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Plastic Spiral / Coil Binding Capacity & Diameter Guide

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Spiral Coil Binding SuppliesMany modern day spiral binding machines feature measurement guides to help determine which diameter coil is needed for a stack of paper. Many machines do not offer this feature though, so here is a quick reference guide to help you estimate how many sheets you can bind with your spiral coils.

Remember, there are two different pitches involved in spiral coil binding. One format is 4:1 pitch (four holes per inch) and the other is 5:1 pitch (five holes per inch). I will provide a quick reference guide for both hole patterns. Be aware that 4:1 pitch coils are available up to 1 ¼-inch (32mm) in diameter and 5:1 pitch is available in sizes up to 13/32-inch (20mm) in diameter.

Spiral Binding Quick Reference Diameter / Capacity Guide

(Based on 20# Paper)

1/4″ (6mm) – 20 Sheets
9/32″ (7mm) – 30 Sheets
5/16″  (8mm) – 40 Sheets
11/32″  (9mm) – 50 Sheets
13/32″ (10mm) – 60 Sheets
7/16″  (11mm) – 70 Sheets
15/32″ (12mm) – 80 Sheets
1/2″ (13mm) – 90 Sheets
9/16″ (14mm) – 100 Sheets
19/32″ (15mm) – 110 Sheets
5/8″ (16mm) – 120 Sheets
11/16″ (18mm) – 138 Sheets
13/16″ (20mm) – 152 Sheets
7/8″ (22mm) – 170 Sheets
1″ (25mm) – 200 Sheets
1 1/8″ (28mm) – 220 Sheets
1 3/16″ (30mm) – 225 Sheets
1 ¼” (32mm) – 230 Sheets

You can find our entire selection of spiral binding coil supplies here. You can also find our spiral coil binding machines here.

Are Spiral and Coil Binding the Same Thing?

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Are Spiral and Coil Binding the Same Thing? We get asked this question almost every day. I can completely understand the confusion. There are so many different binding formats out there. The quick answer is that spiral and coil binding are exactly the same. They are just synonyms of each other. Both terms describe the binding element in great detail. I have even heard coil supplies described as spring supplies, due to the look.

I’ve been also been asked, “Isn’t coil binding metal?” Coil / spiral binding supplies can be metal, but for the last 10 years they have been primarily made from PVC plastic. Plastic is easier to work with, more durable and available in multiple colors. The machines we sell are designed for plastic coils.

Many people also get twin-loop wire binding confused with spiral binding. I just spoke with a lady today who said, “Coil bindings are those metal loops with the straight wire going down the center, right?” Twin loop wire binding looks much different than coil binding. You can see the wire binding above.

Hopefully I have helped clarify the definition of coil / spiral binding. You can read more about coil binding by reading our detailed coil-binding guide found here.

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