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ABC Office adds new line of Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair

The CH-31230-BK-GG Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair by Flash Furniture

ABC Office features a wide assortment of indoor/outdoor furniture for your business, restaurant, hotel or home. We have sturdy outdoor chairs, bar stools and table sets that offer a friendly, inviting look. Indoor-outdoor furniture manufactured by Witt Industries and Flash Furniture is formed from all metal and powder coated to ensure durability for years of heavy use. Most of our indoor/outdoor furniture comes with a generous two-year warranty.


Here’s a look at a few of our best-selling models …


CH-31230-BK-GG Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair by Flash Furniture

The model CH-31230-BK-GG Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair is an attractive stackable bistro style chair. You can stack up to eight chairs with this model. It wears a shiny black powder coat finish (other colors available). The seat features a comfortable curved back with vertical slats.


Drain holes have been punched into the seat to enable easy cleaning and ventilation. This model has a cross brace support located under the seat to ensure extra stability. The plastic caps on the cross brace help protect the chair’s finish when stacked. It also has protective rubber floor glides to help prevent surface scuffing. Its lightweight design makes this a highly versatile chair for both indoor and outdoor use.

High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool

CH-31350-24-BK-GG 24” High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool with Round Seat by Flash Furniture

CH-31350-24-BK-GG 24” High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool with Round Seat by Flash Furniture

The Flash Furniture CH-31350-24-BK-GG stool is highly versatile 24-inch high backless model decorated in black powder coated metal (other colors available). It measures at approximately counter height and has a rounded seat.


This modern design stool is stackable and stacks up to eight stools high. It has a drain hole in the seat for convenient cleaning and ventilation. It also sports a sturdy cross brace under the seat for extra stability.


Its plastic caps on the cross brace protect the stool’s finish when stacked. Stacking is easy thanks to a lightweight design. There are footrest protective rubber floor glides that prevent floor scratches.

Square Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table

CH-31330-29-BK-GG 24” Square Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table by Flash Furniture


CH-31330-29-BK-GG 24” Square Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table by Flash Furniture

The 24” model CH-31330-29-BK-GG Metal Cafe Table is designed for both residential and commercial use. It has an attractive engraved designer top with two-inch thick edge. Its black powder coat finish makes this model stand out (other colors available). The table comes with a sturdy cross brace that ensures extra stability while in use. It has standard protective rubber floor glides to prevent floor scratches.

Be sure to call ABC Office today at 1-800-658-8788 for all of your indoor-outdoor furniture needs!

Best Waiting Room Seating & Lobby Chairs

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Waiting Room & Lobby ChairsIf you have a waiting room or a lobby, chances are pretty good that your customers are going to need a place to sit. There are several factors to take into consideration when furnishing a waiting room or a lobby.

At ABC Office we offer:

Here are a few of the most common questions you will want to ask yourself prior to making a purchase.

How Long Will People Be Waiting?

  • The amount of time people will be waiting may determine whether or not you need padded furniture or not. If people will only be waiting for 5-10 minutes, a simple plastic or non-padded chair may be fine. If a customer will be sitting in excess of 15 minutes, you may want to consider a padded chair. You don’t want your customers grumpy from discomfort when you see them.

How Many People Will Be Waiting?

  • If you have a dozen or more people waiting in a room at any given time, you may want to consider a sled-style bench, linked chairs or heavier wooden seating. This will help keep furniture from falling into disarray.

Is The Floor Carpeted Or Smooth?

  • If the floor is carpeted, chairs should be able to stay in place without much movement. If the floor is smooth, you may need a heavier chair or a chair with floor pads to keep it from sliding around the floor.

Will Children Be Around?

  • Children by nature can be very messy. If there is a chance of food or other messy products being around furniture, you may want a plastic non-fabric chair that is easy to wipe down and clean up.

What Type Of Existing Furniture Do You Own?

  • If you already have furniture in your lobby or waiting room, you will probably want a chair that matches or blends in. Wooden chairs typically blend in well with existing furniture.

Is Space An Issue?

  • If space is an issue, you may want to consider using stackable chairs. This makes putting chairs away easy and can make cleanup easier as well.

Answers to these questions should help point you in the right direction. In the meantime, you can find our entire selection of waiting room and lobby seating here.

What is a Double Rub? Furniture & Fabric Tests

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Model 300-SV Stackable Chair from OFMI had a few people today ask me what a double rub was. We have it listed on our site along with many of our fabric padded chairs, sofas and furniture. A double rub is a test done on furniture fabric to see how long it will hold up.

Essentially a machine with a roller goes back and forth on a fabric-covered chair (double rub) to determine how well the fabric will hold up. The more double rubs it can handle, without wearing out, the better the fabric.

The manufacturer OFM rates many of their chairs based on double rubs. OFM’s 300-SV fabric stackable chair is rated at 750,000 double rubs, which is a lot. This means the fabric on the 300-SV Comfort Class stackable chair has some high-quality fabric on it. Not all fabric will list the double-rub rating.

You can find our entire selection of padded office chairs here.

Stackable Chairs – Furniture On The Cheap

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Not every school, office or church has volumes of excess space to place permanent furniture. Many rooms are used for multiple purposes. In an office, one week a room may be used to make a sales presentation and the following week it may be used as a conference room. Stackable chairs are a great way to make the most of limited space.

Stackable chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made from metal, covered in fabric or vinyl, where others are basic and made from plastic. Some stackable chairs can stack anywhere from 5 to 10 chairs high. Color selection and design options are broad with stackable chairs from ABC Office.

Our stackable chairs look very professional and fit in with most office environments. They don’t look like those cheap white plastic chairs used on a patio. We currently have over 19 different models to choose from. Stop by and take a look at our great selection. Keep in mind that we do offer discounts on bulk purchase just in case you need to fill an entire room with chairs.  You can find ABC Office’s selection of stackable chairs here.

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