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Paper Counter / Batch Tabber FAQ

Paper counters are an easy, quick and accurate way to count and tab paper. This FAQ guide will cover the most common questions related to paper counters. If for any reason you don?t see an answer to your question, feel free to call 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our paper counter specialists. You may also view a demo of our popular Max Bantam paper counter here.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Why should I consider investing money in a paper counter?

A: If you need accurate and precise counts, you may want to consider buying a paper counter. If you are a printer, and work on a plus or minus factor, you may be shorting yourself or your customer.

If you purchase $1,000,000 in paper a year and work off a plus or minus factor of 5%, a 5% plus is $50,000 and a minus 5% is $50,000. This equals out to a total asserted variance window of $100,000 per year. This dollar amount does not take into account the amount of time it took to print, ink use and labor involved. The cost savings alone are well worth the investment in an accurate paper counter.

Q: I am currently using a counting scale. Will a paper counting machine be any faster?

A: A paper counter will not always be faster. Scales are very fast at counting thousands of sheets of paper at a time, where paper counters are faster in lower numbers. However, take into consideration that ink and humidity will affect the accuracy of a scale. These factors will not affect a mechanized paper counter.

Q: Do paper counters have any limitations?

A: Paper counters are capable of handling a wide range of paper thicknesses and sizes. Your biggest limitation will be the maximum paper thickness and paper size your machine can handle. We carry paper counters from U.S. Paper Counters. Their machines, depending on the model, can handle weights of paper from 20gm² (4lb bond) up to 250gm² (.010 cover) and sheet sizes from 2 ¼ X 4? up to 40X40?.

Q: Can your paper counters batch tab, and if so, how fast?

A: Our paper counters do have the capability of batch tabbing. The speed depends on the model. Most are around 2500 sheets per minute. That is the speed of the motor. In the real world it is about 800-1000 sheets per minute. This speed takes into account the time it takes to load and unload paper and reset the counting system. Batch tabbing itself has no effect on the speed of the paper counter.

Q: If I purchase a paper counter with a larger throat capacity, does this mean I can count more paper at once?

A: Bigger is not always better. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The thickness (paper weight) of the paper will determine how much you can count at a time. The thicker the paper, the fewer sheets you are able to count without using breathers.
  • If you have a counter with an eight-inch throat, and only need to count standard copy paper, you can fill the throat with an eight-inch stack of paper. If you are batch tabbing that stack, remember that the tabs are inserted in pre-determined batch points, increasing the stack height.
  • Be aware that the eight-inch paper counter will have to reset back up to eight-inches after counting. This means it will take roughly the same amount of time to count eight-inches of paper as it takes to count two stacks of four-inch paper. When counting larger format sheets of paper, it's easier to work with smaller piles of paper.

Q: Since paper counters only deal with the corner of the stack, is it possible to use a smaller machine and build a bigger table on it?

A: While this is possible, it is not recommended. Smaller machines are primarily designed for office use. While the internal electronics are the same, the frame of the smaller machines is designed for smaller sheets of paper (15 x 18-inches maximum). If you only need to count medium-format paper every so often (low volume), then the smaller model should work for you.

Q: In a small print shop environment (medium volume usage), do you offer an affordable way to batch tab paper?

A: For your situation, you may want to consider the Shooter II press tabber. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or be attached to your press. The Shooter II can batch tab directly the delivery of your press at a speed of up to three tabs per second.

Q: I am using a moderately fast press and a high-speed sheeter. Do you have something that can batch tab on both machines?

A: The Shooter II is a high-speed batch tabber that can shoot three tabs per second. It should work for both of your machines.
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