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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Wood Single Pocket Chart Holders – Seven Great Options

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Wooden Mallet CH14-1 Single-Pocket Chart HolderWhen it comes to displaying, holding and organizing charts, a high-quality chart holder (sometimes called a file holder) can make all the difference in the world. While there are many models to choose from, including wire and plastic, we have found that most of our customers prefer a nice wall-mounted wood chart holder. At ABC office we currently offer seven different models (found here) including several that are HIPAA compliant. One of them is an X-ray holder.

Our most popular chart holders are made by Wooden Mallet. Wooden Mallet is probably best known for their huge lineup of magazine racks and literature holders, but their chart holders are equally just as good a quality. While we offer several multi-pocket chart holders, I would like to cover the single pocket models. The single pocket chart holders are especially popular in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

I would like to cover each one of these chart holders. I will start off with our two most popular models:

  1. Wooden Mallet CH14-1 Chart HolderWooden Mallet CH14-1 (found here) – This single-pocket chart holder features an angled design, keeping the charts naturally jogged forward. This rack features a simple and elegant design and it includes all the necessary hardware to mount it to the wall. This is our most popular chart holder. It comes in light oak, medium oak and dark red mahogany.
  2. Wooden Mallet CH15-1 Chart HolderWooden Mallet CH15-1 (found here) – This is one of our top two most popular chart holders. Unlike the CH 14-1, this rack features a pocket that is completely vertical. The design is simple, yet it is easy to put in individual patient rooms in a doctor’s office or hospital. It features a 12 ½” wide pocket that is 2″ deep. This chart holder looks great hung on a wall.
  3. Wooden Mallet CHD15-1 Deep Chart HolderWooden Mallet CHD15-1 (found here) – This is a more robust chart holder than the previous two mentioned. It is 13 ½” wide by 3 ½” deep, making it ideal for situations where a lot of charts need to be held at once. This rack features a wood back, sides and front. Charts are kept secure and private. This can be mounted by itself or along side several in a row.
  4. Wooden Mallet PCH15-1 Privacy HIPAA Chart HolderWooden Mallet PCH15-1 (found here) – This is our least expensive privacy chart holder that is completely HIPAA compliant. It features a taller front wood panel that keeps contained files and charts completely hidden and private. The front panel is 9″ tall. It is wall mounted, 2″ deep and includes all wall mounting hardware. The wood grain finish looks great and blends in with existing office furnishings.
  5. Wooden Mallet OCHS15-1 Open Ended HIPAA Chart HolderWooden Mallet OCHS15-1 (found here) – This unique chart holder features an open ended design that is mounted to a square wall-mounting plate. This makes it easy to insert and access files from the top or the sides of the chart holder. The front panel is 9″ high for added privacy and it is HIPAA compliant. Choose from three different wood stain finishes.
  6. Wooden Mallet OCH020-1 HIPA Chart HolderWooden Mallet OCH020-1 (found here) – If you like the OCHS15-1 listed above, but don’t like the square wall-mounting plate, you are going to love the OCH020-1. This is also an open ended chart holder that is completely HIPAA compliant with a 9″ high front panel. It is mounted to an oval-shaped wall mounting bracket.
  7. XR-1 X-ray Chart Holder from Wooden MalletWooden Mallet XR-1 (found here) – While you may need to organize and hold charts in your hospital or doctor’s office, you may also need to hold X-rays. The XR-1 from Wooden Mallet is one of just a few wooden x-ray chart holders available online. This x-ray holder is 22 ½” wide by 12″ high by 2 2/4″ deep. It is wall mounted and includes mounting hardware.

So there you have it! Seven of the best wooden chart single-pocket chart holders you will find online. Not only are these available at a great price, the yare also extremely durable and tough for daily use. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of chart holders here.

Waiting Room Benches by Wooden Mallet

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Waiting Room Benches by Wooden MalletWaiting room benches (found here) provide a comfortable, easy-to-clean and portable way to provide comfortable seating for customers, clients, patients and customers. Wooden mallet, one of the best-known manufacturers of waiting room benches, offers several different seating options. Could one of these work for you?

If you have an office lobby or a waiting room, there are several things you can do to provide a more comfortable experience to your customer or patient. Customers who have a pleasant experience in a waiting room are more inclined to remember it begin an overall “good” experience and in turn are more likely to return for a later visit. This makes good business sense and good customer service sense.

One feature you may want to consider using is a magazine rack (found here). Reading material helps time pass by more quickly. Several floor, wall mounted and countertop magazine rack options are available at a reasonable price. Once you have provided your customer with good reading material, it is nice to have a comfortable place to sit.

If waiting room times range between five and 30 minutes, a great (and affordable) option is to use a padded bench. Benches come in single, double, triple and quadruple variations. These benches are designed to easily sit against a wall or be used directly in the open. The can be used from either side and are convenient for sitting or lying down.

Because there are few nooks and crannies on these benches, they are extremely easy to clean. There are several other features that make Wooden Mallet waiting room benches an ideal option. To begin with, they are made with one-inch thick solid oak. This oak build allows them to hold hundreds of pounds. This sturdy oak frame also eliminates annoying creaking and bending. Solid oak is simply more durable than cheap pressed wood benches.

These chairs all feature soft lush padding. This padding makes sitting comfortable and fabrics are available in several different colors and patterns, depending on your preference. The wood stain is also available in your choice of light oak, medium oak and mahogany.

Assembly of these waiting room benches is extremely easy and does not require any special tools. Simply use the included slide brackets and you’re ready to go.

We currently offer four different models of waiting room benches:

If you expect your customers, clients and patients to be waiting in excess of 30 minutes, you may want to consider using a Wooden Mallet waiting room chair:

These chairs feature the same quality as the benches, but include a supportive back rest.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions about our Wooden Mallet furniture or regarding waiting room furniture options. Remember, we have a low-price guarantee on our entire line of Wooden Mallet Furniture!

Top 7 Best Brochure Holders

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Best Brochure HoldersIf you run an information center, a convenience store, work in a university or run a business or organization that sells or distributes brochures, you’re probably looking for a durable, affordable and professional brochure holder. We offer a great selection of multi-pocket brochure holders (found here). This includes plastic, acrylic, metal and wood brochure holders. So which should you use? Here are a few models that have proven to be best sellers over the years.

I would like to start off by saying there are several types of brochure holders. While I am going to list of 5 bestsellers, we offer literally dozens of other models that are just as solid and well priced. Keep in mind that brochure holders come in desktop, floor and  wall-mounted configurations and are made from a wide variety of materials. Some brochure holders are multi-purpose, capable of holding magazines and other literature as well. I am going to focus on holders that are designed specifically for brochures only.

Desktop Brochure HolderTop 7 Best Brochure Holders

  1. Safco 5673CL Clear2c 8 Pocket Brochure Holder
  2. Wooden Mallet LT-8 8 Pocket Oak Brochure Holder
  3. Safco 5793 Expose 10 Pocket Wall-Mounted Brochure Holder
  4. Wooden Mallet BR24-4 Wall-Mounted 4 Pocket Brochure Holder
  5. Safco 5671CL Clear2c 12 Pocket Plastic Brochure Rack
  6. Model 30-6CD 6 Tier Brochure Holder
  7. Model 18-5CD 5 Tier Countertop Brochure Holder

These models all look great, have proven themselves to be durable and are all available at a great price. These can be used to hold and display brochures, pamphlets and other similarly-sized material. These come from popular brands such as Safco, Wooden Mallet and others. As previously mentioned, we also offer a great selection of brochure holder / magazine rack combination displays.

You can find our entire selection of brochure holders and racks here. Call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

Wood Tissue Box Covers and Holders – In Time for Winter

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Wood Tissue Box Covers and HoldersThe air is getting cold for many parts of the United States and people are beginning to spend more time indoors. As a result, more people are getting colds and the sniffles, which means a lot of people going through a lot of tissue. If you have an office lobby or waiting room, you probably offer customers tissues. Rather than putting a tissue box out on a table, in all its horrible flower décor glory, consider using a wood tissue box holder or cover. Your customers, clients and patients will be impressed.

Wood tissue box covers and holders provide a secure and professional way to display otherwise ugly tissue boxes. This allows the tissue box to blend in nicely with a wood table, wood seating and other wood furniture. It helps provide protection to the tissue box, while adding a professional element to the ambiance.

Our tissue box holders look great and come in dark red mahogany, light oak or medium oak. These wood tissue holders can be set out on a table or they can be mounted to a wall (mounting hardware included). These boxes are made out of oak, so they are designed to hold up well with continuous use. They can also be used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and medical facilities to hold latex or rubber glove boxes.

Wood Tissue Box Holder from Wooden MalletWhile these tissue box covers may commonly be found in lobbies and waiting rooms, they are also popular in schools, churches and even in homes. Choose from a single, double, triple or a quadruple wood tissue box holder design. These boxes are made by Wooden Mallet, so you can expect the utmost in quality.

While the quality is excellent and the finish is extremely professional, I think one of the best features is the great low price! You can find our entire selection of wood tissue box covers and holders here.

Wooden Fire Extinguisher Cabinets & Fire Codes

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Wooden Oak Fire Extinguisher CabinetsA customer recently asked me a question about whether or not wooden fire extinguisher cabinets complied with fire code. Initially I didn’t know. I assumed that they did comply with fire codes or they wouldn’t be made in the first place, but I wanted to check to be certain. This is what I discovered.

After speaking with Wooden Mallet, a prominent manufacturer of wooden oak fire extinguisher cabinets, I discovered that there are no fire codes preventing the use of wooden fire extinguisher cabinets.

I was informed, however, that cities can impose their own building and fire codes. It is recommended to check with the local fire marshal if there are any concerns.

Also take into consideration as to where the fire extinguisher cabinet will be mounted. Wooden fire extinguishers are mounted to a wall and do protrude. Some locations, such as halls, require that fire extinguisher cabinets be recessed into the wall regardless of whether they are wood or metal.

To date I have never had a customer complain about one of our wooden fire extinguisher cabinets or an issues with codes. You should be in the clear when it comes to using wooden fire extinguisher cabinets.

You can find our entire selection of wooden fire extinguisher cabinets here.

New Wooden Oak Bariatric Lobby & Waiting Room Chairs

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Dakota Wave Wooden Oak Bariatric Chairs from Wooden MalletWe are proud to announce that we have just added two new models of Dakota Wave wooden bariatric chairs from Wooden Mallet. Both of these new models feature a wide variety of fabric patterns and wood stains. Here is what makes these chairs so special.

To begin with, these chairs are designed to hold up to 800 pounds. This is made possible thanks to a durable one-inch thick wooden oak frame that has been reinforced on the back and bottom. The padding on the chair, found on the seat and back, is designed to also provide added support and comfort.

Wooden mallet doesn’t hold back on their furniture, and this includes their line of bariatric chairs. Wooden mallet furniture is known for holding up for years and is specifically designed to be used on a daily basis.

These chairs have been widened for extra comfort and are designed for use in lobbies, waiting rooms, conference halls, churches, schools and more. These chairs are comfortable for use by children, teenagers and adults and can be placed next to a wall, can be lined up in rows or can be used in the middle of the room.

New Wooden Bariatric Chairs

  1. Dakota Wave DWBA1-1 Sled Base Bariatric Chair
  2. Dakota Wave DWBA3-1 Standard Leg Bariatric Chair

We are excited about this new addition. We will continue to add more furniture to our site as we continue in our effort to provide you with durable, high quality office furniture. You can find our entire selection of comfortable office seating here.

Wooden Mallet Folding Luggage Racks Now Online

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Wooden Mallet Folding Luggage RacksWooden Mallet may be one of the best-known manufacturers of quality office chairs and office furniture that we offer. We are proud to announce that we have just added several of their new folding luggage racks to our site. This includes the model LR, LR2 and LR3.

One thing I really like about Wooden Mallet is that they don’t cut corners with their furniture. Everything they make is made from solid oak wood, none of that cheap pressed wood stuff. They plan out their furniture for the long haul, where a lot of the comparable stuff out there is designed to be used for a year and then be replaced.

So where would you use a folding luggage rack? You will a lot of them in hotels, but they are also commonly found in restaurants, churches and airports. They are designed to handle most suitcases, bags and luggage. Because they fold, they can easily be stored in a closet for later use.

These are the three Wooden mallet folding luggage racks that we offer:

All three racks are available in your choice of wood stain and fabric color. You can find our entire selection of Wooden Mallet furniture here.

ABC Office announces a new partnership with Wooden Mallet Inc.

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Wooden Mallet Display RacksWe are proud to announce a new partnership with Wooden Mallet Inc. located in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
Wooden Mallet Inc. has been in business for 30 years and produces fine wood office products. Wooden mallet produces everything in-house with their own routing machines, laser engraving machines and state-of-the-art finishing system. This new partnership will increase our line of display racks by 62.

For the past 10 years, Wooden Mallet has ranked consistently in the top 100 of the Wood & Wood Products, Wood 100 Annual Report for Solid Wood and Panel Technology. The ranking is figured on the company’s percentage growth from the previous year. The annual sales volume of Wooden Mallet grew a massive 1300 percent from 1993 to 2002.

Wooden Mallet display racks are made from high-quality solid oak sides and components. This construction
provides a durable and solid product.  All components are pre-finished before assembly to ensure an even finish in all nooks and crannies, and a better protected product. The finished product does an excellent job of displaying magazines and brochures and looks professional in any environment.

The finishing system used by Wooden Mallet is one of the first of its kind in the Midwest. The system
uses ultra violet light to cure the finish; not only is the finish more durable, but the process meets the emission standards set by the Environment Protection Agency for many years to come. This means your display rack will be durable and will last through years of future wear and tear. Wooden Mallet display racks are a great investment.

We have hundreds of styles of display racks to choose from. Apart from Wooden Mallet display racks, we also have a wide selection of other wooden, plastic and metal display racks.

Display racks can be purchased as floor units, wall-mounted units, rotating units, corner units or as countertop units. You can see our entire selection of display racks by going here.

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