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Tamerica VersaBind Manual Binding Machine Review

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Tamerica VersaBind Binding MachineSo you really want to bind a book, but just can’t seem to settle on a binding format. You like comb, wire and coil, but don’t want to limit yourself. Well, you’re in luck! The Tamerica VersaBind manual binding machine gives you the option to bind books in a wide variety of formats. I have used this machine and will post some of the pros and cons here.

I have used comb, wire and spiral binding machines and can completely understand why someone would be reluctant to settle on one single binding format. I really like all three of these popular binding methods and they all have their own unique benefits. The Tamerica VersaBind does a great job answering this problem.

The Tamerica VersaBind binding machine is designed to punch holes and bind books in comb, 2:1 pitch wire, 3:1 pitch wire and 4:1 pitch coil. Although not advertised, because the Tamerica VersaBind can punch a 19-ring hole pattern for comb, it can also be used to bind books using 19-ring Spiral-O wire. This means the Tamerica can bind books in five different and unique styles.

VersaBind Binds:

  • 19-Ring Comb
  • 19-Ring Wire
  • 2:1 Pitch Wire
  • 3:1 Pitch Wire
  • 4:1 Pitch Coil

Tamerica VersaBind Interchangeable Dies

It includes a comb opener and closer for binding combs and a wire closer for wires. Coils must be manually fed through the punched holes. While the VersaBind isn’t designed for high-volume binding, it is perfect for low to medium-volume binding.

Unlike other multi-format binding machines, the Tamerica VersaBind includes all the punching dies needed to bind comb, wire and coil. Most other multi-format machines require you to buy the additional punching dies separately. This is a huge DEAL.

These aren’t cheap punching dies either. The coil, comb and wire punching dies all include selectable dies, allowing you to decide exactly which hole punches and which doesn’t. The punching pins seem to be very sturdy and shouldn’t dull easily.

The handles have been placed in an ergonomic way, making it easy to punch paper, open combs and close wire.

One thing I would really like to see on the Tamerica VersaBind is a coil inserter. Akiles has managed to include compact coil inserters and I would love to see one on this machine.

You will also want to scale back the punching capacity on this machine. Although it claims to be able to punch 20 sheets at a time, I would probably scale that back to about 15 sheets. The machine seemed to strain a little at 20 sheets. This is pretty common with binding machine manufacturers. They always give you the absolute maximum amount of sheets it can bind, even though that amount shouldn’t be done on a regular basis.

In conclusion, I really like using this binding machine. I think the versatility of multiple binding formats is huge and for everything you get, the VersaBind may be one of the best deals you’ll ever see in a multi-format binding machine. You will find the Tamerica VersaBind manual binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of binding machines here.

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