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Cross Cut vs. Strip Cut Paper Shredders On A Mechanical Level

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Destroyit Paper ShreddersAs you probably already know, strip cut shredders cut paper into tiny strips of paper and cross cut shredders cut paper into tiny particles of paper. While it may be as simple as placing paper in a machine and pressing a button, there is a lot going on under the hood. There is a lot of sophistication in your shredder’s blade. I’ll go into more detail.

To begin with, a strip cut paper shredder blade is far less sophisticated than a cross cut shredder blade. This should come as no surprise as much less cutting is involved. Strip cut paper shredder blades usually consist of a few perforated or sharpened wheels that sit across a shaft. A lot of strip cut shredders have pretty flimsy cutting blades.

A cross cut shredder blade involves a lot tougher, heavier-duty and thicker cutting blade. There are a lot more moving parts in a cross cut shredder head than there are in a strip cut shredder head. Cross cut shredder heads, in my opinion, are far tougher than strip cut shredder heads.

Today I grabbed a digital camera to show you the visual difference between a strip cut and a cross cut shredder head. My back is now covered in shredded paper (from laying down), but I think it is worth the sacrifice. These pictures are taken from the underside of the shredder head.

The first picture I am showing you is the shredder head of a Rexel 1250 S2 strip cut paper shredder.

Strip Cut Shredder Blades

This second picture is of the shredder head on a Destroyit 2604 CC.

Cross Cut Shredder Blades

Do you notice the difference in sophistication between the two shredders? Pretty neat.

Cross Cut & Strip Cut Paper Shredder Blades

Strip cut shredders rarely need to be oiled. There just aren’t as many moving parts as there are in a cross cut shredder blade. A cross cut shredder has a lot of moving parts and involves a lot of friction. I personally recommend oiling a cross cut shredder every time you empty the bag. This should help the cross cut shredder last for years. You can find our shredder oil here.

Is your shredder head damaged, nicked, dull or in desperate need of repair? Contact our Service Department. They are often able to find you replacement parts for Destroyit, Martin Yale, Intimus, Rexel, Kobra, HSM, Fellowes, Olympia, Dahle, Formax and many other brands of shredders. Our Service Department can even swap out old shredder blades and replace them with new blades, giving your shredder a new lease on life.

We also offer a huge selection of brand new paper shredders from reputable brands. If a shredder is junk, we simply won’t include it on our site. You can find our entire line of new paper shredders here. Questions? Call our experts at 1-800-658-8788.

Advantages Of A Strip Cut Paper Shredder

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Strip Cut Paper ShreddersWe all know that paper shredders play an important roll in battling identity theft. That said, there are many different ways to shred paper. Strip cut (aka Straight Cut) and cross cut paper shredders are the most common styles of paper shredders used today. So with the added security benefits of a crosscut paper shredder, why would anyone want to get a strip cut paper shredder? Here are a few reasons why:

Strip Cut Paper Shredder Benefits:

Sheet Capacity – Strip cut paper shredders can typically shred 40 percent or more sheets than the cross cut equivalent. This is a huge benefit when shredding a lot of paper.

Security – While strip cut shredders will never provide as much security as a cross cut shredder, many strip cut shredders are available in a security level 2 or security level 3 designs. A 1/8-inch or 1/1/6-inch wide strip is still very small and will provide more than enough security for most people. This is more than adequate for shredding invoices, credit card applications and bank statements.

Strip Cut PaperRecyclability – Paper run through a strip cut paper shredder can be used as packaging material or animal bedding. This cannot be done with cross cut shredders as cross cut particles create too much dust and make too big a mess.

Price – Strip cut paper shredders are often more affordable. This is due in part to the cutting blades being less complex and less expensive to make when compared to a cross cut shredder.

Reliability – Simply put, strip cut paper shredder blades create far less friction and heat as compared to a cross cut shredder, allowing for many strip cut models to last longer than their cross cut counterparts. Strip cut shredders typically handle paper clips and staples better as well.

If you don’t need extreme high security, a strip cut shredder may be the way to go. You get more capacity and a better price, among other benefits. Read more about paper shredders by reading our paper shredder guide found here. You may find our great selection of paper shredders here. Enjoy!

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