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Is Your Office Getting Hot? Cool it Down With A SoleusAir Portable Air Conditioner.

Friday, May 4th, 2012

SoleusAir PE2-09R-32 Portable Air ConditionerIt’s that time of the year again and things are beginning to warm up. If you live in a nice state-of-the-art building, you probably already enjoy the luxuries of central air conditioning. If you are in an older building, you may be dreading the coming days of 90 degree plus weather or the damp humidity of the swamp cooler. One great way to upgrade your office space is by using a portable air conditioner like those made by SoleusAir (found here). These air conditioners are also great for use in a home.

SoleusAir has been manufacturing air conditioning units for years. To date, they are the #1 supplier of portable air conditioners in the United States. Not only are their air conditioners nice and cold, but they are also more energy efficient than the typical portable AC. Their new SoleusAir Green Program is an effort to continue their products’ efficiency in energy usage.

Most of the SoleusAir portable air conditioners that we carry are multi-functional machines. They usually consist of an air conditioner, a dehumidifier and a fan. Some even include built in heaters, allowing them to be used all year long. The models we carry range from 8,000 BTU up to 14,000 BTU.

One feature many of our customers like about SoleusAir air conditioners is the sleek design. Unlike many portable air conditioners that look like something from the 70s, these units feature rounded corners, neutral colors and they blend in nicely with existing office equipment. They are extremely quiet, making them great for use in the office.

These air conditioners are remarkably easy to use. The control panel is extremely easy to navigate and many of these units even include a remote control.

Here is a video demo of the SoleusAir KY 9000 being set up:

These units use do require the use of an exhaust hose that connect to a window. Luckily a window kit is included for simple installation.

Here is a video demo of an exhaust hose being connected.

These machines are remarkably affordable and remarkably simple to use. At ABC Office, we sell about seven different models. You can find our SoleusAir air conditioners here. We also offer a great selection of SoleusAir desk fans, floor fans and tower fans here.

Please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our SoleusAir air conditioner experts at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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