than 3, perhaps 5 mils. The SircleLam EM-40 can handle laminating film up to 10 mils thick, which is the thickest we offer. This is really nice for people who are laminating banners, signs and other large material.

Another nice high-end feature is that the SircleLam EM-40 has a total of 4 rollers. This means that the film is given more pressure, heat is more evenly applied and the end results are clearer, cleaner and more professional.

The motor runs at a speed of 10 feet per minute. This isn’t going to win any races, but it is by no means slow. I have seen some high-end commercial laminators run at up to 25 feet per minute, but most run at about this speed. This means you should be able to laminate 600 feet of material in an hour. Few people need more capacity than this.

You will need to make sure you have a workbench, table or countertop that can support this laminator. While it isn’t as much as a car, it does weigh in at 230 pounds shipped. You will also need to make sure you have enough workspace for this laminator. It measures in at 48″W x 20″D x 16″H.

One feature I really like about the EM-40, versus other roll laminators in this class, is the fact that this laminator can be used with a standard 110 volt system. The exact power requirements are 110 Volts 60Hz, 20amps. This means you don’t have to have deal with any special power requirements.

The control interface is pretty simple and doesn’t require any touchy settings to get things right. It is pretty much straight forward.

Overall, I really like this laminator. The biggest selling point, other than it being a great overall laminator, is the price. This thing rings in at about half of what many other comparable laminators cost.

You can find the SircleLam EM-40 40″ roll laminator here. You can find our entire selection of roll laminators here.

Sircle WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packaging System Review

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Sircle WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packaging SystemAre you looking for an affordable, space-saving method for packaging boxes and products for shipping? One machine you should take a look at is the Sircle WiWair 200 inflatable air cushion packaging system. This is my review.

Many warehouses use packaging peanuts to protect merchandise and for packaging purposes. Packaging peanuts can cost a lot (over time) and take up a lot of space. Many people are now switching to inflatable air cushion packaging. This is not only in an effort to save money, but because this type of packaging requires little space.

The Sircle WiAir 200 uses a plastic roll of film to create packaging material. It essentially seals the end of the plastic, fills a pocket with air and seals the other end shut. Air pockets can range anywhere from 4 to 12-inches in size. These pockets are easy to handle, clean and don’t make a mess.  The Wi-Air 200 uses its own self-contained air compressor for filling the bags.

Example Of Inflatable Air Cushion Pockets Made By The Sircle WiAir 200These pockets can then be placed in a box and provide excellent protection during shipping. Many argue that air pockets are even better at protecting merchandize than packaging peanuts. This is due in part to the fact that packaging peanuts can shift around during transit, where air pockets stay firmly in place.

One roll of WiAir 200 film equals about the same amount of packaging as you will find in 7 bags of packaging peanuts. That is a huge amount of space savings. The film used in the WiAir 200 is made from a low-density polyethylene (biodegradable).

The film rolls themselves are about 328 feet long and 2 mils in thickness. Each roll weighs about 4 pound. This equals out to about 50 cubic feet of void fill. This film has been UPS ASTM D6653 tested and certified.

I have used this machine myself and it is extremely easy to set up. There is no special training required. Once you have set the desired length and pocket size, simply turn the machine on and let it do the rest. It operates at about 3.3 feet of packaging per minute. It also features a built-in slitter for cutting the pockets from the film roll.

The money and space saving benefits alone are enough to convince me that inflatable air packaging is far superior to packaging peanuts. I give this machine high marks and highly recommend it to warehouses and packaging departments.

You can find the Sircle WiAir 200 inflatable air cushion packaging system here. You can find our entire selection of packaging equipment here.

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