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Paper Drill Guide

Why drill instead of punch?

Unlike hole punching, where only one or a few sheets of paper may be punched at a time, a large number of sheets can be prepared with a paper drill or paper-drilling machine. Paper drilling is typically done for providing large quantities of paper with round holes. In most uses, the drilled paper is then inserted into a three-ring binder. The drilled holes also serve for storage purposes, such as filing, or in rare cases for decorative purposes.

Paper drilling machines require very little maintenance and can greatly increase paper-processing speed in any office. Most paper drill models are easy to use and operate with little noise. Paper drills are ideal for schools, engineering firms, law firms, courthouses, large businesses, and many other environments.

Paper drilling machines are often found in commercial print shops with a finishing department, trade binderies, in-house print shops and copy shops. High-performance paper drills can run in line with other finishing equipment.

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Why not use a normal drill?

Several visitors to our Web site have asked why they could not use a common power drill to drill a stack of paper. This process is not very effective because hand drills do not use a hollow drill bit that allows the drilled paper to pass through. Hand drills use drill bits that grab, tear, and sometimes burn the paper, as opposed to a specially coated hollow paper drill bit that slices through the paper much like a razor blade.

Paper drills feature a unique hollow paper drill bit this is clamped into a driven spindle that drills into a stack of paper. Paper drill bits are available for various hole sizes and feature different coating qualities. Depending on the model of paper drill, either the paper drill bits are lowered into the pile with a hand lever, or the table is lifted with a foot pedal.

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What are the different types of paper drills?

Paper drilling machines can be equipped with a different number of spindles -- each built into one paper drill head. The range typically starts with one- and two-spindle paper drill models for small volumes of paper, up to paper drilling platforms with more than 20 spindles and paper drill heads.

Paper drills offered by ABC Office typically run in a full spectrum of sizes, starting with economical bench model drills, going up to a two-and-a-half-inch three spindle, pneumatic-powered drill. Hollow drill bits range from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter. Teflon coated drill bits, for more-difficult-to-drill material such as plastic-coated paper, are available in several sizes.


Paper Drill - A machine capable of drilling large stacks of paper, typically resulting in round holes for binding purposes.

Drill Blocks - Typically a piece of wood positioned under the spindles that protects the drilling table.

Drill Bit - A hollow bit that allows drilled paper to pass through. Specially coated hollow paper drill bits slice through the paper like a razor blade.

Drill Sharpener - Device used to sharpen a dull paper drill bit. Most models sharpen paper drill bits much like a pencil sharpener.

Pneumatic-powered drill - Some paper drill models are pneumatic, or air powered. A separate air compressor unit must be attached for operation.

Spindle - A revolving metal shaft that houses the drilling assembly including the drill bit.

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