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Best Features To Look For In Mobile Paper Carts

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Mobile Paper Carts & WorkstationsPaper carts are an important part of daily operations in many different businesses. This may be a printing press, a school or even a copy room. Making paper easy to move, transport and carry can be very important. With several different options out there, how do you know which type of paper cart to get? Here are a few tips that may put you on the right track!

Best Features To Look For In Paper Carts

  • Amount Of Trays – Make sure the paper cart you get has enough trays to handle different stacks of paper (if needed) Some paper carts come with multiple trays, where others have a large shelf where you can place multiple stacks of paper. This is a matter of personal preference.
  • Size Of Trays – Get the measurements of the tray and make sure it will hold your paper. Most paper cart trays are designed to hold at least an 8 ½” x 11″ sheet of paper where others are Mobile Paper Carts from ABC Officedesigned to hold large sheets of paper.
  • Cart Weight Capacity – Make sure your cart can hold the amount of weight required. If you will only be carrying paper, this usually isn’t an issue. Many people, however, also use a paper cart to carry a binding machine, paper folding machine or other piece of office equipment.
  • Casters – While all paper carts have casters (wheels), the caster size can vary. I have found that the larger the wheel, the easier it is to move.
  • Material Makeup – Paper carts are available in metal and plastic designs. The style you choose depends on preference. The metal carts will be a little heavier, but will hold up well over time.

These are just a few tips that you will want to take into consideration when shopping around for a paper cart. You can find our entire selection of paper carts here.

Best Binding Machine / Roll Laminating Workstations & Carts

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Binding Workstations and Laminating CartsWhether you use a binding machine or a roll laminator, the ability to move equipment from one area to another is not only convenient, but also often necessary. At ABC Office, we carry a wide variety of binding and laminating carts. These carts, depending on the equipment you are hauling, include volumes of storage space. Here are a few options.

To begin with, these workstations and carts are customer favorites. Many customers, after using one, discover that they have use for multiple carts. Not only can these carts be used with laminators and binding machines, they can also be used to hold paper, act as a side table and move other office equipment.

Best Binding Machine & Roll Laminator Carts / Workstations

  1. Tamerica Tahsin Binding Workstation – This cart is probably the most popular model we sell. It has several pull-out trays for holding supplies and the table can support most binding machines out there.
  2. Akiles Binding Workstation – This machine is very similar to the Tamerica Workstation. The quality is great and it is ideal for moving and using binding machines. Pull-out trays can be used to hold a variety of supplies.
  3. Tamerica LWS-1 Laminating Workstation – This is the ultimate cart for roll laminators. The table can support most 25-27″ roll laminators and the shelves make roll laminating film easy to access and store.
  4. Akiles AUS Utility Station – This utility station makes binding easy. There are several shelves for supplies, paper and more. Built on wheels, this utility station is easy to move around.
  5. All-Purpose Laminator Cart – This cart is designed for heavy-duty roll laminators and includes a convenient cabinet for holding supplies. This cabinet can also be used for holding binding

These carts all offer solid, mobile solutions to office equipment. I have personally used the Tamerica Tahsin Binding Workstation, LWS-1 Laminating Workstation and Akiles AUS Utility Station and can tell you from experience that they are all solid options for binding machines and laminators.

You can find our entire selection of mobile binding machine and roll laminator carts here.

ABC Office Announces New Line of Office Furniture, Chairs and Workstations.

Friday, November 12th, 2004

Office FurnitureABC Office is please to introduce a new line of office furniture. The furniture is designed to help purchasers, on a budget, find new furniture they can afford.

Hours are spent in the office, often staring at a computer screen. Because so much time is spent in the office, it is important that the environment is tolerable. Many workers still sit in front of cold, dreary, World War II era military surplus desks. When employees are placed in a more pleasant environment, they will be more productive.

Budgets can often be tight. Purchasing managers are expected to do a lot with little money. has heard these concerns and is pleased to announce a new line of European inspired furniture. These desks are designed not only to look good, but also save space while providing functionality. These desks can hold a computer, monitor, printer and more. There are several models, colors and styles to choose from.

Along with a workstation, or desk, a comfortable chair is also an important part of maintaining a good working environment. Older chairs can lose their support, and some models don’t provide enough support. This can lead to back problems and other aches that divert attention from the work at hand. Height adjustment, mobility and back support are very important. It is also recommended to always keep your office chair adjusted, so the computer monitor is at eye level and a full arm’s length distance away to prevent eyestrain.

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