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I-Bar sealers are some of the most affordable shrink wrap machines available. When used with centerfold shrink film, an I-bar shrink wrap machine typically only requires two passes of the bar to fully seal in a package. Combined with a heat gun, and I-bar sealer can quickly package a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, box or other item in under a few minutes.
We offer a great selection of I-bar sealers, L-bar sealers, shrink wrap machines and heat tunnels from many reputable brands and guaranteed low prices.
Impulse heat sealers, sometimes called bag sealers, are the machines of choice for sealing polyethylene and polypropylene bags. They can also be used to seal thermoplastic bags and packaging. We carry a great selection of handheld, scissor and foot pedal operated heat sealers. Order today!
Whether you are looking for an industrial food packaging solution or a do-it-yourself home machine, we have the sealing solution for you. Choose from our wide selection of dip tanks, chamber, nozzle or channel vacuum sealers and more.
Shrink film is available in several different sizes and thicknesses. Shrinkwrap supplies and accessories include replacement wire, tape and pad.
Clam shell sealers weld clam shell packaging made of PSP, OPS, HIPS, PPF, PP, and A-PET or PVC and works on a variety of thicknesses. It eliminates the need for a stapler, but is just as easy to use. Order yours today!
Seal a variety of cartons and corrugated boxes with a carton sealer. These useful devices can be used in a warehouse. They are especially nice for high-volume packaging. You will quickly make up the cost of the machine in time saved and increased productivity. Take a look at our great selection of carton sealers and order yours today!
Band sealers seal many types of bags, which contain liquids, food or easily spilled materials such as powders. Band sealers seal a variety of bags and offer a variety of seals.
Are you packaging food and need a way to quickly insert products into a bag for retail sales purpsoes? Consider using a gravity drop sealer. These are used for packaging food like tortillas.
Quickly and easily put a foil seal membrane on the tops of your bottles by using one of these induction cap sealers. These are very fast and excellent for applying tamper proof seals to plastic bottles and glass containers.
Sleeve wrappers take a sleeve of film and shrink it around the top of a jar, bottle or box. Sleeve wrappers are easy to use and operate.
Quickly seal loves of bread, bags of ice and more with one of our twist tie or tape machines. Each semi-auto machines creates a seal with either a twist tie or tape in just a fraction of the time of sealing bags manually. Make light work for your employees and order one today!
Do you need an effective way to small products and bottles after they are packaged? You may want to use a Lazy Suzan accumulator or an accumulation turntable. These provide a great alternative to a conveyor.
Create CD jewel case inserts with a CD insert slittter/perforator. These machines cut 8.5" x 11" sheets to size and perforate the side folds to create 2 cd inserts per sheet of paper.
Quickly band paper, bills, cards, brochures and more together by using a banding machine. These machines quickly apply a band around a stack of material, creating an organized package that can be stored, shipped or sold.
Do you need something that can be used to package consumable goods on a commercial or industrial level? Consider using one of these horizontal flow wrappers or inverted flow wrappers.
Do you package a lot of food using black or white Styrofoam or other food trays? If so, you may want to increase your packaging speed and efficiency by using a heat plate food wrapper. These machines quickly apply and seal packaging stretch wrap in seconds. Order yours today!
If you are trying to stamp and track poly bags, paper bags and other material for retail sale purposes, you are going to need a dry ink heat imprinter.
We have a great selection of retail packaging equipment designed to help you quickly and efficiently package food and products. Our product lineup includes shrink wrap machines, vacuum sealers, mail baggers, hand sealers and much more. We offer excellent pricing and offer a huge savings to you. Take a look at our great selection of packaging products and order yours today!

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