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Wet Floor Caution Cones (Piso Mojado) – Workplace Safety Tips

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Wet Floor Caution Cones - Cuidado Piso MojadoKeeping the workplace safe is an important part of any business’s daily operations. This includes retail store environments that have to not only keep employees safe, but also customers. One important way to do this is to have a wet floor caution cone on hand.

Caution cones alert customers to dangerous situations, including wet floors that may be cause by rain, snow or a food spill. At ABC Office we offer deployable wet floor caution cones. The main benefit of a deployable caution cone is space.

Traditional orange wet floor cones can take up a lot of space. Deployable cones are compact and fold up. Some models have a strap that keeps them compact, where others include a tube that they can be placed in for storage. Deployable cones turn into a large wet floor cone in just seconds. This is do to the spring loaded design. Once deployed, these cones remind me of a pop-up tent.

Our wet floor deployable cones state “Caution – Wet Floor” in English and “Cuidado – Piso Mojado” in Spanish. These cones are available in different heights. They are all available in a bright yellow design, with some also available in an orange design.

You will find our wet floor caution cones in schools, hospitals, universities, grocery stores, retail stores and other buildings where patients, clients, customers and students reside. You can find our entire selection of wet floor caution cones here.

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