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Manufacturer Spotlight: Tamerica Binding Machines

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Tamerica Office EquipmentIf you’re shopping around for a binding machine, or even a laminator or paper cutter, one manufacturer you may want to consider using is Tamerica. Established in 1985, Tamerica Products Incorporated (TPI) has been manufacturing and distributing office machines for over 24 years. ABC Office has been selling Tamerica products for decades and they are considered a customer favorite.

Tamerica states that they operate under process-oriented principles of Kaizen, which is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better.” In true form, Tamerica is always making improvements and increasing the performance of their machines.

Tamerica is best known to our customers for their line of binding machines. Their 190PB, 210PB, 213PB and TCC 210EPB comb binding machines are particularly popular. These binding machines all utilize durable metal components and are known for their rich features for little cost. You can find our entire selection of Tamerica comb binding machines here.

Tamerica V2000-Pro SecureBind Binding MachineA few years ago Tamerica released one of the first-ever alternatives to the GBC VeloBind bookbinding format known as SecureBind. SecureBind, found in their V2000-Pro, uses the same hole pattern and thermal process as standard GBC VeloBind machines, but at a fraction the cost. The V2000-Pro has an impressive 2″ binding capacity.

While Tamerica is extremely well known for their binding machines, they also manfacture an impressive line of stack paper cutters, roll laminating machines, pouch laminators, business card cutters, paper folding machines, laminating film and workstations.

Here are just a few of Tamericas most popular cutters, laminators and folding machines

Tamerica is continually developing new machines, so be sure to check back often to see what’s available. You can find our entire selection of Tamerica office equipent here. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

Top 10 Best Manual Stack Paper Cutters

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Manual Stack Paper CuttersStack paper cutters offer a great blend of affordability and high-capacity paper cutting. There are a lot of stack paper cutters out there. Having used stack paper cutters for over a decade, I am in a position to provide you with some good shopping advice. I will provide you with some great brand suggestions and will recommend some reliable stack cutter models that you will be happy with.

In case you’re not familiar with manual stack paper cutters, they are special cutters designed to cut hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. They typically have some sort of clamping mechanism that keeps paper in place and usually have a long cutting handle (about 2-3 feet long) that you pull down to cut stacks of paper.

Now that we understand what a stack paper cutter is, let’s start off with some recommended brands. Who do I consider to be best when it comes to manual stack paper cutter manufacturing?  I have to say hands down that Triumph is THE best brand of stack paper cutters. While there are many clones, and other cheap “budget” models out there, nothing comes close to the accuracy and machine finesse.

I would have to say that Intelli-Cut (by Intelli-Zone) and Dahle come in a very close second. Both of these brands offer several manual stack cutter models that are easy to use, are extremely affordable and are very accurate.

These are the stack paper cutters that I consider to be the best in the industry:

Top 10 Best Manual Stack Paper Cutters

  1. MBM Triumph 4305 16 7/8″ Manual Stack Paper Cutter
  2. MBM Triumph 4705 18 ¾” Manual Stack Paper Cutter
  3. Intelli-Cut 530D 17″ Stack Paper Cutter w/ Digital Display
  4. Tamerica GuilloMax Plus 18″ Manual Stack Cutter
  5. Intelli-Cut 580M 18 7/8″ Manual Stack Cutter
  6. Dahle 846 & 848 Stack Paper Cutters
  7. Dahle 842 17″ Manually Operated Stack Cutter
  8. Intelli-Cut 530M Manual 18 7/8″ Stack Cutter
  9. Intelli-Cut 580D 18 7/8″ Stack Cutter w/ Digital Display
  10. Dahle 852 17″ Premium Stack Cutter

These 10 paper cutters all have a great track record with our customers, feature high-quality components and should save you time by quickly and accurately cutting hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

Best Book Binding Machine Brands

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Best Binding Machine BrandsIf you’re looking for a book binding machine, you probably want to get one from a manufacturer that has a good reputation. While there is a lot of information out there on the best cars, Blu-ray players and laptops, there is little information regarding the best book binding machines. I have been using, selling and working with binding machines for over a decade. I have compiled a list of the best binding machine brands.

As previously mentioned, I have a lot of experience with book binding machines. This includes comb, wire, coil and many other formats. I have to admit that while I have used some absolute amazing binding machines, I have used a lot of lemons as well. I will explain why these binding machines brands are the best and why you may want to consider using them.

Best Book Binding Machine Brands

  1. Akiles Binding Machines – Akiles is probably one of the best and most reputable manufacturers of binding machines. They manufacture the WireMac, CoilMac and MegaBind book binding machines along with several other models. Akiles machines are known for their durable “metal” construction and ability to hold up after years of rigorous use.
  2. Intelli-Bind Binding Machines – Intelli-Bind, from Intelli-Zone, has been around for about a year and has developed a reputation for offering extremely affordable machines with many high-end features. Most of Intelli-Bind’s coil binding machines feature electric coil inserters. Other binding formats (coil, comb & wire) often feature disengageable punching pins and much more. These machines have a great track record with customers.
  3. Renz Binding Machines – Renz book binding machines feature elegant designs and the ability to handle higher-volume binding operations. They are probably best known for their high quality wire binding machines. Many publishers, copy centers and organizations like to use their machines for commercial wire binding operations.
  4. Tamerica Binding Machines – Tamerica (sometimes called Tahsin) offers a great line of comb, wire and coil binding machines. These machines are affordable and generally fall in the range of low to medium-volume book binding.
  5. SircleBind Binding Machines – SircleBind offers a great selection of comb, wire and coil binding machines. Having used these machines myself, I have to say that make a good low to medium-volume machine. The only thing I don’t like about their machines is there is a lot of plastic involved in the manufacturing process. That said, they have a good reputation with our customers.
  6. GBC Binding Machines – GBC offers a wide range of book binding machines, from coil to VeloBind. I have to say that it is hit and miss with GBC. I really like their VeloBind line of machines and really like their GBC C800 Pro comb binding machine, which is a modification of a very popular Ibico binding machine.

I hope this list helps you find a good machine. You can find our entire line of book binding machines here.

If you have questions, or simply need more information, feel free to speak with one of our binding machine specialists by calling 1-800-658-8788.

Tamerica VersaBind-E 4-in-1 Electric Binding Machine Review

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Tamerica VersaBind-E 4-in-1 Electric Binding MachineHow many times have you wanted to bind a book in a different format than what you already have? We always want what we can’t have, right? Well now maybe you can. With the Tamerica VersaBind-E 4 in 1 electric binding machine (found here), you can bind books in up to 4 different popular formats. This is my review.

Tamerica is one of the leading book binding machine manufacturers around. They manufacture a wide selection of popular binding machines, laminators and paper cutters. Their machines feature a good build quality at a decent price.

The VersaBind-E is one of the most versatile book binding machines around. That is because it can bind books in 19-ring plastic comb, 3:1 Wire-O wire, 2:1 wire and 4:1 coil. This is pretty impressive for any binding machine.

The machine itself utilizes what’s known as interchangeable punching dies, which Tamerica calls the EZ slide system. This means that the punching die can be removed and a new one can be added. You literally slide out the die and insert another. This is not only nice because you can punch holes for multiple binding formats, but it also makes it extremely easy to replace punching dies when the become dull.

The Tamerica VersaBind-E includes a comb opener, a wire closer and a coil insertion channel. It is basically like having 4 different binding machines in one single model. This is pretty neat if you ask me.

The punching die on the VersaBind-E is completely electric. It is operated by use of a foot pedal. This allows you to hold the paper you are punching with both hands. This allows for accurate and aligned punching. A foot pedal also helps speed the entire book binding process. The electric punch is capable of punching through up to 20 sheets of paper at a time.

The build quality on the Tamerica VersaBind-E is actually pretty nice. The punching dies are metal and the machine itself appears to be made from durable metal components. The price is certainly right, especially considering everything you get.

I have to say that I personally really like the VersaBind-E, especially considering all the different binding formats it can perform. This is a great binding machine to have in an office, school, church or copy center. Not only does it have interchangeable dies, but it is electric.

You can find the Tamerica VersaBind-E 4 in 1 electric binding machine here and our entire selection of book binding machines here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

Tamerica TCC242 Durabind Comb Binding Machine Reviewed

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Tamerica TCC242 Durabind Comb Binding MachineBook binding shouldn’t be reserved for binderies and large businesses. With so many affordable options now available, just about anyone can bind a book. We have customers that use their binding machines to bind cookbooks, presentations, genealogy, photo albums, books and more. If you need a reliable book binding machine, you may want to consider the Tamerica TCC242 Durabind comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

Comb binding is still one of the most popular binding formats around. The machines are commonly available and the supplies are cheap. I especially like the fact that comb binding allows you to remove pages, add pages and re-use spines.

The Tamerica TCC242 is one of the most well rounded machines we carry. It can be used with all binding combs and is capable of punching paper, card stock, clear covers, poly covers and much more. It can even be used to bind books up to 14” long!

The TCC242 is literally made of metal, from the handle to the base. The hollow ground dies are capable of quickly punching through up to 15 sheets of standard 20# paper at a time. The TCC242 is designed to bind legal and letter size paper, but can easily bind smaller documents.

Due to the high-quality manufacturing process of the punching dies, the TCC242 should stay sharp and punching for years to come. If you look at the picture of this machine you’ll notice the extra-long handle. This handle makes punching effortless.

One feature I really like about the Tamerica TCC242 is the disengageable (selectable) dies. This feature allows you to determine and choose exactly where holes will be punched. Simply pull out the pin and that die is disabled. This cuts down on half-punched holes and makes the binding of smaller documents extremely easy.

Not only does the TCC242 feature selectable punching dies, but it also has an adjustable margin depth. This makes punching books of varying thicknesses easier and helps prevent pages from accidentally tearing out. The TCC242 can bind a book as thin as a couple of pages or as thick as 2″.

The TCC242 weighs in at 28 pounds shipped. This is light enough that it can be used on most tables, desks and other surfaces. It is easy to pick up and move around, yet has enough heft to let you know it means business.

Reliable Alternatives:
Akiles Megabind 1 Comb Binding Machine

I really like the Tamerica TCC242. It has been around for years and has a great track record with our customers. It is a great binding machine for use at home, in a school or at the office.

You can find the Tamerica TCC242 comb binding machine here and our entire selection of comb binding machines here.

Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo Wire & Comb Binding Machine Review

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo Wire & Comb Binding MachineComb and wire binding looks great. The end results are professional and they each have their own unique characteristics. If you are in the market for a book binding machine and can’t seem to settle on any one format, you may want to consider buying a machine like the Tamerica 213PB comb & wire binding machine (found here). I have had an opportunity to use this multi-format binding machine and this is my review.

Tamerica manufactures a lot of office equipment. Product lines include laminators, binding machines, paper cutters and much more. They are known for making great machines that are typically priced below comparable machines.

Officially called the Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo, this machine is what’s known as a multi-format or combination-binding machine. This is because it can be used to bind both plastic 19-ring comb binding and 19-ring Spiral-O double loop wire. This is a huge benefit for people who like both styles of binding, but don’t necessarily want to buy two separate machines.

Not only does the 213PB have the ability to bind books in both comb and wire, it also features an included 3-hole paper punch. If you’re like me, and have limited room on your desk, this is a huge plus. Few book binding machines include a 3-hole paper punch.

The punch can slice through up to about 20 sheets of paper at a time. This is pretty impressive for a manual punch and is due in part to the hollow ground punching dies. I have mentioned this before in previous binding machine reviews, but I would probably scale back the maximum amount of sheets punched to about 15 simply because I don’t like to max out a binding machine on every punch.

The build quality on the 213PB is above average. It features metal construction and upon handling them machine, it has some nice heft to it. It weighs in at 30 pounds shipped. This means it is durable, yet light enough to be moved around should the need arise.

The 213 features a built in comb opener and a wire closer. It basically has everything you need, from start to finish, to bind a report, presentation or booklet. All 21 punching dies on this machine are disengageable. This means you can select on a “per die” basis which punching dies you want to punch the paper. This cuts down on half-punched holes and makes binding small books much easier.

The Tamerica (sometimes called Tahsin) 213PB is a solid little machine. For the price, you are getting a great value. I would personally like to own one myself for my occasional binding projects. I would rate this machine as best for light to medium-volume binding projects.

You can find the Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo comb and wire binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of book binding machines here.

Feel free to call us up at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our book binding machine specialists. They are highly trained and very friendly. Have a great day!

Tamerica TM-20 (5 in 1) Paper Trimmer Review

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Tamerica TM-20 5 in 1 Scrapbooking Paper Cutter & TrimmerAre you looking for the perfect scrapbook cutter, but don’t have a huge budget to spend? There are a lot of inexpensive paper trimmers out there, but one model that has increasingly grown in popularity is the Tamerica TM-20 (5 in 1) paper trimmer (found here). I’ll explain why in this review.

Tamerica has been manufacturing affordable paper cutters, binding machines and laminators for years. Tamerica is known for making affordable mid-range products that are typically ideal for low to medium-volume use.

The Tamerica TM-20 is a scrapbooking paper cutter for many reasons. To begin with, it has a 12.6″ cutting length. This is idea for cutting photographs, decorative card stock, printed material and much more. It has a 5 sheet cutting capacity with a straight blade.

Not only does the TM-20 come with a straight blade, but it also includes a variety of patterned blades. This includes a perforated blade, a wave blade and a scoring wheel. It even has a built-in corner rounder blade. Swapping the cutting heads / wheels is quick and easy, taking just seconds.

The cutting head slides along a rectangular-shaped bar. This helps keep the head steady, which subsequently improves accuracy. The style of the TM-20 is very modern and fits right in with existing office equipment and supplies.

The base of the Tamerica TM-20 is screen printed with a variety of guides designed to help with common cuts and measurements. The guide is white, screen-printed on the black base. The TM-20 weighs in at 20 pounds shipped, which means it is hefty enough to be durable yet light enough to be easily moved around.

While the TM-20 is by no means a heavy-duty paper cutter, it is excellent for use in the home and for occasional cutting jobs in the office.

I would personally feel comfortable giving this cutter to my wife for all her scrapbooking operations. Considering it comes with a variety of patterned interchangeable wheels, it really is a great value for the price.

You can find the Tamerica TM-20 (5 in 1) paper trimmer here. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

Tamerica (Tahsin) 190PB Comb Binding Machine Review

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Tamerica Tahsin 190PB Comb Binding MachineHave you ever used a Tamerica brand book binding machine? Tamerica has developed a great name over the past several years and are now known as one of the leading manufacturers of book binding machines. One of their most popular entry-level machines is the Tamerica 190PB comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

You may have noticed, by the subject line of my article, that I mention the name Tahsin. Tamerica used to use the name Tahsin on many of their binding machines, laminators and other products. They now use their own name, Tamerica, on these same machines. The machines are the same and the quality hasn’t changed.

The Tamerica 190PB is an entry-level comb binding machine. By entry-level, I mean it is designed for light-volume use. This isn’t to say it is cheap, but it isn’t designed to bind hundreds of books either. It is ideal for use in a school, a small business or even at home.

While it doesn’t feature a lot of bells and whistles, the build quality is excellent. When you pick up the machine, and handle it, you can tell that it is made from quality parts. It weighs in at 12 pounds shipped. This is heavy enough to get the job done, but light enough to move around.

Punching paper is very easy. Simply insert the paper into the horizontal punch (20 total sheets) and pull the handle. While the 190PB claims a 20 sheet punching capacity, I would personally scale that back to 16-18 for regular use. Twenty sheets is the absolute maximum this machine can handle.

The Tamerica 190PB uses a single-handle system for comb binding. This means the same handle that is used for punching the paper is also used to open the comb. The handle is pulled down to punch the paper and pushed forward to open the comb. I personally like this format. Some machines feature two handles, one for punching and one for comb opening.

The 190PB can bind a book up to 2″ thick. Simply break up the book into punchable sheets. Once all the paper has been punched, the comb can be inserted. The entire process is very easy.

The Tamerica (Tahsin) 190PB is best used for binding letter-size (8 ½” x 11″) books. While it can be used to bind smaller books, it doesn’t feature disengageable punching pins. This means you may run the risk of a half-punched hole if binding smaller books.

Overall I like the Tamerica 190PB. It is a great little machine for what it is designed to do. The price is right, and if used correctly, should easily last for several years.

You can find the Tamerica 190PB comb binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of comb binding machines here.

Tamerica (Tahsin) SM330 Pouch Laminator Review

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Tamerica / Tahsin SM330 Pouch LaminatorPouch laminators are perfect for laminating cards, photographs, signs and more. If you are in the market for an affordable pouch laminator that can handle material up to 13″ wide, the Tamerica SM330 pouch laminator (found here) may be the machine for you. This is my review.

Tamerica is a well-known manufacturer of both pouch and roll laminators. Designs and models range in size and output volume. Tamerica laminators continue to be a huge hit with our customers. This includes the Tamerica SM330.

The Tamerica SM330, also known as the Tahsin TCC-SM330, is a 13″ wide pouch laminator. At this width, the SM330 can easily handle letter-size documents without a problem. This width also allows you to laminate larger 11″ x 18″ documents such as signs or menus.

Setting this laminator up is pretty simply. It has a power button that turns on the heating element and a separate dial to adjust the heat. There is a tilt switch that allows the motor to be put in a forward or reverse speed. A light lets you know when the laminator has reached desired temperature settings and are ready to go.

I personally love the reverse switch and think all pouch laminators should have a feature like this. Why is that? No matter how experienced you are with a pouch laminator, misfeeds are bound to occur. A reverse switch allows you to back the pouch out and re-position it, which dramatically cuts down on jams.

The motor seems to run pretty quiet, which can be a huge plus if you are using the laminator in an office environment.

The heated rollers really help contribute towards an even and smooth finish. The Tamerica SM330 is capable using laminating film from 3 to 10 mils thick. This means it can handle pretty much any film out there.

Overall I really like the Tamerica SM330. It is compact enough to be used on a desk and affordable enough to be used at home. This laminator is best used for low to medium-volume jobs.

You can find the Tamerica SM330 pouch laminator here. You can find our entire selection of pouch laminators here.

Tamerica TCC-2100 Comb Binding Machine Review

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Tamerica TCC-2100 Comb Binding MachineComb binding continues to be one of the most common binding formats used today. Are you in the market for a comb binding machine? One comb binder you may want to look at prior to making a purchase is the Tamerica TCC-2100 comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

Tamerica is known for making some of the most affordable book binging machines available today. They manufacture a variety of different binding machines, most of which are targeted towards low to medium volume binding.

The TCC-2100 is a very affordable comb binding machine for what it does. A few features that set this machine apart from the competition are selectable punching dies and an adjustable margin depth. Both of these features make it possible to bind custom size books and books of varying thicknesses.

The punch on the TCC-2100 is able to punch through up to 20 sheets of standard 20# paper at a time. While is may be the case, I would recommend scaling that back to 15-18 sheets initially. I don’t like to max out the punching capacity on binding machines on a consistent basis.

It is able to bind books up to two-inches thick, which is pretty much the thickest comb binding book you can bind with any machine. Simply put your paper in and punch it until you have completed punching all the paper.

When the paper is done being punched, place a comb on the opener, open the comb and insert the open comb fingers through the punched holes. You then release the comb opener, which closes the combs shut. That’s it. You’re ready to move on to the next book.

The TCC-2100 uses the same handle for punching the paper and opening the combs. Some people like to have two different levers for the two different functions, but I don’t mind. You pull the handle back to punch and push it forward to open combs.

The Tamerica TCC-2100 only weighs 27 pounds shipped, so it can easily be placed on desks, tables and other surfaces. It is also light enough to move around.

The build quality on the TCC-2100 seems to be fine for low to medium-volume binding applications. I would not use this comb binder for high-volume binding. For one it is a manual machine and secondly it simply isn’t build for that kind of volume.

Overall I like this machine, as I do most Tamerica comb binding machines. For the price, it is a great fit for schools, churches, businesses and even for home use.

You can find the Tamerica TCC-2100 comb binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of comb binding machines here.

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