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ABC 100 Counterfeit Bill Detector Review

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

ABC 100 UV Counterfeit Bill DetectorCounterfeit bills are rampant and the technology used to commit this crime is cheaper, more available and better than ever. So what can you do as a retailer or store owner to combat this? Use a counterfeit bill detector. So which model should you use? You may want to consider using the ABC 100 counterfeit detector (found here). I have used it and this is my review.

The ABC 100 uses ultraviolet (UV) detection to determine if a bill is counterfeit. Simply place a bill under the light and it will light up the UV properties found in a bill. These properties vary depending on the denomination of the bill.

You can find more about where these UV properties are located on the bills by going here. You can read even more about counterfeit detection by reading our counterfeit detection guide found here.

The ABC 100 is a very light machine. It only about three pound shipped, so it is extremely portable and easy to move around. It does require a wall outlet to operate.

UV Bill Verification

The only downside to using a UV detector like this is if you are in direct sunlight, it can be hard to see the UV light shining on the bill and the highlighted line may not show up very well. If you are having trouble seeing the UV properties on the bill, you may want to move the ABC 100 to a darker location.

Overall I am impressed with the ABC 100. It is very simple, but UV detection is one of the best ways to cut down on counterfeit bill problems. You can the ABC 100 counterfeit detector here. You can find our entire selection of counterfeit bill detectors here.

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